How Does Postmates Work

how does postmates work

Introduction on How Does Postmates Work

Postmates is actually mobile application software that delivers goods from local stores to the user’s preferred destination. They delivered every type of goods—no matter what type of an object the customer has ordered. The goods delivery platform Postmates have got covered their back by providing excellent reliable delivery services. But the question is, how does Postmates work? They charge a minimal amount of fee for every delivery completion. And they charge from the customer for the delivery process. Now everyone knows Postmates as an on-demand delivery service. Because now they have become a brand in the market of on-demand delivery services.

Consequently, many entrepreneurs have got inspired by the success of Postmates, and they are going to start their own on-demand delivery service provider business. Here, we will provide you a small guide that will provide you some guidelines into what Postmates does to achieve such tremendous popularity. 

How Does Postmates Work

What would you do if you feel hungry? If you know how to cook, then you can cook food for yourself. Otherwise, there is an option for ordering food online.  Well, most of the peoples don’t bother to cook food. It is a much easier thing on the earth to order food online to get food delivered to your home, rather than cooking at home. It’s a pretty good decision. But do you know which of the food delivery platform is best for ordering food online? There are so many food delivery platforms like DoorDash, Swiggy, GrubHub, goPuff, or anything else. Though Swiggy has been ruling the food delivery platforms and is the most preferred food delivery service providing app across the world. 


In any case, folks, competitors are consistently there. That means there is another app that has been dominating the food delivery service world. Their results are great in the delivery service. And the name of this breathtaking app is Postmates. Did you know about it before? Even if you don’t, then don’t worry. We together will walk through this article and understand what Postmates is and how does Postmates work. 

What is Postmates

Postmates is an on-demand goods home delivery service platform that was established in 2011. Postmates makes profits from charging a small amount of fee from the customers. Because they deliver goods from local stores to the users’ destination. The main factor behind Postmate’s success is that they have introduced an innovative idea in the market, which is one of the main factors. The business model and the workflow of Postmates are related much to Uber’s. But the difference between Uber and Postmates is Uber uses a car service but Postmates with goods delivery service. The selected delivery man will collect the goods from the local store, and he will deliver the goods to the users’ locations as fast as possible. 


Hence, after providing a reliable delivery service in the market, Postmates has coverage in only 3500 U.S. cities. The information is from a recent report in April 2019. The good point of Postmate is, GPS is tracking the couriers. And the delivery man is also signaled about the delivery requests throughout the mobile application software they use. Concerning the technological access to delivery service platforms, Postmates has gained a good amount of funding from various companies, running strongly.

Features of how does postmates Work

Postmates is one of the most reliable on-demand goods delivery services in the U.S. They provide some additional vital features which make them face out in the market. Many delivery service platforms don’t provide those features. So, Postmates is an excellent goods delivery platform. However, some of the features are given below. 

  • Postmates allows customers to order online anything from anywhere within the covered areas.
  • They charge a small amount of delivery fee that depends on the distance covered from the pick-up point and the drop-off point.
  • Postmates provides some special featured local stores.
  • The delivery men of Postmates or courier services who work with them are also called Postmates.
  • The best thing about Postmates is they complete the deliveries within only 1 hour.
  • Postmates is open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
  • The minimum delivery charge for Postmates is $5. But frequently, there are some offers in demanding areas with an even lower delivery fee.
  • The customers can track the location of the delivery man after successfully placing the order.
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How Does Postmates Work

The working method of Postmates is pretty understating and straightforward. It is not such rocket science that you can not easily understand. From their ordering process to your home delivery, everything they do is simple as it. Like how they work and how they deliver their quality services to your home. However, let us check it out at the process given below:

  • Step One: Browse stores and products

First thing first, the first step of Postmates good delivery service platform is that they try to put every store in its list to create demands from the customers. With your smartphone, you can browse the relevant stores and order the Postmates application or website’s goods. After you have chosen your desired product or goods, you now have to place the order. To do that, take the products to your cart and click on the place order button. Then follow the second step given below. 

  • Step Two: Payment Method

After the order has been successfully placed, now it’s high time to pay for it. The customer will not receive the parcel if they don’t pay for it. So, as soon as you place an order, you should pay for it online. The price includes the delivery charge as well as the service charge to place the order online. You can pay for it by credit or debit card. For that, proceed to the checkout page and submit your card details. Then the payment process will complete. 

  • Step Three: Match/Matching With The Nearest Agent

As soon as the customer receives the payment, the nearest Postmates service provider agent gets a notification about its product. He receives the delivery address. According to the official website, Postmates is challenged to deliver the product within one hour. And all the Postmates delivery men use either car or bike to deliver the order.

