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fallout shelter save editor

Fallout Shelter is a mobile game that Bethesda Studios introduced in June 2015. However, you can play this game on windows, android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. So, the game procedures involve making money, buying new facilities, expanding your vault, and you can upgrade your personnel. Though it’s a little, it can give you a lot of fun. It has no action combat. Still, it can be challenging. This challenge makes the game more exciting and fun. But what about if you want to play the game like a wealthy tycoon? Well, for this, you will need to install Fallout Shelter Save Editor on your computer or mobile device. Here we will discuss this legendary Fallout Shelter Shelter Save Editor.

What Can You Edit With Fallout Shelter Editor

The Fallout Shelter Editor will give you an unlimited amount of caps, legendary dwellers, and every single piece of equipment you need. Moreover, you can edit a lot of things with Fallout Shelter editor. Let’s have a quick look at them.

  • You will be able to remove all the rocks.
  • This can edit caps, energy, food, water, and roadways amount easily.
  • You can edit the number of the vault.
  • It can edit your lunchboxes.
  • You can edit the vault storage more easily.
  • You can edit dwellers.
  • This will offer you adding custom dwellers to your vault.
  • Also, you can copy dwellers.
  • Adding items will be easier.
  • You can edit your survival guide.
  • If you find any glitch in the vault, you can edit that with fallout shelter editor.

Edit Vault Information- Fallout shelter save editor will offer you a great opportunity to edit your vault info. In addition, you can modify your vault properties, such as number, theme, export vault, or change the difficulty of survival.

Edit Resources- Your resources are the most crucial thing in the fallout shelter game. Fortunately, Fallout Shelter editor will help you modify your resources like the number of stimulants, roadways, plates, water, Nuka quantum, electricity, and food storage. 

Edit Lunchboxes- You can easily modify the number of cakes, crafty masters, and pets of your lunchboxes with fallout shelter editor.

Edit Mr. Handys- Mr. Handy is an exciting part of the fallout shelter game. You will be heppy to know that you can edit Mr. Handys with this save editor. You will be able to increase life or remove crafty from your refuge.

Edit Storage- Your storage capability can affect your game a lot. However, with fallout shelter editor, you can change the number of items and objects you want to love, which will help you succeed in your challenges.

Edit Dwellers- This is the most critical element of this game. However, with the fallout shelter editor, you can create a dweller in a custom way.

You can create a dweller randomly. Besides, you can

  • Modify any dwellers
  • Make dwellers happy
  • Heal from radiation or increase their life.
  • Make dwellers level up to fifty.
  • Modify the number of roadways and stimulants while exploring dwellers
  • Revive your dwellers
  • Send explorer dwellers straight to the refuge
  • Abort babies
  • grow children
  • Eliminate corpses and many more.

Edit Deathclaws- Fallout shelter save editor will let you kill or render bloodthirsty attacking your unconscious refuge.

Edit Recipes- With this ability, you can increase the number of recipes you already have or gives you what others don’t have. 

How To Save Game Using Fallout Shelter Save Editor

This is hooked up to the Steam version of Fallout Shelter. All you need to do, just download the app online and remember it should automatically detect any of your vaults in-game. After that, open up the vault you want to edit in the app. This will allow you to change pretty much anything. As we mentioned before, you’ll be able to change or edit a lot of things. Even you can give yourself the starter. However, you may have to pay for this. Just make sure you close the vault in the app when you’re done. 

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How To Install Fallout Shelter Save Editor

Fallout shelter editor for Android and PC works in Bluestacks, and it doesn’t require root. However, it doesn’t require any technical skills as well. 

For PC

  1. Download the file using the correct link from a reliable source.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Run unzipped and installed fallout shelter save editor app on your device.
  4. Select the vault you want to edit.
  5. Modify things as you desire.
  6. Save the vault.

For Android/iOS

  1. Download the file using the proper link from a reliable source.
  2. Make sure you have enabled the setting on your phone to allow installations from unknown sources.
  3. Copy the downloaded file to your phone or tablet.
  4. Find the file using a file manager. It can be any file manager.
  5. Click on it and install.
  6. When you have installed the file, go for the newly created icon in your apps menu and run it.
  7. Now enjoy your editing.

Disadvantages of Using Fallout Shelter Save Editor

Though Fallout Shelter saves editor is an extremely convenient tool for gamers, it has some disadvantages. Such as, Fallout Shelter is not a fast-paced or action-packed AAA studio shooter. Instead it’s just a mobile game. There are a limited amount of things you can do inside Fallout Shelter. Although playing the game is a bit hard, this is the thing that makes this game enjoyable. If the change doesn’t remain, the game will make you feel bored. This is the point where using Fallout Shelter save editor can let you end up deleting the game. This can hamper all enjoyment you can get from this game. 

