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Everyone knows that music is the best option to feel fresh and get rid of tiredness caused by daily routine. Music plays a crucial role in our life. If you are looking for any app that can provide unlimited kinds of music, then the Wynk music app for PC is the best platform for you. The Wynk Music app is the only app where you can enjoy millions of songs of various categories in regional languages. In this article, we will provide you some details about basic features and how you can enjoy your life by using this app. So, let’s begin it. 

Wynk music app provides you an excellent opportunity to browse more than 6 million songs. Apart from this, you can also browse the songs of most trending national and international artists. Don’t need to worry about the genre of music. Wynk music app provides you a vast diversity in style from Pop to devotion and from sad to romantic. So, Wynk music for PC allows you to explore your choice thoroughly. 

Introduction to Wynk music app for PC: –

Bharti Airtel Limited owns wynk music app. Wynk music provides you the best platform to stream more than 1.6millions songs online. This is a popular music app and is widely used by people in India. The overall rating of this app is fabulous, which is 9/10. This app allows you to set a song as your airtel hello tune. 

You can also use this app on your mobile phone on the laptop because the Wynk music for the PC app is fully compatible with Android, iOS devices, and pc also. This app is used by more than 75 million users and downloaded by 100+ million from the play store. Don’t forget to take advantage of the language variation that is provided by Wynk music. You can listen to songs in many languages, more than 12 languages. Languages are also the main reason behind the success of the Wynk music app.

Features: –

Set your hello tune: – 

There is no doubt that the Wynk music app is the best for streaming music on the internet. The most exciting thing about this app, which makes it different from other apps, is that you can easily set your Airtel hello tune. You can use this feature of this app without any cost. Yes, you shouldn’t need to worry about Airtel hello tune when you haven’t money. 

You can choose any music file from the app and click on the right-side options for set it as Airtel hello tune. Here, you should keep in mind that this app provides you a free subscription of Airtel hello tunes for only 30 days. If you want to continue your hello tune, you must set it as a hello tune again.

 Act as an MP3 player: – 

Wynk Music for PC also works as an mp-3 player device. You can play your songs in this app without any mp3 player because it is itself an mp-3 player tool. The mp-3 player of the Wynk music app allows you to do a lot of variation with Voice, sound pitch, and so on.

Song lyrics: – 

Many music apps don’t provide song lyrics, but you can use song lyrics by using the Wynk music for PC. Suppose that you want to sing a song, but you can’t understand what’s going on in the music. So, music lyrics are the best solution for this issue. You can read and sing your favorite song simultaneously. Almost you can get the lyrics of all songs. 

Ad-free music: – 

Ad-free features in the Wynk music for PC enhance your experience. You know that ads are very irritating, and it can ruin your whole mood in a few moments. If you want to save from these ads, then you must use Wynk music in your device. Enjoy unlimited music in mp three formats without any ads only on the Wynk app. 

Huge collection of songs: –

Wynk Music for PC contains a huge collection of songs of various genres as per your choices. The huge collection of music increases the chance of your enjoyment while you hear the songs. For your convenience, you can arrange this music in the song’s library also. It means that you can play your music by just opening the music library. 

Dark mode: – 

Are you loved to listen to music at night? Then don’t worry, use the dark mode in Wynk music for PC and enjoy your favorite songs in late nights. The dark mode is very beneficial for the eyes because it prevents the eyes from strong light of devices. It’s the unique and most interesting feature of Wynk music, making it different from other online music streaming apps.

Pros: – 

  • Unlimited music for airtel users.
  • HD music quality.
  • User interface
  • Dark mode
  • Playlists
  • Multiple languages
  • Set a hello tune
  • Safe to use


Limited song for non-airtel user: –

As you know that Wynk music for PC provides unlimited music for airtel users. But, the Wynk music allows only 100 per month to the non-airtel user. It means that you should buy a monthly subscription if you are a non-airtel user and listen to unlimited songs and hello-tune features. 

How to use Wynk music for Papp in your device

The Wynk Music for PC is one the easiest app to use in android devices. In this section of the article, we provide some basic steps to use the Wynk music app in your device: – 

  • Open the Wynk music app in your device. 
  • If you are a new user, then you must sign up in this app by using numbers. 
  • When you enter your mobile number, then you should verify your number through OTP. After the competition of the verification procedure, you can sign in to the Wynk music app. 

When you open the app, you can see a list of many songs. You can choose the songs according to the singer’s names or language also. 

To play the music, you just need to tap on those songs. Your song will be playing in a few moments. You can play the music in Wynk music itself as it is an mp-3 player also.

