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free hearts card game

Hearts card is a trick-taking game in which players try to avoid taking tricks containing hearts. The hearts card game first appeared in the United States in the 18th century, though some people claim that it derives from the older European game of reverse. In the 20th century, a new version was introduced for running on every personal computer with Windows operating system. In this reign of smartphones, we can also found an online version of this historical game available, and the exciting fact is that many of them are free. Here we will discuss the Free Hearts Card game. However, the strategy is almost the same as we play in real since we have to know about the whole hearts and card game’s basic approach and objective.

Benefits Of Playing Hearts Card Game

We can’t deny that we are in an unprecedented time of social distancing. In this situation, we should be more creative and develop new ways of entertainment that can boost our mental and emotional health. The hearts card game is most famous for entertaining purposes. Although, it can provide some mental and emotional benefits to us.

As we’re avoiding social interaction and trying to remain isolated, hearts card game can be played in pairs, improving compassion, empathy, and trust in others. No matter it’s free hearts card game of the online version or the real cards we used to play. Undoubtedly, the online Free Hearts Card game is a brilliant choice for gaining all those benefits without meeting each other. 

Moreover, cards can be beneficial for children. Playing card games is useful for dexterity and eye-hand coordination. The action of holding cards can develop the motor skill of children. 

You shouldn’t be surprised knowing that, hearts card game can help to improve patience and concentration. You might know that the hearts card game needs a group setting that requires participants to take turns. Even players focus on each other’s cards to play the most effective cards and win the game. Surprisingly, focusing on what other players are doing while keeping the impulse ahead to check can help develop your concentration skills and patience. 

However, we can’t deny that playing cards can boost our memory. Playing cards is a fun way to help people expand their memory. The interesting fact is that you can’t even realize what’s going on. As we mentioned before the focusing on the point, the primary way to help in memorizing. Well, when you’re focused to win the game, you also have to focus on remembering what moves you have made, which card you’ve played, and ultimately you’re using those things to make your best move when your turn comes up. You can call it the partial benefit of the card game. 

However, its primary aim is to entertain ourselves, but we can’t neglect its usefulness at all.

Now we’re going to talk about health benefits. However, this is not direct but also very important to us. Mostly, we can see that our elderly loved ones were often bearing a massive amount of stress. If you consult with any doctor, they might say to reduce stress. While playing cards can be the best way to relieve stress. Thus, playing cards can be beneficial to gain actual health benefits.


Free Hearts Card Game

To enjoy the free hearts card game, we should learn the procedure and constitution of the game. No matter it’s online or offline, the process is almost the same. So let’s know about them in details:

Players: This game can be played with 3 to 7 players, but it’s best with four players.

Deck: Standard 52-card deck.

Rank: A (high) to 2 (low)

Goal: At the end of the game, the player with the lowest score will win.

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How to Play Free Hearts Card Game

As we mentioned before, no matter you’re playing the hearts card game on any device or at your home, the procedure is almost the same. Therefore, to play the game, you have to learn the rules and policies of the Hearts Card game. Let’s have a look at them;

Set up: When you’re going to play a 4-player hearts card game, each player will get 13 cards (total 52 cards). Nevertheless, if you play in 3 player set, you’ve to 2 diamonds, and each player will get 17 cards. When it’s a 5-player game, two diamonds and two clubs have to remove, and each player will get ten cards. In a 6-player set of the hearts card game, you have to remove two and three diamonds and the three and four of clubs, and each player will get eight cards. Last, if you play in a 7-player set, then the two and three diamonds and the three clubs have to be removed; every player will get seven cards.

Passing Cards: After starting the game, players look at each other’s hand; each player needs to choose three cards and passes them to another player keeping face down. All players have to give their cards before looking at the cards received from any opponent.

Rotation: The rotation passing in a 4-player game is very simple, 1st hand(from where the fun started) passes the card to the player on your left, 2ndhand passes to the player on your right, 3rd hand to the player across the table, and 4th player needs no passing. After that, the rotation repeats until the game ends. This is the basic rotation form. No matter how to format you play, you’ll see the cycle is repeating until the game ends.


Each player of the game must follow suit (if possible). When a player has no cards in the suit led, another suit’s card may remain discarded. However, if a player has no clubs when the first trick is led, heart or the Black Maria cannot be played. The highest card of the suit led wins a trick. The winner of that trick keeps all cards won in a single stack; the cards can be controlled in front of himself, face down. The winner starts the next trick.

