How to choose the best router for gaming

best router for gaming

For a smooth gaming experience on the PC, the critical requirement is the best router for gaming. To speed up online gaming, you need a reliable internet connection. Generally, we spend a fair amount of money on building a powerful gaming PC. But it is also necessary to think about the router. A best one can ensure you a stable connection during the curial moment of your play. When you build an excellent PC for gaming, but the internet speed is slow, everything may be gone in vain.

For this reason, you need the best router. But choosing the best one among many models and brands is a hard nut to crook for you. However, I am going to help you by providing helpful information about gaming routers. So, go through the article and make your decision. 

What is the difference between a gaming router and an ordinary one?         

You can imagine it from the name. The best router for gaming should is for low ping and lag while playing online games on PC. As it comes with more features, it is quite different from the usual routers. With a gaming router, you can enjoy a realistic environment for online gaming. A router’s functionality is that it ensures incoming data access to devices such as mobile phones and laptops. Now learn the difference between a gaming router and the ordinary one. Both of them work in the same principle, but some key differences differ in performance.

A gaming one provides a faster connection to the gaming servers than the regular router. The WiFi standard of it also updated. It has multiple antennas, ports for Ethernet, IFTTT compatibility, and quality service, supporting open-source firmware for the router. The best feature is its QoS. It means the efficiency of ranking gaming traffic. For this feature, you will enjoy the best gaming experience.

Things to consider to buy the best router for gaming

When you go to the market to buy the best router for gaming, you should care about some features of the routers and also some other issues. You need to think about the speed of the internet that you are using. Besides, think about the device numbers that you want to connect to the router. Let’s learn other issues gradually.

Take a multi-core processor and think of the RAM.

The hardware of a router is an important thing to consider because it matters a lot. Besides, consider the RAM quantity. We use WiFi for various purposes, such as video streaming, downloading, online gaming, and other activities. It needs a lot of data from the internet. So, if your router is powerful, it helps to access data faster. In the market, single, dual, quad-core processors are available. For gaming, purpose avoids purchasing a single-core processor router. The more the core numbers, the better your router performs. Besides, try a router with at least 128MB RAM. You can select one with RAM up to 1GB.

Multiple bands

Now a single-band router is a one-time thing. You should take one that has at least a dual-band. We know the router broadcasts wireless signals. The more band you have, the more frequencies it produces. If you have 2.4 band frequencies, it works batter in older networking devices and can cover a wide area. If you take dual or tri-band one, it can emit 5GHz frequencies that are faster, but the coverage area is shorter.

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Wireless Standards

You should consider the measurement of wireless connectivity for your gaming laptop. Most people use wireless standard 802.11ac. But the newest one is Wi-Fi6 802.11ax. Now Mesh WiFi system is popular, and most of the router vendors sell mesh WiFi

Smart-home integration

Many people use smarts sensors and devices in their homes. To better manage smart devices, it is better to take an intelligent integrated router with automation services such as IFTT.

Advanced QoS and Ethernet port

For a gaming router, you should try to take advanced Quality of Service. There are several options, such as Adaptive QoS, Dynamic, and Intelligent QoS. For better service, take Advanced QoS. For the best gaming router, you need to consider the Ethernet ports.

Network latency

The lag time is another crucial factor. You should take one that has low network latency. If the latency is between 20-30 milliseconds, it will be better.

Ports, Security, and Access Controls

There are many options for the best router for gaming. Most of them come with the same hardware as the traditional one. But there are some other things that make the gaming router different than the ordinary one. The design of those routers is different. You should take the router for gaming purpose that has LAN ports of 4 GB at least. Thus you will get wired connectivity to more devices. Besides, the best one must have at least one USB 3 port to attaching the peripherals such as portable HDD, printers, flash drives, etc.

It is also essential to have parental control if you have children in your home. If you have such an advantage on your router, you can block some adult sites and limit the network’s gaming and speed. All of the routers come with security. WPA/WPA2 is a common security assessment. Besides, WPS is now also common but convenient. So, take one that has WPS security control.

Six best options for the best router for gaming

Let’s see some better options for the best router for gaming.

