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golden globes live stream

Starting in the early 19’s, The Golden Globe Awards is one of the best awards in the 20th Century. In general, this award is presented to Hollywood Films and TV shows. If you are an American, you will see a big award ceremony on TV every January. So, in the article, we will see the ways to Golden Globes Live Stream and some minor details about it.

Firstly, the award started in the year 1944, and it just had its 78th in the year 2020. About 167 countries broadcast the live stream, and you can see it both free and paid. However, the open portion is quite similar to the paid version. So, you will have no trouble watching any of the two versions of the Golden Version Live streaming. 


Let’s Talk about the paid and subscription version a little. There are tons of subscription-based streaming services that offer this live streaming function—for example, Sling TV, FuboTV, Youtube TV, etc. If you have a free connection then, just search for channels that forecast this show, and you are good to go.


Golden Globes Live Stream that Recognizes Excellence

Golden Globe is one of the greatest and biggest award-giving ceremonies for the film industry. Since 1944, people know this award show for recognizing excellence in American and Internal films and also in American television. Every year in January, this annual ceremony takes place. In the same way, in 2020, the 77th Golden Globe Awards also took place on 5th January.

However, in the year 2021, the Golden Globes has set its ceremony date in February 28th despite the uncertainties of the Coronavirus pandemic. This time Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are going to be the host. To speak the surprising fact, after the Oscars and Grammy Awards, the Golden Globes is the third most-watched award show in the world so far.

Journey and History of Golden Globes Live Stream

In 1944, the first-ever Golden Globe Awards occurred at the 20th Century-Fox studios honoring the best achievements in the filmmaking of 1943. After that, the respective authority held the following ceremonies in different venues, including the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and Beverly Hills Hotel. In 1950, Cecil B. DeMille achieved the first award of the international figure in the industry of entertainment.

Since then, people have come to know the official name of the award as the Cecil B. DeMille Award. Also, the authority has redesigned the statuette of the Golden Globes several times. Yet, it contains some precious materials like unique marble and gold content. However, the journey of the Golden Globes is still going on with the utmost success prioritizing the entertainment industry and its artists.

Revenues from the Golden Globes Live Stream

No wonder the Golden Globes live Stream brings a vast deal of revenue each year, being one of the most-watched award shows. Hence, it generates up to 10 million USD each year from its live Stream and television broadcast. However, all the generated revenues from the Golden Globes live Stream enable the HFPA to donate millions of dollars to charities related to entertainment. Again, for other programs like funding scholarships or television professionals or future films, they use the revenues proudly. 

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Then again, the most beneficiary donation they offer for the Young Artist Awards is presented by the Young Artist foundation every year. Through this award show, the HFPA pays award excellence to the young artists of Hollywood under the age of 21. They also provide scholarships to financially or physically challenged young performers. 

Hosting of the Golden Globes Live

Golden Globes offers hosting as the best paying job in the award circuit. Although there was no host till the 51st Golden Globe Awards, it started taking hosts from its 52nd award ceremony. In 1995, John Larroquette and Janine Turner first hosted the Golden Globes live Stream. Then again, till 2010, the Golden Globes ceremony took place without any hosts. In the year 2011, 2012, 2015, and 2020, the famous English comedian, director, producer, writer, and actor Ricky Dene Gervais hosted the Golden Globe Awards. He has hosted the Golden Globe Awards for the record-breaking fifth time.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who hosted the show before in 2014, are also going to host the Golden Globes Live in 2021 in its 79th ceremony. Also, the hosts of the tradition get paid more than a hundred thousand dollars. Hence, people consider it as the best-paying job.

Disruption in 2008 Golden Globes Live

Unfortunately, the cancelation of the 65th Golden Globe Awards ceremony took place due to the Writers Guild of America strike. Instead, the authority replaced the tradition with a press conference of up to an hour-long. Through the meeting, they just announced the winners’ names. Hence, that year the NCB end up airing the ‘Going for Gold,’ which was a two-hour dateline specially and actually scheduled the previous night of the Golden Globes to live as counter-programming for the NFL Playoff game.

However, the HFPA didn’t allow NBC to be the broadcaster of the exclusive press conference. On the other hand, they let other hosts like E!, CNN, and TV Guide Network to air it. NBC didn’t agree to air the 32-minutes press conference instead, they aired a one-hour ultimate result and for that, the hosts were Nancy O’Dell and Billy Bush from Access Hollywood.  

