Firestick Remote Not Working

firestick remote not working

Introduction of Firestick remote not working

Amazon Prime is a streaming platform like Netflix and Hulu. In it, you can enjoy many movies, TV shows, music, and series. This is a paid subscription program from Amazon. It has some program plans from premium to regular for its customers, and subscribers can choose any of them. Amazon Prime has many sectors. Among them, prime music is the most famous, along with Amazon Prime. This is quite similar to Spotify and Apple Music; this sector is with Amazon Prime and available for all the prime members. There are many devices of Amazon Prime like Firestick. Through this, you carry your TV, but sometimes the remote does not work; people complain that the Firestick remote is not working.

As we know that, Amazon Prime is a paid streaming platform. It also has many other branches, along with a portable device name firestick. It is a device through which you can carry your television, sounds exciting, right. Furthermore, you can directly connect the Firestick to any android tv, and through the remote, you can watch Amazon Prime. For this, you have to buy the small and the Firestick. 

Firestick is an official brand of Amazon. It allows you to stream content on Amazon Prime through the internet. It is an android device so, and it does not support any google play service. Furthermore, it helps the Amazon store too. This stick is made to make the use of Amazon Prime easy. You can watch Amazon Prime any place where android television is available. Through speaking in the remote, you can enjoy the movies, music, and shows. Sometimes the subscribers face some problems with the remote.

What is a Firestick, and what are its uses?

A firestick is an android device, and it works with the help of the remote it provides. It is an official device of Amazon Prime. Through it, you can watch movies, music, and TV shows from the streaming platforms directly. Just imagine that you can carry your television anywhere. When you want to stream different streaming platform movies, music, and Play games, you can with the help of Firestick to an android television. Suppose you go for a holiday, and there you need to stream anything, then you will only need an android television to stream through a firestick. The firestick ability is to directly bring the thing to want to do or see from Amazon Prime and other streaming platforms.

The Firestick has become a famous and popular video streaming device. You will need to buy the subscription of different streaming platforms and can stream easily. Moreover, you can get streaming apps from the Amazon store. You can easily find Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime in the store. Through Firestick, you can even download games and play them too.

Furthermore, another significant point of people loving Firestick is Alexa. It is a voice control AI; through this, you can search for anything and get information about anything. In Alexa, only by speaking on the remote can you answer anything through the internet. You have to press the mic button only. But, sometimes, the Firestick remote is not working correctly.


Types of Firestick and difference between them

Firestick is an android device that connects to your television and helps you to stream smoothly. With the help of Firestick, you can install many apps and many popular apps too from the Amazon store. There are three types of fire sticks: Firestick, Fire TV, and Firestick 4k. This all is, but the same, but they have some differences according to people’s taste. Among them, firestick 4k is mostly like by the people. There are some differences between these three fire sticks. First, come to the size, the Fire TV stick is far smaller than the Fire TV Cube. Fire TV stick is easy to carry than the Fire TV Cube.

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Secondly, let’s come to the cost and speed. The price of the Fire TV stick is $39.99, and the firestick 4k is $4.99. The price of a Fire TV cube is $99.99. The Fire TV stick’s RAM or memory is 1 gigabyte, Firestick 4k is 1.5 gigabyte, and Fire TV cube is 2 gigabytes. Their CPU width is 32, 64,64 bit, respectively. The storage of Firestick TV, Firestick 4k, and Firestick TV cube are eight, eight, sixteen, respectively. You can watch movies up to 1080p on Firestick TV, but you can enjoy up to 2160p output resolution in the rest of the two. You will get a remote to run these devices, but sometimes people complain that the Firestick remote is not working.

How a Firestick works, and how to start it?

A Firestick is an android and electronic device. Through this, you can stream anything and even play game downloading from the Amazon store. It has many competitors on the market, including Roku, Chromecast, Android TV boxes. Among all of them, Firestick is the easiest and comfortable to stream and carry. You can stream many popular apps like Netflix, Hulu, and many more. After buying the device, you will see two devices: the Firestick and the other one is the remote. Remote is here to control the TV and easily search anything without typing. Then let us continue to the procedure, insert batteries into the remote, plug the Firestick with the TV and turn on your TV. after that, connect the Firestick to the power source and wait until power-up.