Asus RT-AX86U

Asus RT-AX86U is an excellent option among some other gaming routers. If you ask people have enough knowledge about gaming router, most of them will recommend it. It provides you faster speed and has the necessary gaming features. This one has WiFi 6 feature. With all of the updated features, you will get it at a reasonable price. The most impressive feature of this router is its latency. Ping time, latency is most important for a gaming router. Its latency spike is lower than 25ms. It is an outstanding result.

Besides, the Asus router comes with an excellent app that allows the users the best-controlled interface. It makes the setup easy with some helpful features such as a quality service engine, boost mode for mobile gaming, optimization options for connection, etc. However, it is an excellent one for gamers. You can consider it as the best one for overall performance.

TP-Link Archer C5400 v2

TP-Link is a well-known router brand. It is a high-end router for gaming. However, it comes with a lot of updates and improvements than the previous models. It is one of the best routers for gaming that comes with 5GHz speed. The setup is so easy. Besides, you can control and use it easily. Some best features of this router are that it can easily manage the QoS, it has excellent network security, and you can make a whitelist and blacklist some devices. If you consider the throughput speed, you may find it delivers 117 Mbps at 2.4 GHz. But at 5GHz, you will get the performance so well near 344 Mbps to 347 Mbps. For this reason, it is a leading one in the market.

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Netgear XR500

If you find the lack of any specific tech to the routers of competing models of the same prices, you can choose Netgear XR500. The ports, antennae are near to some most popular models of Asus. But you will not get the same performance as those options. You can consider it as the alternative of highly-commended options at a cheaper rate. It allows for easy setup and management. However, it is very much near to the Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR700. This one was an impressive one of last year as the fastest speedy router. It has 1GB Ethernet ports that offer lag-free access. As the process is dual-core, network efficiency is also well. So, with this one, you will enjoy excellent gaming traffic with advanced service and fewer lag spikes.

 Besides, it has excellent protection because it uses a secure gaming server for VPN. Netgear uses here state-of-the-art software to provide the best service by stabilizing ping, lag spikes, and some other issues. The wireless connectivity is also excellent. The Geo-Filter lets the users fix the lag. It also has blacklist and whitelist makers that guaranteed better local connections. You can customize the dashboard to see the ping, bandwidth utilization, and other parameters. So, it is a good option.

Ubiquiti AmpliFi Alien

Ubiquiti AmpliFi Alien is the gaming router that helps you to speed up your game. It comes with a Tri-band configuration. You can enjoy both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands on this router. With these two separate bands, you can enjoy the entire band for your gaming connection. So, there is no other competition for your bandwidth. Enjoy the extra fast, stable connection from this router.

The connectivity is so fast because it has WiFi 6 that speeds up the connection on 2.4 or 5 GHz bands. The highest reach is 4800 Mbps over an 8×8 connection.

ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000

Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX1100 is one of the leading gaming routers. You can say it best one of the best. This one comes with WiFi 6 technology, so it promises you to provide the best service. The dedicated 3.5 T port is for wired bandwidth and 4 GB LAN ports. However, it offers the user more than 10GB wireless Internet with DSF bands to enjoy the connection without interference. It also has some additional features for online gaming. Dynamic QoS is excellent for gaming traffic. You can check the ping times to lessen up latency. The design is also unique. With 2.4 GHz speed, you can get 171 Mbps that is the fastest speed. And for 5 GHz, you will get 334 Mbps speed. We see that this router is better for the gamer.

Linksys WRT32X

Linksys is a famous brand for the router. This model is the killer for gaming. So, with this machine, you can prioritize your network traffic for the internet. However, a dual-band router that comes with the package of 4 gigabits LAN ports and four antennas. Though the menu interface is not so excellent, the processor is powerful and comes with MU-MIMO. Besides, it is an affordable one but perfect for a hardcore gamer. So, if you are searching for the best one on the budget, you can take this one.

Choosing the best router for gaming is not a hard job. Consider the above options carefully and make your budget. Besides, the routers that are described above are also good options for your gaming purpose. All of them have advanced technology and features. Again, the prices are reasonable. Above all, the article may help you choose and purchase a best gaming router in 2020.


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