3 Bluetooth Microphones for Your Phones

Bluetooth microphone

Whether you are currently into vlogging, or you’re looking for a way to improve your audio quality, what you need is a reliable Bluetooth microphone. Since there are many choices out there, selecting what’s the best for you could prove to be a difficult task. While there are a lot of great brands, there are also brands that aren’t that good. Despite that, your selection would all fall to how you’re going to use your microphone. But first, what is a Bluetooth microphone?

Bluetooth Microphones

Before you go to the market and buy whatever Bluetooth microphone you see, you have to know what this type of gadget is. You must also know where you can use this device to know which one you have to get for yourself. It is imperative that you know which brand to buy, and whether they have what you are looking for.

A Bluetooth microphone serves as a mouthpiece for your smartphone. Compared to wired microphones, this type of device is perfect for recording audio at a long distance. If you are tired of having to untangle your earphones now and then, a Bluetooth microphone is the answer to your predicament.

A Bluetooth microphone can be used if you want a clear recording and ignorable background noises. It is important that you are able to convey your message to your audience, and for them to understand every word you are saying.

SabineTek SmartMike+

In the audio industry, the brand Sabinetek has been continually gaining fame, and its crown jewel is the SmartMike+ True Wireless Stereo Microphone. It has a narrow and sleek design, and it uses a Bluetooth 5.0 technology and is compatible with any Android and iOS devices. It also has a Master/Slave mode that you can use to be connected with devices without a Bluetooth feature.

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The SmartMike+ also has a fascination feature called the TWS mode. With this, anyone who owns two of these Bluetooth microphones can record two various sound sources at the same time. The result will give you a harmonious multi-layered recording.

Bluetooth Instamic Pro

The brand Instamic focuses on devices that can be worn, and their waterproof technology is what sets them apart from other brands. In comparison to other devices on this list, the Instamic Pro looks more heavy-duty and jagged.

The Instamic Pro has an internal storage of 8 GB and is able to record a total time of 14 hours. Since it has a durable and lightweight body, the Instamic Pro can be fastened using magnetic clips, tape, or velcro packed with the device. Since Instamic Pro is a Bluetooth microphone, it goes without saying that this device can connect to any device with Bluetooth capabilities.

Sennheiser Memory Mic

Another considerable Bluetooth Microphone on our list is the Sennheiser, and we are pretty sure that you have already heard about this brand. Sennheiser is known to be one of the industry’s foundations, and this certain Bluetooth microphone would surely live up to the brand name.

Inside the Memory, Mic is a premium condenser pod with the brand’s signature recording tech. Because it has a sleek and light body, users can carry the device and record audios from a distance. Its internal memory is able to record audio sounds for up to four hours. The recorded audio will be automatically moved to your smartphone through Bluetooth and syncs it with the taken video.

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Just what we have mentioned above that if you’re interested in doing some vlogging, or just looking for a way to improve your sound quality, then you need one of these three Bluetooth microphones that we have listed today. Always choose which is the best for you and what suits your needs.

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