How to Stream the Golden Globes Live

Through TV    

 The authority telecast the Golden Globes ceremony worldwide up to 167 countries. Hence, those who want to watch the show can stream it on the TV if his or her belonging country is one of the 167 countries.

Via NBC Live

You can also stream the Golden Globes live via NBC. On their NBC website (, you can get the TV provider’s information. Or through the NBC live stream app, it is possible to stream the Golden Globes event. To get started with it you just need the WiFi connection.

By Paid Subscription

Those who do not have the privilege of satellite subscription or do not own a cable can use the paid subscription platforms or services for the Golden Globes live Stream. So, they can use Sling TV, Fubo TV, Youtube TV, AT&T TV, or Hulu with Live TV. You can also start the free trial of one week as many of these platforms offer this option. So, you can take advantage easily of the streaming of Golden Globes live.

Golden Globes Red Carpet Live Stream

The most fascinating part of the Golden Globes is the Red Carpet. To see the outfits, glamour, attractiveness, and everything else of every invited star of Hollywood people you have to keep eye on the Golden Globes live stream and its pre-show that is the Red Carpet. 

Hence, to catch all the coverage from Red Carpet you can stream the overall viewing options and subscription services. Again, if you do not have the access to any of the services stated before then you can also take a look on the Facebook page of Golden Globes. The Golden Globes Facebook streams the Golden Globes Red Carpet Live. Then again, E! also pours the life from the Red Carpet of the Golden Globe Awards every year. So, this site is also a great source of Golden Globes live Stream.

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Watch Golden Globes From India

Firstly, there is no way to directly enjoy the Golden Globes from any Indian server. In fact, this award show is not that popular in any part of the Indian subcontinent. But you can surely enjoy the award show after following a simple trick. Yes, it’s the VPN bypass. 


VPN indeed allows you to enjoy or stream your favorite shows without any restrictions or jams. Then again, you need a subscription to Netflix, Hulu, JioTV, etc., to enjoy the Golden Globes. If you follow this trick, you can enjoy any American TV shows as much as you like, and that too for free. 




Can I stream the Golden Globes live?

Yes indeed. In fact, Steaming the Golden Globes online is as enjoyable as the cable version. NBC live offers you a quick and easy solution to this live streaming problem. You can even live stream events from your phone if you like. However, you will need to improve your internet connection and get an online subscription that has NBC in it. In case you don’t want to download any app, you can always go to the NBC website and then browse the show from there. 


How can I watch the Golden Globes live stream 2020?

If you are a Golden Globes fan, then you don’t have to worry about the live streaming program in the year 2020. Furthermore, there are many live TV shows that broadcast this program through the internet or from Cable connections. However, if you are not from the US, then you need to install a VPN service to enjoy the Golden Globes Streaming. The process is straightforward, and it is straightforward to use if you know what a VPN is. Firstly install a VPN and subscribe to any app that has the Golden Globe live stream feature. 


Can I watch the Golden Globes in the UK?

If you are not from the US, then you can’t enjoy this show from anywhere else. In fact, there is no TV show that will forecast this US-based show outside of the US. You can’t even get it from the UK. However, you can install the VPN server and enjoy any US show you like. The viewing experience in both cases are pretty similar, but you need to enjoy it online. 


How can I watch the Golden Globes without cable?

You can surely enjoy the Golden Globes without any sort of Cable connections. However, you will need a working internet connection and some streaming apps. So, the streaming apps are Sling TV, FuboTV, Youtube TV, AT&T TV, or Hulu with Live TV, etc. But don’t just start enjoying Golden Globes just yet. Get a VPN if your internet Ping is not up to the mark. 


Wrapping up with the Golden Globes live Stream

Golden Globes live streaming gets tons of money only through online broadcasts and donations. In the past few years, the golden globes show became one of the most popular and most-watched shows. In the year 2020, the show reached about ten Million USD, and it is about to grow even more in the year 2021. The best thing about this program is that the organizers’ fund Scholarships, Television Professionals, Filmmakers, etc., with the money. 


If you have an online subscription on Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc., you can enjoy this show anytime you want. However, the live cast happens for only a few hours each year. I hope you liked this article and wait for our next tutorial. Have a good day. Bye-Bye. 


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