Cisco CCNP R&S Certification: Best Training for Cisco 300-135 TSHOOT Test with Exam Dumps

CCNP R&S Certification

Job Opportunities with CCNP Routing and Switching Credential (CCNP R&S Certification)

The development of an individual in any occupation is essential in any sphere. It depends on his/her personality, especially on the awareness of choice, focus on results and readiness for difficulties. When building a career in the IT field, it is necessary to be competitive among the peers and if you are a network engineer to stay in the IT market, you should be certified. 

One of the leading IT vendors in networking is Cisco. It is focused on a lifecycle approach that spans across different networking technologies and products. To help specialists stay competitive and possess the most relevant skills, it offers IT certifications at the entry, associate, professional, expert levels. In the year 2020, Cisco is going to revamp its accreditation program in a bid to align its products and services with the current job market and technology needs.

Going by the recent announcement, one may ask, what does the future hold for CCNP Routing and Switching certified IT professionals? It’s interesting to note that CCNP R&S had become one of the most in-demand Cisco credentials prior to this announcement.

This post is intended to unpack the key details of the 300-135 Practice Test credential including the anticipated changes and how you can keep pace with the new developments. Shall we get started?

Cisco Professional Certification Track

Cisco accreditations are wide-ranging and broadly classified across five certification levels and here they are: 

  • Entry Level

Entry-level certifications are the perfect starting point for any individual looking to launch a career in the IT industry. These are also the credentials of choice for individuals seeking job change with minimal to no prior experience under their belt. Here, you will find the Cisco CCENT credential which is suitable for entry-level networking professionals. If you’ve decided to become a certified technician, you can pursue the CCT credential.

  • Associate Level

Unlike the entry-level credentials, the associate badges provide fundamental skills and knowledge to help candidates thrive in the IT job market. A few notable mentions here include CCNA R&S, CCNA Security, CCDA, CCNA Cloud, and CCNA Data Center among the rest.

  • Professional Level

From their name, the professional track validates advanced knowledge of different Cisco technologies and products. At this level, candidates can specialize based on their personal interests and the chosen career path. 

Popular options here include CCNP R&S, CCNP Collaboration, CCNP Cloud, CCNP Cyber Ops, and CCDP credentials. 

  • Expert Level

The most prestigious credential available here is the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification that validates a candidate’s expert knowledge of the chosen specialty. It’s not an easy task to gain it, as you have to take a written exam and a lab exam. This what makes this credential to be the most prestigious one.

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Other popular accreditations are CCDE, CCIE Data Center, CCIE Routing & Switching among the rest.

  • Architect Level

Thanks to the latest changes, Cisco now offers the Architect level certification that is largely regarded as the highest attainable credential in this field. It authenticates the knowledge and skills of the modern-day network engineers and to achieve it every specialist has to earn the CCAr badge, the highest level of Cisco accreditations.

Having looked at the Cisco certification program, here’s what you need to know about the CCNP R&S credential and one of its exams (300-135) which you have to take and how to attain it.

Cisco CCNP R&S Certification Overview

The professional level of the CCNP R&S credential validates your skills and technical knowledge pertaining to planning, verifying, implementing as well as troubleshooting WANs and LANs.

Any valid CCNA Routing and Switching or CCIE accreditation can act as a requisite for the CCNP R&S credential and to earn it, you need to pass three exams with every test focused on a specific skill set. These include 300-101 ROUTE exam that is focused on your routing knowledge, 300-115 SWITCH that aims to verify your switching skills, and 300-135 TSHOOT that tests your troubleshooting knowledge and skills of the following topics:

  1. Network Principles
  2. Layer 2 Technologies
  3. Layer 3 Technologies
  4. VPN Technologies
  5. Infrastructure Security
  6. Infrastructure Services

300-135 test is the last move on the way to obtaining the CCNP R&S credential, so you should make efforts to pass it well and become a certified specialist. 

Leaving out the details of the exams, on the example of 300-135 test, let’s see how you can pass all three tests from your first attempt. 

Pass 300-135 Test Successfully with

The right preparing facilitates taking of any exam and guarantees an excellent result, so, if you’re studying for your Cisco 300-135 TSHOOT exam, visiting reliable websites to find authentic study materials is the right way to go. There are a lot of great resources with all the necessary updated information and training materials, and will be your valuable assistant.

This great online platform offers free practice tests with the most updated questions and answers. Using them, you can get the insight of what is waiting for you at 300-135 exam. If you need more thorough preparation, you can get the 300-135 Premium Bundle, which includes a premium file (checked and compiled by IT experts), a training course, and a study guide. It will cost you $24,99. If you need one such items, you can get them separately. All the files available at are in ete format and can be opened on the ETE Software- a modern educational tool that simulates the real exam environment. So using it, you can enhance your preparation greatly! It will gear towards exam success on your first try.

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Upcoming Changes

Cisco recently announced that they’ll be making new changes to their Certification Program on February 24, 2020. Apparently, the vendor aims to align its accreditation programs with the job search market needs and latest technologies.

Unfortunately, these changes will see the current CCNP R&S credential getting retired. And from the latest information, the CCNP Enterprise certification will be the replacement for CCNP R&S, so before the given date you can still gain the current badge, by taking three exams! Stay tuned for more information about the new certification program in our future blog posts.

Benefits of Cisco CCNP R&S Certification

  1. Attracts New Employment Opportunities

The CCNP R&S credential gives excellent value for your money and can help you secure great jobs in the IT field. The certification holder can be rest assured to enjoy handsome rewards in terms of improved salaries by enhancing their career prospects. Thus, being CCNP R&S certified, you can earn annually about $94,000.

  1. Expands Knowledge Base

The skills and knowledge gained from the CCNP R&S credential qualify an individual to best serve their organizations under the umbrella of physical and virtualized networks. With this badge, you prove your proficiency in handling the networking technologies of today and the upcoming generations.

  1. Your Career Prospects

Attaining the Cisco CCNP R&S accreditation exposes you to numerous job opportunities including network engineer, system administrator, network technician, senior network engineer, network administrator, network architect, and IT manager among the rest.


It’s clear to see that CCNP R&S Certification is one of the most popular Cisco credentials in recent years. The fact that you are a great professional, you can say as loud as you want, but not every potential employer will have the time and opportunity to check it out in practice. The Cisco CCNP R&S certificate proves your competence, high professional level, knowledge, and experience, which bring great benefit to the company and its customers. Besides, earning the credential helps you advance your career by becoming a network engineer among other interesting IT job roles. 300-135 is the one out of the three required to get the CCNP R&S badge, so, you should prepare effectively practicing with such great resources as practice tests. Now is the time to go for it. Right?

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