Online Cricket Betting in India

The connection between India and cricket goes way back and has its origin in the time of the British Raj in the country. No wonder, this sport has become an emotion for the people of this country. Now, if we are talking about this game, Indians are not just limited to enjoying this sport by watching it on television but, they want something bigger. Like many other sports betting that exists in India, cricket is also not far behind. Read on further for a note on Online Cricket Betting in India: The Best Sites to Start Betting.

This sport is also known to spin money and most of the bettors are from India owing to the popularity of this sport in the country. So, if you are new to this genre of betting and want to learn more information before starting, get it now.

Introducing Cricket Betting in India

If you are new to cricket betting sites in India, or new to gambling in India in general, you will be surprised to learn that there are quite a few platforms that offer a great playing experience. Some of the most popular bookmakers you will find in India are:

  • Betway
  • LeoVegas
  • Bet365
  • 22Bet
  • ComeOn
  • Bet365

This online betting site comes first in the list of cricket betting because it offers a greater number of cricket games than any other site. On this site, you can access an array of cricket betting markets and is also an ideal platform for beginners. This is also one of the most popular cricket betting sites in India for providing simple ways to place odds. You will find various cricket events in Bet365 like the most sought-after, Indian Premier League, Twenty20 Big Bash, Tamil Nadu Premier League, and many more.

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The payment in Bet365 is secured through encryption and also hassle-free. The best part is that this online betting platform accepts Indian rupees, especially for Indian bettors.

online betting site

  • 22Bet

22Bet is considered to be one of the best cricket betting sites in India. Apart from this credibility, this online betting site also has a large selection of betting options from different sports. You will be amazed to see the betting options as it allows you to bet on every possible betting outcome that can come from the cricket match on which you are willing to place the bets. There is also a series of single bet and combo bet options. However, if you are a beginner, you can also take help from their chat sessions.

Live Cricket Betting Sessions

Live Cricket Betting Sessions

One of the most exciting features of online betting is live cricket betting that offers you an immersive all-around experience. In a live betting match, you can actually place your bets while the match is still running and change your decisions accordingly.

Experienced punters enjoy live cricket betting as there are more chances of getting opportunities to place bets as they have greater odds at winning.

Types of bets you can place on live betting:

  • All out
  • Draw no bet
  • Match Betting
  • Top score cast
  • Top overall first inning

These are pretty straightforward but, you have to keep in mind that the selection of wagers changes depending on the sport, bookmaker, or the game. You might also want to consult several bookies before placing your wager.

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Betting on IPL

IPL is probably the most popular series in the history of cricket and so the majority of cricket betting sites in India offer IPL betting experience. The betting options are quite large and available on all IPL matches.

Most of the sites for online betting allow you to bet on every possible outcome of the IPL match like the runs, scores, man of the match, and innings. Another significant part of IPL betting is the live betting experience which most of the popular cricket betting sites offer.

Some of the sites where you can stream IPL live and also place your wager at the same time are:

  • 1xBet
  • Bet365
  • ComeOn

These are really good sites for IPL betting but Betway India tops the chart. It is also beginner-friendly, so you can start your cricket betting journey with this site.

Try Each at a Time

Now, if you have gathered enough information on the cricket betting sites in India, you must pick the one that suits you best. Some provide amazing odds while others are ideal for their live betting experience. All in all, you need to try all the betting sites and enjoy each one of them in terms of their features and what makes them most popular amongst Indian bettors.


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