After the power up ends, then you have to set up the Fire sick. During setting up the device, you have to set up the language and link your device with a proper internet connection. Moreover, after that, you will connect your Amazon account to the device and then confirm all the set-ups. Last, of all, you have to pair the remote with the television. On the television screen, you will get to see some task to do for watching that the remote is working or not. If it works, then type yes to confirm the remote is working correctly. You can install many other third-party apps in the Firestick. After all these set-ups, you can now easily stream movies on Firestick. You will face some problems like the Firestick remote not working.

The reasons behind Firestick remote not working and their solution

Amazon firestick is a revolutionary device in the history of streaming. You will get to know that in a firestick, there is a remote to control the device. Sometimes people complain that the Firestick remote is not working, and what are the reasons behind this. The common reason behind not working on the remote is batteries. Moreover, the small runs through the power of the storm and drains its energy gradually. The batteries drain as much as you use the remote. After a couple of months, the battery drainage turns the battery power to null, for which the battery stops working. For that, you have to install new batteries.

Sometimes, you will also feel some difficulties in pairing the remote with the TV. Then replace the remote after testing it. Moreover, distance and obstructions can become a reason too. You will see that if the small is too far from the stick, it might not work; again, obstacles in the remote and TV path may also not work. The devices that interfere in Bluetooth connection may prevent you are remote working capability. Furthermore, due to internal and external damage to the remote can also obstruct your remote from working. After all, your remote can face problems because of problems with the Firestick. Always check the remote and the free stick after buying so that you can replace them.

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Firestick remote not working with mobile app solutions

The firestick remote sometimes does not work, and the subscribers face many problems streaming their shows, movies, and music. Firestick remote not working and many other complaints are increasing day by day. Problems in the remote like internal damage, external damage, pairing problems might be causing problems in the remote. Suppose you want to get a third-party remote to replace the firestick remote. At first, check the remote before keeping it. The remote may become a costly thing to buy again for a student or a subscriber. Therefore, for them, a mobile app of the Firestick TV is available. You can get the app on both android and IOS devices. 

You will not any difficulties using the mobile app as a remote. Firstly In for using this, you have to install the app on your mobile. In android, you will get the app in Google Play Store and IOS devices in the Apple Play store. After installing the app then plug your Firestick with the TV and wait to boot it. Secondly, sign in to your mobile app through an Amazon account. Thirdly you have to select your Firestick device, and after selecting they will give you a code through TV, and you have to enter it in the app. Therefore, now you can enjoy streaming through your Firestick with the help of your remote mobile app.


Why my Firestick remote not working

There are many causes for the Firestick remote to stop working. One of the main reasons is batteries. The battery usage makes the battery drain, and the power of the battery starts to drain and becomes low when the battery stops working. Then the remote also not works properly and even stop working in a time. You have to replace the batteries. After that, the second big reason is the device is not pairing with the remote. You can’t pair the remote with the device, and it will not work. Sometimes it may be internal damage or a Bluetooth problem. For this, you have to reset the pairing procedure again or replace the remote. 

How to reboot and restart the firestick TV?

To reboot or restart the app, you do not need any extra app to download or install. The reason behind rebooting or restarting the app are-

Problems with the Wi-Fi network or issues having with networks. The app is not working properly or having more and more loading. You gift or sell the subscription to others for which you may reboot the app, and storage full may cause problems or make the app slow. 

These are the reason for which you have to restart the app. The procedure you will restart the app is-

At first, go to the settings and select ‘Device’ and select ‘Reboot’. After that, a restart button will come in front of the screen, and you have to click it. After that, your device will restart and reboot too.

Conclusion of Firestick remote not working

Firestick remote not working after reading the above article; you do not have to write this thing to search in the net. Moreover, most of the problems you will face with your Firestick remote have a relation with batteries. Usually, a TV remote does not drain as fast as the Firestick remote drains. So, the remote battery drainage becomes a huge problem for the subscribers. Always install the firestick TV remote app on your mobile as a backup.

Amazon is doing a great job by their subscribers a huge chance to stream movies from amazing platforms like Netflix and more. You can move the device wherever you want and watch it on a TV by connecting. This change is revolutionary in the streaming platform.


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