How Is MS Diagnosed And Its Symptoms

how is ms diagnosed

There are plenty of diseases we see nowadays. And different types of conditions have different types of diagnosing procedures. However, today we will discuss how is MS diagnosed in detail. MS or multiple sclerosis is a reason to make your brain and spinal cord disable. 

In addition, the disease causes several problems and symptoms in our body. For example, you may face vision, arm, and leg gesture issues. It may cause a sensation as well as balance problems. By the way, experts are considering this may lead to a lifelong disability. However, we can make it mild often. 

Also, there are various symptoms included in this disease, and we can treat some of them. But the average life anticipation will decrease day by day. 

The sign and symptoms differ in the complexity of nerve damage and its affected area. So, some of the patients have the possibility of losing their movement activity. On the other hand, some face a long time remission without any kinds of initial signs. 

However, we are going to present how is MS diagnosed and its initial symptoms in this blog. We have a plan to give you a clear idea of the several diagnostic processes. By the way, first of all, let’s start with the introduction of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). 

What Is MS Or ms diagnosed?

The MS stands for Multiple Sclerosis. However, multiple sclerosis is a type of chronic disease that attacks the middle of the nervous systems. By the way, MS usually gets attacked whenever the immune system offends the myelin. And the myelin usually saves our nerve fiber situated in the spinal cord and brain. 

However, the name of this difficulty is called demyelination. In addition, it is the reason why people face movement trouble between the nerve and the brain. And when there is a communication gap between the nerve and the brain, it leads to nerve system dysfunction. 

By the way, the overall reason for MS is slightly unfamiliar to the experts. Specialists guess that genetic, as well as environmental matters, may play a factor in this disease. Unfortunately, we do not find any approved cure for MS. However, there are some diagnostic processes and treatments that can decrease the number of symptoms. 

Moreover, the diagnosis is often severe for MS, and a single test cannot be enough for this. So, instead of a single test, we will have to pursue multiple trials for multiple sclerosis. Therefore, by doing multiple tests, we can recognize the other symptoms as well. 

However, let’s get into know symptoms and signs before jumping into how is MS diagnosed. 

Symptoms Of ms diagnosed

Every disease has some common and early symptoms and signs. Therefore, MS or Multiple Sclerosis has its initial signs. Such as, 

  • Pains as well as spasms.
  • Vision issues.
  • Tingling and numbness.
  • Tiredness or weakness.
  • Balance problems.
  • Dizziness.
  • Sexual malfunction.
  • Bladder problems.
  • Cognitive problems. 
  • Changes in emotional health, etc. 

Now let’s go into the detail of these symptoms. 

1. Pains As Well As Spasms.

Pain and spasms are common signs of multiple sclerosis. In addition, you may also suffer from involuntary muscle problems. Research conducted by the National MS Society stated that around half of the multiple sclerosis patients have chronic pain in their body. 

Besides, the other name of spasms is muscle stiffness, and it is also common in MS. Perhaps you have the possibility of facing a painful jerking motion. 

2. Vision Issues.

Most probably, almost every MS patient has a vision problem as their early signs. However, the inflammation usually attacks the patient’s optic nerve and disturbs the central vision. Also, it may lead them to blurred vision, double vision, and loss of sight too. 

3. Tingling And Numbness.

As we told you earlier, MS can attack the brain’s nervous system and the spinal cord. And these attacks are responsible for sending opposite signals all over the body. In addition, you may not get any alerts often. As a result, numbness will affect your body. 

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Moreover, tingling and numbness are the top warning symptoms of MS. By the way, the most usual numbness areas are the face, arm, leg, and finger. 

4. Tiredness Or Weakness.

Fatigue and weakness can surround 80% of the patients in the initial stage of multiple sclerosis. Usually, chronic fatigue takes place whenever the nerve system collapses the spinal column. 

Moreover, the fatigue comes in a sudden time and lasts for days. In addition, the patient usually feels weakness in the leg firstly. 

5. Imbalance And Dizziness.

Potentially the patient may feel imbalance as well as dizziness with coordination. As a result, it can hamper the ability of movement of your body parts. However, a doctor might suggest these issues with your pace. 

Besides, multiple sclerosis patients will suffer from lightheadedness. In addition, they may feel that everything is spinning around them.  

6. Sexual Malfunction.

Multiple sclerosis can also be a problem for sexual dysfunction. In addition, it can be a problem like sexual arousal for MS patients. These problems occur because it attacks the central nervous system. By the way, at the end of the article, we will present the answer to a query such as how is MS diagnosed. 

7. Bladder Problems.

Statistics say that 80% of patients suffer from bladder and bowel dysfunction in their bodies. Bladder and bowel dysfunction may include continuous urination, hard urges in urination, and disability to bear the urine. 

8. Cognitive Problems.

50% of MS affected people are suffering from cognitive issues. However, this problem will hamper the average life of MS affected people. By the way, there are some common dysfunctional mental problems. Such as, 

  1. Short Memory. 
  2. Concentration issues. 
  3. Oral problems. 
  4. Feeling difficulty keeping disciplined.
  1. Changes In Emotional Health.

People who are suffering from multiple sclerosis fall into depression, and it affects their mental health too. Besides, this disease is a reason for irritability and mood swings. 

