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It’s pretty safe to say that smartphone gaming is a big deal. While plenty of people might have thought video games were ‘kids’ stuff’ back in the 1990s, millions of us are glued to our mini-screens, tapping, and swiping away in 2020. You could be playing casino games through a top Gambling App New Jersey, or elsewhere. You might even be the sort of person who loves playing a round or two of Candy Crush Saga!

In any case, smartphone games have been on a steady rise for over a decade. But how did they get so big? Let’s have a quick look at the facts and clue you in on a short history lesson.

They’re really easy to get into

What puts a lot of people off videogames is the learning curve. With mobile games, you can pretty much download an app and start learning how to play as you go. The limited screen and controls mean that these games aren’t usually very complex; therefore, they should appeal to a wide audience.

That’s why you often see people of all ages playing smartphone games on public transport, or to simply pass the time. The best games, such as Angry Birds, really won’t take up much of your time.

Plenty of great games are free

The most famous and popular smartphone games are, for the most part, free to play. Games such as Candy Crush Saga and Pokémon Go are amazingly popular because you don’t have to pay a penny to start. There are ways for you to improve and enhance your games while you play, but they are strictly optional.

Therefore, while some people worry about ‘freemium’ game titles, you must remember that in most cases, paying into apps is an optional endeavor. There may be some games that restrict you unless you pay a dollar or two every few days; however, the best ones will let you experience stacks of levels and freebies without the need to pay in.

You can play them almost anywhere

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Who would have thought, back in the 1990s, that we would be playing so many great games on public transit, or in the comfort of our bathrooms? Sure – Nintendo led the way for portable gaming with the Game Boy back in 1989 – but mobile gaming is an entirely different ball game.

We can play some really big and colorful titles from almost anywhere. The best games are easy to play on the go – for example, some games such as Pokémon Go also open up the wider world to explore.

Smartphone games are here to stay. Android remains an excellent platform for big, creative titles, too. Gaming has changed massively in a very short space of time, though that’s all for the better. More people are seeing the worth in taking time out to play a couple of games every once in a while. It’s not taboo or looked down upon! Download a smartphone game for yourself and see how much fun you could have.



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