Bose Noise Cancelling Earbuds For Headphones Lovers

bose noise cancelling earbuds

A good sound comes from a quiet environment. When all the noises surround you, the sound coming from your headphones can’t make you satisfied. However, bose noise cancelling earbuds promises to serve you with the best sound quality. 

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds uses 2 technologies to stand out in the vast competition. Therefore, they bring acoustic inventions as well as the best noise proof technology. So, these two technologies combine the earbud as the best sound system in the world. 

Bose earbud is a combination of internal and external microphones to observe the sounds of your surroundings. After that, it filters out all of the unnecessary noises and delivers the actual one. 

However, here we will give you every single detail about Bose noise cancelling earbuds. In addition, we will provide you a verdict on what we think about it.  


Some Pros And Cons Of Bose Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Usually, Bose earbuds are full of features and benefits. They will deliver you an excellent experience at an affordable cost. Here I will give you some of the selected pros and cons.



  • Best noise proof technology.
  • Easily can fit in your ear because of the best size.
  • The wireless charging systems. 
  • Great touch control.
  • Fresh and clear sounds.
  • IPX4 technology to resist sweat and water-resistant. 
  • Up to 6 hours of battery backup. 
  • Microsensor to pause audio automatically. 



  • The earbud is big.
  • The design is not a smart one because of the size.
  • There are not enough facilities for touch and customizations.


Specifications Of Bose Noise Cancelling Earbuds


  • Connectivity: The Bluetooth is 5.1 with SBC, AAC.
  • Battery Capability: you will get up to 6 hours of battery backup. In addition, a maximum of 16 hours of service with the case.
  • The weight of the earbud: 8.5 g.


  • The dimension of the earbud: 39 x 26 x 27 mm.
  • The dimension of the charging case: 89 x 51 x 32 mm. 
  • The weight of the charging case: 77 g. 


  • The case of the charging: Qi wireless charging with USB-C.
  • Waterproof: splash resistant with IPX4 technology. 


Every Detail Of Bose Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Till now, I have discussed all the snippets and shorts about QuietComfort earbuds. However, now I am going to discuss all the details of these great sound systems. 


Connectivity and Controls


You can easily connect the earbuds with the latest and fastest Bluetooth 5.1 technology. The earbuds utilize the SBS Bluetooth and the highest level of the AAC format. By the way, Apple also uses these technologies in their products. 


For example, the iPhone 12 Pro and Pixel 5 are vital in terms of connectivity. By the way, there will be very few producers that improve their calls. However, you can connect one device at a time, and you will have to disconnect the previous one.


The controlling area is the weakest area of the bose earbuds. Besides, you will get a touch area on the outer side of every bud. It works with double taps as well as tap then hold types. 


Therefore, If you double press on the right bud, play and pause or answer calls. In addition, you need to tap and hold to switch on or off of the voice assistant.


Moreover, when you press a second time on the left earbud, it means you can change music. Besides, there is another feature that works for two purposes. For example, if you press and hold, it will skip moving forward music. 


By the way, there will be no volume buttons for controlling and skipping options. And that is very discouraging for the users. 


Noise Cancellation

Bose QuietComfort is unique for its noise cancellation feature.  Most of the earbuds producers make this but only can serve with the best one. So, Bose understands the system of how to satisfy their audiences.

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Therefore, they offer the best quality sound by stopping external sounds. However, some tech manufacturers will feature the ANC, but bose noise can use the best. 


By the way, others’ earbuds can’t provide the best because they can’t resist the external noise. And the larger size is more applicable and useful for sound quality. 


So, there are two types of noise cancellation you will get in bose. Such as active noise canceling and passive noise canceling. 


However, active noise canceling usually combines internal and external microphones. These two types of systems observe the surroundings and bring the sounds into your ear. The feature is impressive by its quality. 


In addition, It makes another alternative signal and keeps away all the unnecessary sounds within a second. After that, it will only bring what you want to listen to. 


On the other hand, passive noise cancelling is also another valuable feature. The nose of the earbud will fit in your ear perfectly. Besides, the seal works to fit in your ear. So, the more accurate the seal, the less external sound will disturb you.

As we all know that less external sound will let us enjoy the moment of music. By the way, a best seal will let you feel more addicted and affect your choice.   


Design Of Bose Noise Cancelling Earbuds

I initially thought that QuietComfort earbuds are a big one in the market, but I was wrong. After that, we have seen earbuds such as the Sony model in the market.


So, the newest model of bose will fit in your ear very perfectly. Also, you will feel like you are wearing Bluetooth headphones from 2010. Although it might be massive in size, it will not let you feel the weight in your ear. 


Additionally, the manufacturer made it very perfectly so that you do not feel heavy. Also, it will not be like that; it will fall from your ear. By the way, bose earbuds will provide you a fin for locking in the ear correctly. 