How to set ringtone from Wynk music for PC: – 

If you are an Airtel user and want to set a hello tune, then you can choose any song for hello tune by using the Wynk music for PC. Just follow these steps to set a hello tune from Wynk: – 

Go the search option in Wynk music and enter any song that you want to listen to as hello tune. 

  • Selected the song, and you will saw an option to set this song as your hello tune. Click on that option. Yeah! Congratulations, you successfully set a hello tune for your device. 
  • You can set a hello tune for a maximum of 30 days. After 30days, you have to reactivate the hello tune subscription. One interesting thing to note is that you don’t need to spend any money on a subscription. 

How to download the Wynk Music app?

In our article, we go through a brief introduction and amazing features of the Wynk music for PC. After the introduction with features of this amazing app, you must want to download the app. Now, we will give you a brief procedure for downloading the Wynk music app in your Android device: – 

  • The procedure for downloading Wynk music for PC is so easy. There are two methods to download the file in your device, first using the Play Store and second from the browser. 
  • If you want to download the file from the play store, you should enter the app’s name in the search bar and install it. 
  • You can also download the file in apk form, which has several features and advantages over Wynk music for PC by using any popular browser. 
  • At the end of our article, we provide a link to download the Wynk music for your android device. 

Wynk Music for PC: – 

Wynk Music for PC is the most popular streaming app which covers a wide range of music. You can also use the Wynk music app on your desktop, which gives you a better experience. Now, we will discuss the installation procedure of Wynk music in PC: – 

  • For downloading the app, you must have a Microsoft account. If you haven’t created your Microsoft account till now, then create your account immediately for login. 
  • By using the Microsoft account, you can download the app free of cost. 
  • After downloading the app, you can install it with the help of any android simulators. We recommend you to use BlueStacks for this purpose. Wynk Music is an online music player, so you haven’t needed to download any mp-3 players to play the music. The features of Wynk music for PC in a laptop are similar to the android devices. 
  • You can use Wynk music on your laptop for window 7 to windows 10. In other, we can say that it supports a wide range of windows. The user interface of this app is awesome, which provides a positive experience for you.
  • More than 30millions users widely use wynk Music as an online music app for pc. Here, you should note that the Wynk music app comes with equalizer features, which helps you to adjust the sound quality as per your choice.  

FAQs: – 

How can I save the data for listening to the music by using the Wynk music app?

No one can deny that Wynk music for PC is the best app that consumes less data than other music streaming websites if you want to save more data, you must hear the songs in low or medium quality. You can change the quality of music from the settings of this app. We strongly recommend that you must use the auto music setting to save the data. 

What’s about the quality of music which is available on the Wynk Music app? 

You should not worry about the quality of streaming music. Wynk Music for PC provides you awesome qualities of songs. You can play the songs in various qualities that depend upon your network strength and data connection. You can browse the songs 64kbps (Low), 128 kbps (Medium), and 320 kbps (HD). 

How to download the songs from the Wynk music for the PC app?

In the previous section of our article, we already told you that an airtel user could enjoy unlimited songs and download them. You just need to have an active subscription to download the songs which are free for airtel user. If you are not an Airtel user, then you must buy a paid subscription to download the songs. You just need to click on the blue color download icon. If you download the songs, then you can listen to them offline too.

Is it safe to use Wynk music?

Wynk Music for PC is a trustable source for listening to music online. This app protects your privacy, and it’s secure to use. This app is protected from viruses and data leakage issues. The privacy policies of Wynk music for PC is in favor of customers. 

Conclusion: – 

We hope that you go through every point about Wynk music for PC in our article. As you know, the Wynk music app becomes the most downloaded app for streaming the music online, is trending. Wynk Music for PC is preferred over other apps for streaming the music due to various reasons, which we discussed in our article. The unlimited music, various regional languages, user-friendly interface, and so many features are responsible for its huge. You can hear any song in your regional language by using Wynk.

 More than 12 languages are offered by Wynk. So, don’t worry if you loved your native language and want to hear the songs in your language, use Wynk music for PC. There is a trend among the new generation to spread their favorite music among other people. This task can be done by using a song as a Hello tune. Wynk Music for PC provides you a platform through which you can use your favorite song as a hello tune.

Finally, after discussing the amazing feature of the Wynk music for PC app, we strongly recommend that you must try this app once in your device. This app is 100% safe to use.


Link for play store: – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bsbportal.music&hl=en_IN 

Link for iOS: – 


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