By the way, you can lead hearts until a heart, or Black Maria has been played. On the other hand, the Black Maria can be conducted at any time, and there is no trump suit in Hearts card.

Scoring: To count the score, a player has to use a score sheet column for each player. In online gaming, the score will be calculated and displayed on the screen. Anyway, at the end of each hand count number of hearts each player has taken, as well as the Black Maria.

Hearts card constitutes up to 100 points. When one player reaches or passes the agreed score, the game ends.


There are several variations of the Hearts card. These are

Two-Player Hearts- In this variation, two people may play the game with an alteration to the deck. In the two-player hearts, card game players need to remove 3rd, 5th, 6th, 9th, jacks, and Kings from the deck and the 13 cards dealt with each player. However, all the general rules remain the same.

Omnibus hearts- Generally, Omnibus Hearts incorporates the 10 of Diamonds. In this variation, if one wins a trick that contains the 10 of Diamonds, the player will get 10 points subtracted from their score. As well as, for one to shoot the moon, a player must win all of the Hearts, the Queen of Spades, and the 10 of Diamonds. However, the shooter decides which option is the best to advance their play.

Cancellation Hearts- Mainly, Cancellation hearts is the version of hearts for large amounts of players, generally 5-11 players. In cancellation hearts, there are two packs of cards to play. As there are doubles of every card, the cancellation strategy emerges. When you play a pair of, they cancel each other out in trick ranking. However, they still count as points.

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How To Play free Hearts Card Game on Windows

Windows offers a vast amount of games to entertain people and relieve the stress of gamers. Among them, the windows version of the hearts card game is another popular game for Hearts Card lovers. However, when you’re going to play windows Hearts card, you will feel like playing the real Hearts. Let’s have a look at how to play the free hearts card game on windows. 

  1. At first, you have to choose the start option, then Games, and then double click Hearts. The Hearts window will appear, the cards will be displayed to you, and your opponents will remain hidden. 
  2. After double-clicking on hearts, you have to begin play by clicking three cards in order to pass to your opponent. Then click on the arrow button. However, in the first game, you have to pass to the left, and in the next game, pass to the right.
  3. When you have passed cards, then begin with the player who has two spades. Every player plays a card in the same suit as the first card led. You need to play your card by clicking on it. However, you must play a spade in the first round if you don’t have any. Anyway, try to play Queen of spades or a heart in the first round. Moreover, if you have a card in the lead suit, you must play it, but if you don’t play it you can play a heart. 
  4. In short, the goal is to accumulate the lowest number of points. You have to try always to get rid of your hearts and the Queen spades. For this, you have to dump them during a round where you will not win the trick. 
  5. If you desire to change the game options, you can easily do it by clicking on “Options”. After that, you have to name your three opponents and choose the preferred options sound, animation, tips, and saving the game. At last, click ok if the setting perfect for you. 
  6. In case if you want to close Hearts, click on the close button. Then you’ll see two options in the dialogue box as save or don’t save; choose the preferred one. 

Best Free Hearts card Games

Here are some popular Hearts Card games to play; from these, you can choose which free hearts card game is more enjoyable to you. Let’s start

Hearts- You can play this beautiful Free Hearts Card game offline with unlimited undo. This game is a well-rated and friendly online game. The rules setting, visuals and statistics are overall well maintained. By the way, it supports Advertise, which can make you bored as well.

Hardwood Hearts- The unique graphic design, color fulfillment, sound, and visual effects of Hardwood Hearts have made this game the most popular Free Hearts Card game. You can play this game with the computer as an opponent or online partner. The drawback of this game is that the free version has minimal features to the premium version.

Microsoft Hearts: The excellent graphics and smooth animations have made this game another favorite Free Hearts Card game to the Hearts Card lovers. Moreover, its clean design, various card decks, and backgrounds have subtle maintenance. The standard rules of hearts without any other options can make you feel a little disturbed.

Gnome hearts: The key features of this game include spot hearts, omnibus hearts that have configurable playing rules along with backgrounds and stunning card styles. However, the main drawback of this game is that it has no redo/undo moving option. Besides, it has no sound effect, and it doesn’t support network play.

Thanos Hearts: In this popular Free Hearts Card game, you can select game rules, and it can be played with provided British and Greek versions of hearts. However, the actual difficulty of this game is it runs only on full screen. As well as there are no virtual characters or skill adjustment options.





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