The Digital Entertainment Activities that You Can Do at Home During the Pandemic

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The pandemic has been a great challenge for all people worldwide. Not all states or countries have the same struggles, but anyone has the same fear of this virus. The authorities keep on reminding people to stay at home and observe social distancing. The public citizens have been following pandemic-related guidelines to help stop spreading the virus. 

You can do many exciting things to enjoy your stay at home. However, if it’ll take weeks and months, you’ll surely get bored doing the same thing and staying in the same place every day. You tend to look for something entertaining that will kill your time. Read on below the list of digital entertainment activities that you can do with your smartphone during the pandemic. 

Reading eBooks

Reading books has been proven as a productive activity to make use of your time efficiently. Reading activity will give you both entertaining and learning experiences. However, if you don’t have the latest books from the bookstore near you, you can download eBooks on the internet. If you wish to share your eBooks online, you might need to convert pdf to jpg files. 

Most eBooks are in PDF format, and JPG files are ideal to use for online uploads.  Hence, you need to convert your eBooks if you want to share them online. Then, after downloading eBooks that interest you, start reading whenever you want. You’ll surely forget the time that runs so fast when you get hooked to the book you’re reading. 

You’ll notice that it’s already night when you started reading before lunch. One good thing about reading eBooks, you’ll surely enjoy it and learn a lot of things at the same time. You also have book options that you might like, such as horror, romance, suspense, and even educational books like math and science. Hence, keep reading and keep enjoying while you stay at home. 

Watching Movies

Many people watch movies and television programs most of the time. The same thing with reading books, watching movies offers a lot of entertaining and learning opportunities. There are movies for entertainment, such as comedy, drama, and educational videos or movies for various areas of knowledge, such as biology, earth science, engineering, and many others. 

During the pandemic, take these opportunities to make use of your time staying at home, being productive and efficient. Spending time to learn new things will never be a waste. You can access or download the latest movies and videos on the internet using your smart tv or your smartphone. Keep watching and keep learning while you stay at home. 

Playing Online Games

Playing online games has been so popular all over the world for many years. A lot of people got interested in playing different games on the internet. Game developers continue to explore their talents, skills, and imagination to make and provide new innovative and the most interactive game platforms in the market. 

Playing online games on your smartphone is an exciting activity you can do at home during this pandemic. You can play both online or offline games. Explore and search the internet to find sites offering free and paid games that are new to you that you’ll surely enjoy. 

Social Media

Communicating with people outside your home and receiving updates of what their doing make you feel near them. Social media brings opportunities for defying distance barriers between people, especially during this pandemic. Many people are on social media nowadays. It has been part of everyone’s day-to-day life.

Exploring different social media platforms is also an entertaining way to kill boredom staying at home. Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook are the most popular social media platforms people use today. You can read someone else’s posts and share your life updates as the main activities on social media. It’ll serve as your personal stories shared with your friends and loved ones online. 


Despite the fear that the pandemic has brought to many people, staying at home is an effective way to help stop spreading the virus. It takes a lot of patience to stay at home most of the time because you’re not used to it. The digital entertainment activities discussed above are a few of those that you can do. Explore more and be creative to make your stay exciting and meaningful every day.

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