Also, they may put in a situation named the pseudobulbar affect. As a result, they will cry or laugh without any reason, and it will be unstoppable. 

10. Additional Symptoms.

Everyone will not face the similar signs we discussed above. So, someone with a unique genetic bearer can face different symptoms. However, various kinds of characters are able to display in the time of relapses or effects. By the way, the below signs are also some additions to the symptoms mentioned above. Such as, 

  • Seizures. 
  • Breathing issues.
  • Swallowing problem.
  • Hearing loss.
  • Slurred in speech.
  • Unstoppable shaking. 

So, these are the additional symptoms you may encounter in the early stages. 

How Is MS Diagnosed

Diagnosis is a crucial thing to discover the upcoming disease. Doctors suggest the diagnosis to see the condition of the disease. After that, they are treated according to the results of these tests. However, we were discussing MS or multiple sclerosis. In addition, we already discussed the signs and symptoms of MS.

Therefore, now in this section, we are going to show how is MS diagnosed in detail. Let’s get into the detail of MS diagnosis without wasting any further time.

1. Blood Tests ms diagnosed

A doctor will most of the time send you for the blood test if he has any doubt that you might be affected by MS. So, blood tests are the most initial initiative a doctor may take. However, a single blood test can’t decide whether the patient has MS or not. By the way, the test can be a door to the other tests. 

In addition, a blood test is able to rule out the other possible disease. These diseases can be:

  • Rare hereditary dysfunction. 
  • HIV or AIDS.
  • Lyme disease. 
  • And Syphilis. 

We can diagnose the malfunctions as mentioned above with the blood sample alone. Also, bloodwork is able to identify abnormal results. And these processes can help to analyze things like cancer and vitamin B-12 deficiency. 

2. Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI.

Doctors will make a combination of a blood test and MRI. However, these two tests will discover many signs and symptoms. By the way, Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is radio waves as well as a magnetic field that judge the relatable water element in the tissue of your blood. 

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In addition, doctors can identify normal and abnormal tissues very quickly by applying this test. Also, the test can detect irregularities in your body. 

Moreover, the test MRI can give us detailed and tactful pictures of our brain and spinal cord. However, the X-rays and CT scans also apply radiation, but it is much fewer invasive. Perhaps you have got another diagnosis answer to your query, like how is MS diagnosed.  


The purpose of doing magnetic resonance imaging is to detect two matters of multiple sclerosis patients. First of all, the experts will try to see any abnormalities in our body to rule out the MS. Secondly, doctors may check whether there is any proof of demyelination or not.

By the way, the surface of the myelin saves our nerve fibers. And it is fatty as well as drive away water whenever it faces damages. However, when the doctor sees that the myelin is damaged, the fat element has become decrease. Also, the water does not repel any more. 


There is specific preparation before entering the MRI room. For example, you should put off your jewelry. The doctor will also ask us to put off our clothes if we have any kinds of metal elements on our dress, such as a zipper.  However, they will provide a medical gown to put on. 

The process might take between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Below I am listing a list of things that you should tell the doctors and the assistant. Such as, 

  • Pacemaker.
  • Implanted drug infusion.
  • Diabetes.
  • Metallic implants. 
  • Tattoos.
  • Artificial valves in the heart. 

3. Lumbar Puncture ms diagnosed

Lumbar puncture is often used in the process of diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. The other name of lumbar puncture is spinal tap. However, during the test, it will separate the cerebrospinal fluid for the diagnosis purpose. By the way, doctors think the lumbar puncture is invasive. 


Therefore, they will push the injection to the lower back of the patient. And the place will be between vertebrae as well as into the spinal cord. So, this way, they take the CSF sample. 


By the way, doctors will rule out some situations by observing the lumbar puncture test. In addition, they will search whether there are any symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Such as, 


  • First of all, IgG antibodies. 
  • Secondly, proteins such as oligoclonal bands.
  • Thirdly, any unusual massive amount of white blood cells.


The amount of white blood cells gives us hints that the patient is seven times more vulnerable than the normal one. By the way, the abnormal immune proves what we have found may also be a reason for other health conditions. 


In addition, experts say that 5 to 10% of patients with multiple sclerosis never experience any kinds of unusual activities in their CSF. Have you got another solution to your query, such as how is MS diagnosed? 

4. Evoked Potential Test or EP

The purpose of conducting an evoked potential test (EP) is to determine the electrical work in our brain that runs the stimulation. For instance, our sound, touching, and eyesight. However, whenever the doctor suggests the evoked potential test, he wants to see the impaired transmission. 


By the way, it is situated in the optic nerve areas. Moreover, this issue reveals their activities in the early stage of MS patients. This is the last diagnosis process in our list of how is MS diagnosed

Conclusion of ms diagnosed

Perhaps the current specialist is unable to cure multiple sclerosis fully. By the way, studies say that it can slow down the process. However, the best treatment for MS can be taking consultation by a doctor without delay. So, whenever you see the very first sign, you should see the doctor. 


By the way, if you see someone in your family bearing the symptoms but do not understand, you must consult them with a doctor. So, do not make any confusion and see the experts. And we already told you above how is MS diagnosed. 

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