Sound Quality Of Bose Noise Cancelling Earbuds


I used to like Sony’s earbuds for a long time, but my concept changed when I got the Bose. The QuietComfort is no different than Sony earbuds. By the way, bose can provide you a crisp and clear sound quality. 


In addition, when you increase the volume, the sound will be vast and full of bass. Besides, typical earbuds will make a tore sound but will offer attractive audio. However, the most notable pros of bose are the layer of sounds. 


For example, you can listen to every part of the instrument and vocals. And You may be sure that it will not mix up all together. After that, the bose has acoustic sound ability that is able to produce deep notes in your ear. 


By the way, you should observe that most earbuds can balance its bass when you low the volume. On the other hand, Bose is unique and different from them.


Bose will never make you feel the sound is tinny and small rather than it will provide the volume optimized EQ technology. And EQ technology makes the Bose earbuds stand out among their competitors. 




Call Quality Of Bose Noise Cancelling Earbuds


You should not expect a good quality calling performance from every earbud. And sometimes, you will feel like you talked to a speaker. So, your earbuds may have features that you can call, but I doubt how good they are. 


In my opinion, the best earbuds should be able to resist external noises while calling. However, Bose has come with a solution to this issue. So, they launched their buds with a voice microphone within the right buds to make a call noise-free.  


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In addition, Bose says that they designed this technology, especially for phone calls. And the purpose is to disturb free conversations. 


Moreover, you can control and adjust the sound of your voice call. So, you will decide how much you want to listen, such as low, medium, or high. 


By the way, some users notice some unexpected issues on bose calling systems. And they say that the opposite person in the phone call sometimes struggles to listen correctly. But they also agree that the drawbacks surpass the advantages in most cases.  


Battery LIfe of Bose Noise Cancelling Earbuds


Bose declared that they would provide the best battery life of earbuds in the market. And they are doing their best too on this matter of power-saving. So, you can enjoy their earbuds up to 6 hours long service with a single charge. 


Besides, you are getting a maximum of 12 hours playback duration with the charging case. So, if you store power in your charging case, it can be useful in an emergency. 


Another fantastic feature is the quick charging ability. It is crazy because bose offers your 2 hours battery service with 15 minutes quick charge. 


By the way, the magic has not been finished yet. Because you can charge with a wireless charging case. In addition, this charging case is compatible with any type of Qi-certified wireless charging pad. 


Therefore, if I say all these features in a shortlist, that would be like this.


  • The battery life: 6 hours of battery life.
  • The battery charging duration: within 2 hours.
  • The charging case charge duration: within 3 hours. 
  • The quick charging duration: 2 hours of battery life with 15 minutes of charging.


  • The charging systems: USB-C cable and Qi-certified wireless charging pad. 
  • The battery of the earbuds and case: Lithium-ion battery is made of a metal coin cell.


  • Finally, there is an automatic on and off ability to save battery life. 


The Rival of Bose Earbuds


I hope you have noticed that I mentioned Sony’s earbuds quite a few times in this article. However, I agree that Bose earbuds are the best in terms of noise-canceling capability. On the other hand, I will put Sony ahead of Bose in terms of overall performance. 


In addition, the Sony comes with a lot of customizable features that are not possible in the QuietComfort Bose earbuds. 


Besides, you can grab Sony earbuds for $240 at a regular price. And if you are waiting for a flash sale, you can get it for $180. The prices of the Sony model are quite affordable compared to the features and benefits.


Moreover, if you do not have any budget issues and the sound matters most, I have a best option for you. Sennheiser brought true wireless earbuds with some fantastic features. 


In addition, it has a wonderful and the best external sound resistance technology in the market. By the way, the design of Sennheiser is more compact than any other earbuds. 


So, if you think it is the best competitor of QC earbuds in terms of noise cancelling, you may not wrong. However, I prefer to bose earbuds because it offers me an overall performance at a low cost. 


Final Verdict

The QuietComfort bose noise cancelling earbuds has all the pros and features you want. Therefore, you are getting all kinds of benefits except for some small specs. However, it is the best one, in my view. 


By the way, it is mostly known for its external soundproof abilities. Besides, if you plan for a long trip, these buds will help you have a good time. So, you can listen while on the flight on a train and memorable the trip.


However, you can say it is a little bit expensive and large. Usually, you will get a Bose earbud for £249.95. Moreover, you usually will have two colors for choice for that such as white and black. 


Additionally, I have found the biggest drawback of its case because it is usually prominent in size and uneasy to carry in the pocket. 


Another disadvantage is you can’t connect more than one device at a time. Besides, you might not be able to switch between the devices very fast compared to other earbuds. 


By the way, this lack of things may not be a big issue for these great earbuds. But these things may be a great barrier to be a great bose noise cancelling earbuds. 

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