  • Step Four: Tracking & Receiving Order

The Postmates delivery method’s final process is to track the customer’s exact location and deliver the product safely. Postmate also has an option to send a text message to the customer in case of delays.

  • Step Five: Rate and Tip

It’s entirely up to you, whether you crave to rate the delivery man or not. Sometimes, you may want to tip the delivery man as he got your parcel safely. You can rate him or her by one start to 5 stars. Consequently, this process is up to customer’s brains whether they want to rate or tip for Postmates or not. You will get an option to rate and tip the Postmate. However, it’s very important to know that the Company doesn’t take a single penny tip given to a Postmate.


So, these are the simple, easy steps of how does Postmates work. 

How Deliver Man Accept And Complete A Delivery

Whenever you come online, Postmates will send you new delivery offers notifications within the Fleet app. Hence, here is a step-by-step guideline to how Postmates accept and complete all deliveries that come your way.  

  • Accepting a Delivery Request postmates work

You will be alerted at the bottom of your screen as soon as a new delivery request displays available. When the request arrives, a timer will start, and you will have to accept the delivery request in that time frame. Otherwise, it will be transferred to another delivery man.


You can also see how many deliveries are to be picked up at the merchant. Also, you can see the merchant’s name and location. You need to tap the Accept circle button if you would like to accept the delivery offer. Also, there is an option to opt-in to auto-accept and have the next delivery offer automatically sent to your phone. 

  • Going to the Pickup Location

You will be able to see the quickest route that is shown in the Fleet app. You can also click on the `Navigate` button to select your preferred navigation app. 

  • Picking Up Orders and Paying postmates work

When you succeed in coming to the merchant shop, the order will already be placed by Postmates. Otherwise, you may need to place the order by yourself. The good thing is the Fleet App will let you know if the purchased order is prepaid or not. Postmates has a reputation that they will automatically load your Postmates Prepaid Card with enough credits if you have to pay for the order. 

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But please note that you have to use your prepaid Postmates card to pay all kinds of not paid payments. 

Picking up pre-paid orders postmates work:

  • The Fleet app will tell if you have reached the pickup destination by using your GPS signal.
  • Click on the arrow located at the right of your buyer’s name to view order details. You may also get a notification about easy-to-miss items. Click on OK to begin. They are also labeled to help you remember to collect them. 
  • But it’s recommended to double-check that all the items in the order are correct or not. You will not be able to click Continue until you have collected all the items. 
  • You will be notified to return to the confirmation page. But before you complete the pickup, you will have to confirm that all the items and the correct number of items are collected or not. Then slide to the right side to complete the pickup.
  • Then the screen will let you know that you have successfully completed the pickup. 

Placing an order at the restaurant or store:

  • Click on the arrow icon to the right of your customer’s name to be able to view the order details.
  • Now order all the items that are on the order details screen. 
  • Somehow, if an item that the customer ordered is not available, you may need to contact the customer for a replacement. You can also contact the customer by clicking on the call icon placed in the upper left-hand corner. Then you will get a screen with the option to call or text message the customer.
  • Now you have to enter the total order amount and then shot a clear photo of the whole receipt.
  • Then use your Postmates Prepaid Card to complete the order. The fleet app will not allow the order to proceed until a card swipe has been done. 

  • Completing Pick-up and Starting Drop-off

After you have successfully confirmed that you have all the items in your bag in order, tap Swipe to proceed and go to the customer’s destination.

  • Dropping Off an Order

  • After you arrive at the destination, make sure that you read all drop-off instructions. The fleet app will also warn you of how many bags are in order.
  • Always try to do your best to communicate with the customer when you arrive. 
  • Now it’s time to hand off the order. We recommend that you are handing off the parcel to the correct person or not. As well as double-check that you have the required number of bags.
  • After you have handed off the order, complete it also in your app by swiping to complete. 
  • Now you will receive a page with the total income you have earned from the delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of postmates work

How do Postmates drivers pay for food?

Postmates drivers pay for food by using their Postmates prepaid card. The Fleet App will allow you to know if you have to pay for the order or not. Postmates will automatically load your Postmates Prepaid Card with enough credits if you need to pay for the order.

How do Postmates drivers pay for food?

The Postmates drivers pay for food by using their Postmates prepaid card. The card will automatically recharge itself if the delivery man has to pay for the order. 

Is delivering for Postmates worth it?

Yes, you are working with Postmates worth it. You can make so much money if you spend a lot of time on it. You can earn extra dollars by delivering groceries, food, and other staff. 


Our Verdict of postmates work

Postmates is actually mobile application software that delivers goods from local stores to the user’s preferred destination. They delivered every type of goods—no matter what type of an object the customer has ordered. The goods delivery platform Postmates is so famous because they are providing excellent reliable delivery services. However, we hope that you have now know what Postmates is and how does Postmates work. 

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