Best Fallout Shelter Weapons

Equipping all the dwellers with the best weapons can give you a better chance of survival in the wasteland. In Fallout shelter, you’ll see a variety of weapons. There are about 139 weapons you can acquire by exploring the wastelands. Here we are going to discuss top weapons that can help to survive successfully. Let’s start

Dragon’s Maw- This is the top best weapon of the fallout shelter. This fantastic weapon has an average damage of 25.5. However, this the highest damage average among every weapon of the Fallout shelter. This weapon features a Plasma caster design. Dragon’s maw is an improved weapon of its predecessor, the old Winchester P94. It uses Microfusion as its primary source of energy which makes it a great weapon. This fantastic weapon works best against high-energy resistance enemies. So grab it whenever you get a chance. 

M42 fat man launcher- 

This is a catapult weapon that is best for the tactical nuclear ordinance. M42 fat man launcher is designed to use by troops on the battleground. However, the interesting fact is that this weapon is portable, and it makes the weapon easier to destroy entrenched enemy positions. M42 contains only one single mini-nuke in its recent development. This mini-nuke uses rail gun technology, but this can produce problems. The reentry of multiple independent targetable vehicles came as a breakthrough. This amazing weapon can launch up to 8 mini nukes continuously. Therefore, it can bring a lot of damage to all your target enemies.

Vengeance- This one of the automatic weapons of the Fallout Shelter. Moreover, Vengeance has a large ammunition capacity comparing the other laser weapons. The most attractive point of this weapon is that it has the highest DPS rating of any other automatic weapon. Vengeance uses a rare type of ammunition which is Electron charge Packs. The unparalleled attack speed and one of the highest durability during gameplay make this weapon favorite to many players. With this weapon, you can wipe out all your enemies single-handedly. Compared to other weapons, this weapon can fire more shots.

Fire Hydrant Bat-

 Fire Hydrant Bat is considered the best melee weapon of the Fallout Shelter. This weapon has the highest damage rate compared to all the other melee weapons in this game. Though it has sleek and simple, its ability can’t be underestimated at all. This gorgeous weapon has an average damage of 25. the damage rate of this weapon is fairly good considering its single variant. However, it deals with damage of between 19 to 31. if we talk about its cons, this weapon’s reliability is a bit low than others. When you use this weapon in combat, it will ignore already hit opponents. 

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Miss Launcher- Another fantastic weapon of Fallout Shelter. Miss launcher has the highest damage rate comparing all other missiles in the Fallout shelter. Its extreme damage rate can wipe out all the enemies single-handedly during an area attack. If you think about removing Molerats and Radoaches, this can be the perfect weapon. It deals average damage of 22.5. However, this weapon has sons as well. It falls short when you try to activate the missile motors. Standard missiles fired from this weapon often fail to fly. Therefore, most of the players use this weapon as a grenade launcher. The delighting fact is that it can fire up to 83 missiles when it is in good condition. 

Virgil’s rifle-

 This weapon is named after the super-mutant scientist Vigil. If you want to acquire this weapon from him, you need to kill him first. However, there is another way to acquire this weapon. You have to pickpocket it from Virgil by using perks. This weapon is considered an institute model weapon. Virgil has an increased refire rate and more firepower per shot. This is the popular weapon to use against super mutants, and it deals more than 50% extra damage to them. It has an average damage rate of 22.5. however, this weapon has limited customization options and stock upgrades. 

Junk jet- This unique but a made junk projector, and it is able to fire any junk fed into its hopper. The junk loading process of this weapon is manual. After that, you can fire them. However, you can pick the remaining pieces of the junk fired and load them into the hopper again. Therefore, this weapon has an unlimited ammunition supply. It has a damage rate of 21.5. Any player can easily access this weapon, no matter the player is a beginner or advanced. If we talk about the negative side, this weapon has a limited firing range. Therefore, you won’t be able to use it in long-range attacks. 

Gauss Rifle- 

If we talk about the rarest weapon of fallout Shelter, this rifle’s name will come first. It has the power of firing at high speeds of metal shards at a particular time. Micro-fusion cells accelerated by electromagnetic induction are the main source of energy of this weapon. At the time of current running through the barrel, the coil produces strong electromagnetic fields. The overall firing process of this weapon produces a high-speed ejection of metal shards. This rifle can deal up to 16 damage rates in a single attack. However, it is considered the best projectile-based rifle along with the highest damage output. 

Railway Rifle- this fantastic weapon often used to fasten rails. Railway rifle uses compressed gas to project spikes. This weapon utilizes high pressure to fire the spikes at high speed. The damage rate of this weapon is 14 to 15 in a single attack. Comparing other energy-barring weapons, it has the best damage output. 

Alien Blaster- 

This is an advanced weapon that uses alien power to produce ammunition. This is an extra-ordinary weapon and much more potent than any other alien weapons. This weapon has a damage rate of 18 to 19 in a single attack. However, if you use a destabilizer alien blaster, the damage rate can be maximized to 23 in a single attack. 


You have got all the best weapons of Fallout Shelter, and You have fallout Shelter Save Editor on your device. Now it’s time to roar with success and achievement. Happy gaming. 



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