Optimizing your Internet for Gaming

You can have an ultra-fast gaming PC with gadgets residing in major leagues and a super perfect graphics card installed. And still, be a loser every time. Why would this happen? How can you say such a farce thing? Well, it can happen if you have a poor internet connection. Your gaming ethics can fall flat because of this and you might feel seriously restricted. To such an extent that your friend using a poor PC with inadequate gadgets but a faster internet connection, might just ace every game while you would be losing all that you have, interest, self-esteem, and gaming honor. Similarly, this applies to gaming consoles also. Your gaming nemesis can even use the same gaming gear as yours, but your frustration and tiresome attitude due to poor connection can hand you the loser of the year award. Here is how to go on Optimizing your Internet for Gaming.

Now that a horrific picture has been painted, we would come to the point of why we are here. We are here to say what you already know: get a better internet connection. If you are uncertain about your internet provider and agree with us when we say that you need to switch to a better ISP, you should check out Spectrum packages right now. Spectrum Internet makes it possible for you to enjoy and win games with lightning-fast internet speeds, no data caps, and no contracts!

Use a wired or Ethernet connection

It’s consistently a smart thought to pick an Ethernet connection over Wi-Fi if accessible. Regardless of how great your router and connection are, an Ethernet connection will reliablyprovide better and more stable internet speeds and low-level latency. Keeping this in mind, you might want toconnect your gaming console or PC with the router using an Ethernet cable. This, sure, takes away the convenience that comes with a Wi-Fi connection but reciprocates with great speeds and stability.

You should ensure that you are using GB Ethernet ports that are reliable enough to handle internet speeds of up to 1000 Mbps and house cables that are able to support fast internet deliveries (Cat 6 or Cat 5e).

On the off chance that your router is excessively far from your gaming console or your computer and you cannot connect it with an Ethernet cable, there are different ways for you to enable a wired connection. Power line connectors can be all in or all out, so you can give it a try. However, Wi-Fi range extenders are a major no. You might find the solution to this issue by the benefit of mesh networking.

The idea behind this concept is that you should only connect directly, without any wire, to your router, when your internet connection is as solid as it should be expected under the circumstances.

Check your Router’s position

One reason for poorwifi internet speeds is actual physical obstructions, for example, floors and walls. The distance between your gadget and the router combined with the number of devices using the same connection will influence the network speed.

You should attempt to put the router in a central location or an open area. Since this is a wificonnection, any hindrances (floors, walls, ceilings, heavy furniture), distance, electronic impedance, and the number of users depending upon the same network are factors that should be largely considered.

On the off chance that you are using a solitary router, make sure to position it somewhere in the middle of the house. To get the most ideal signal level, it ought to be placed above most furnishings and away from other electric gadgets that may cause obstruction, for example, microwaves.

Another legitimate advice would be to position the router’s antennas in a perpendicular manner. In simple words, you should try and angle the antennas in all directions of the house. A Wi-Fi supported device can work in the best manner if its antennas are in accordance with the router’s antennas.

Upgrade your internet plan

If you are generally happy with the services that your ISP offers, however, experience slack occasionally, you should consider getting a betterinternet plan because it is a common fact that more bandwidth can tackle this issue right away. This is particularly the situation when you are on a lower bundle and your entire family uses the same connection.

Updating your internet plan to a higher bundle would give all the connected gadgets the right amount of bandwidth that would make it easier for all users to access video streaming services, downloading documents, and gaming would get simpler and effective.

Get a better router

In the event that you have not changed your router for some time now, it very well might be the ideal opportunity for an update now. More up to date routers are substantially more effective in taking care of bandwidth supply across long distances than their older versions. Another extraordinary component that is imparted in modern routers is their capacity to organize bandwidth by the significance of web traffic.

Single-band routers are light and can be disabled by obstruction due to which you might feel an inclination towards a double band or a tri-band router. Double band routers utilize two bands, one has a 2.4 GHz frequency and the other has a 5 GHz frequency for fast internet speeds. Tri-band routers have one band that hasa 2.4 GHz frequency and the other two bands offer a 5 GHz frequency, providing super-fast internet speeds. The additional 5 GHz band is especially useful when your connection is being used by a ton of gadgets, all the while.

QoS of Router

Quality of Service (QoS) is an element to regulate bandwidth in the routers. With the assistance of this component, you can organize your network’s traffic.

When playing an extreme round of League of Legends, you can empower this QoS highlight so that if some other device is working up the bandwidth, the prioritization of traffic would assist with guaranteeing that your game doesn’t endure a slack.

Upgrade your Drivers

Check your firmware and drivers regularly for updates to make sure that your framework is updated and never stops unexpectedly causing any network issues due to this slight issue.


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