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Cisco 200-301 Certification Exam

To be able to keep up with the ever-changing IT world, Cisco 200-301 certification exam is restructuring its certification program. All recent changes will take their place in early 2020. Knowing just how important it is to be a pioneer in new IT skills, you need to start preparing for the credential you want as early as possible.

When considering any Cisco exam, first of all, you should learn everything about it, including its launch date, structure, itsassociated certification, and everything else that it entails. Doing so is actually the only way to be sure of what to do during your preparation. It helps become aware of everything that you need to know about this particular certificationtest.

In this article,we will focus on the Cisco CCNA Dumps 200-301 certification exam and everything that it entails. Let’s start exploring.

Cisco 200-301 –new CCNA exam

One of the major certification programs that Cisco has made major changes is CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate). The changes are aimed at making the Cisco certificate landscape more modern and less complex, which is a very good thing, especially for those learners who would like to be the certified Cisco professionals. Unlike in the past, when there were several different CCNA credentials and exams, now there will be only one, which will be more comprehensive than any of the retiring tests. The new exam for the CCNA track will be Cisco 200-301. The full name is Implementing and Administering Cisco Networking Technologies.

Cisco200-301 exam structure

The new Cisco 200-301 certification exam lasts 120 minutes. As for its number of questions, it is still unknown. The test covers various topics, such as routing and switching, wireless networking, and other network fundamentals,security, as well as some programming concepts. Just like with all other Cisco exams, this new 200-301 test can also be taken at any of the accredited Pearson VUE certification testing centers anywhere in the world.

Cisco 200-301 exam prerequisites

There are basically no official prerequisites for taking the new Cisco 200-301 certification exam. However, the vendor recommends that the candidates for this testhave the following knowledge and skills:

  • a good understanding of all the topics that are verified in this exam;
  • a good grasp of the network fundamentals;
  • at least one year of experience working actively with Cisco equipment and computer networking equipment.
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The recommended training for those students who want to passthe Cisco 200-301 certification exam is the Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (CCNA) course. Exam-Labs is a great place for taking this training. The individuals can also find comprehensive preparation materials for this teston this website. It offers study guides, video tutorials, PDF files, practice test, and braindumps. But the peculiar feature of this platform in an exam simulator that can help any candidate fill his/her knowledge gaps. 

Cisco 200-301 exam topics 200-301 exam is now replacing all the other current CCNA certification tests, it is expected that it covers all the relevant topics from all other exams. The modules included in the new Cisco CCNA curriculum willcover the following areas:

  • Network Fundamentals

Under this topic, there are routers, switches, TCP and UDP, cabling, and IPv4 along with IPv6. You will also face with network topology architectures, cabling types, and physical interface, as well as VMs, wireless principles, cable issues, and more.

  • IP Services

This module comprises of NTP, SNMP, QoS, NAT, SSH,and DCHP. You should also know TFTP/FTP in the network.

  • IP Connectivity

The major highlights under this objective are IPv4 and IPv6 routing and OSPFv2.

  • Automation and Programmability

There are various concepts under this area. Some of the major highlights include Cisco DNA Center, REST-based APIs, Ansible, SDN, JSON, Chef, and Puppet. This subject also includes automation and network management, software-defined and controller-based architectures, and so on.

  • Network Access

This module focuses mainly on EtherChannel, VLAN,trunking,and interswitch connectivity.

  • Security Fundamentals

Under this exam objective, there are the followingconcepts: VPNs, Port security, and Wireless security. Moreover, WLAN configuration, security protocols, access control lists, security program elements, and other subtopics will appear in the test.

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As mentioned earlier, the new Cisco 200-301 exam covers the latest networking technologies that provide the most satisfactory solutions to the most recent networking challenges. To achieve this, Cisco has added some new topics into the CCNA certification program. The added objectivesare as follows:

  • Network Fundamentals

The added subtopics under the Network Fundamentals topic include L3 switches, on-premises and Cloud, home office/small office (SOHO), servers, endpoints, Cisco DNA Center and WLC (Controllers), and spine-leaf.

  • Network Access

In this topic, Cisco added the physical infrastructure of WAN components (WLC, AP, access/trunk ports, and LAG), AP modes and Cisco Wireless Architectures, and WLC and AP management access connections (TACACS+/RADIUS, console, HTTPS, HTTP, SSH, and Telnet).

  • IP Connectivity

There is only one topic added under this module – describe the purpose of the first hop redundancy protocol.

  • IP Service

Describing the function capabilities of FTP/TFTP in the network is the added objective here.

  • Automation and Programmability

Cisco includessouth-bound and north-bound APIs, controller-based architecture, and an explanation of how automation affects network management.

Cisco CCNA today

In case you are working actively on CCNA, it is very important that you understand what all these changes are. You should know about the current state of this certification track.Under the current Cisco CCNA program, there are several concentration exams for various different learning paths. They include:

  • CCNA Cloud;
  • CCNA Data Center;
  • CCNA Collaboration;
  • CCNA Industrial;
  • CCNA Cyber Ops;
  • CCNA Security;
  • CCNA Routing and Switching;
  • CCNA Wireless;
  • CCNA Service Provider.

All these certification paths will no longer be available starting from February 2020, when the new exam, Cisco 200-301, takes effect. In fact, this test, which will be the only required exam for obtaining the CCNA certificate, will replace all the associate-level tracks we mentioned above.


If you were thinking of obtaining one of the Cisco certifications, now is the right time. You can get a new and updated credential with all the skills you need nowadays. So, don’t miss your chance and start your preparation as soon as possible.

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