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If you are looking to cut the cord, there is no more natural way to do it than Firestick and Aptoide tv app. Whether you want to get into live streaming or want to add some premium channels to your TV, aptoide tv makes it relatively easy. In this article, you will get everything before getting started.

In this guide, we will show you how to download aptoide tv on Firestick. This third party app store will work just the same as the Google Play store. The Aptoide tv app is highly optimized for streaming devices that run on Android platforms such as Firestick.

Introduction of aptoide tv:

It is the best app store for the firestick operating system. The firestick and fire tv by amazon is the famous digital media players. That perform on fire operating systems as a forked version of the Android operating system designed for streaming digital audiovisual content to an HD tv with an internet connection. Amazon has its app store for devices that run of fire operating system, so there is no Google play store for fore tv. However, you can try the third-party applications on Firestick.

Aptoide tv is a great app store for various Android devices. Through this store, you can sideload third-party applications on your Firestick, and you can use any feature easily. Moreover, it is loaded with many unique features that you can’t find in the conventional app store.

The aptoide tv is like a Google play store offering a variety of digital content that you can browse and download applications. It is the hub of a marketplace where you can find all the content available on the internet. So you don’t need to search on Google every time to download any app. Presently, it offers more than 5 Lakh applications.

Features of aptoide tv:

  • No need to make an account
  • Paid apps are available for free; in fact, there is no paid app.
  • You can download apps that are not available in your country.
  • Virus and malware scanner incorporated.
  • It has mod versions of games, even hack tools for games.
  • You can download multiple apps at a single time.
  • The apps will get the update on time.
  • Download pause and resume options are available
  • You can create your marketplace for app management

The aptoide tv application is specially designed to work on android platforms. However, it doesn’t work well on the Amazon firestick if used with a remote. In the recent updates, this bug is removed, giving you the best streaming experience. Unlike Google play, you don’t need to root your device to install the application on Firestick. Installing the aptoide tv is a more straightforward method among all, as Google play is also available on it.

Some significant highlights of aptoide tv:

  • It is one of the most popular third-party app available on the internet that works well on Android operating systems.
  • Contain thousands of streaming apps
  • Compatible with any device that runs on Android platforms like Android tv box, Fire Tv, Amazon firestick, NVIDIA, and lot more.
  • Available for free, ace makes it reliable to use
  • The vast range of applications is embedded.
  • Contain many useful apps that are not available on Google Play and Amazon app store
  • Precisely change your geo-locations
  • Straightforward and quick installation process

Besides, these reasons and more aptoide tv become one of the most recommended best Amazon firestick application in2020.

Important note- installing aptoide tv requires jailbreaking of the Amazon firestick device.

Below mentioned guide would show you how to install aptitude tv app step by step on Firestick. Let’s have a look:

Installation process:

  • Before installing the app, make sure to turn off the VPN service; however, using app aptoide tv, you need to on VPN service.
  • Go on setting options on screen by pressing a select button from the Firestick remote.
  • Using the navigation button, scroll to the right from the remote and click my fire tv option.
  • Choose the developer option, scroll down, and turn on the apps from unknown sources.
  • Now go back to the home screen by pressing the home button on the remote.
  • Using the left navigation button on the remote to click on the search icon on the upper left corner of the screen
  • Write downloader to install the free app, and it is required to sideload the aptoide tv app
  • Now navigate down from remote until the search result get highlighted and click on the ok button.
  • On the apps and games category, drag the downloader icon and press the ok button
  • Now the app is ready for download, click on the select on the button to start downloading
  • Press open and select the allow button when asked
  • You will see the message about downloaded app new features. Click on ok option
  • Now click on the URL bar so the keyboard will arrive on the screen, write aptoide downloader app, and press go. After this, you will be redirected on to the aptoide tv APK where you can download this app quickly
  • After downloading click on the installation button and press done
  • A pop up will appear on your screen click here on the delete button;
  • Confirm the delete button again on the screen
  • Yet, aptoide app not added in apps and games section, click on the home button and hold it for a while until the shortcut window appears and click on the app
  • After that, you will be redirected on the apps that you have downloaded, scroll down the bottom find aptiode tv
  • Now click the menu option remote and select to move to front option so you can move aptoide tv to the front of apps and channels.
  • Now you can access the aptoide tv from the front of apps and channel options.
  • Aptoide tv now successfully installed. You can launch the app.
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What can you do with the aptoide tv app on Firestick?

Aptoide tv for the Firestick is one of the best third-party app stores. At last count, aptoide tv app offers more than 1000 apps that you can use on your Firestick. Keep in mind, Firestick is based on the Android platform, so many of the included apps will work finely. Aptoide tv app proposes to provide users an open forum where they can choose any app as per their requirements.

The aptoide tv app comes to use because of the Google and Amazon conflicts. This is the reason why you can’t see any Google Chrome casts on Amazon’s official site and why you will not find Google play store on Amazon devices, even though it works on the Android operating system. Similarly, you cannot find the Amazon prime app on Google devices. The aptoide tv app gives you access to different online streaming channels, even using it, you can access Google play services too.

With Amazon firestick, you can browse thousands of apps that allow you to stream videos, play games, listen to music, and a lot more on your Tv.

Watch streaming videos

No doubt, the Firestick is very tightly incorporated with amazon streaming video service. However, using third-party apps like aptoide tv, you can browse tons of other content apps where you can watch through including most of the streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, GO or NOW, VUE, Sling station, ESPN, PBS, Disney, History and many more. It does not contain apps for apple iTunes.

Due to the ongoing clashes between Google and Amazon, the company removed many of Google service apps like YouTube from fire tv and launched a new product named Firestick. However, when the matter is resolved, Once again, youtube is included in the Amazon devices. The second-generation devices arrive with mirroring feature that supports display mirroring, using this feature, you can watch YouTube videos on your Tv. Otherwise, you can use aptoide tv for watching videos from YouTube.


Listen to streaming audio.

The aptoide tv even supports lots of music apps, including iHeart Radio, Amazon music, audible services, Pandora, Sirius XM, Spotify, and more.

Play games

The application also supports the free games for the device, including Minecraft, crossroads, candy crush saga, and others. Moreover, you can attach compatible controllers for use with games.

Display mirroring

The display mirroring feature is only available on previous models of fire devices, and the current models don’t contain this feature. However, you can use it using aptoide app. If you have a compatible Android device and fire device you can duplicate screen on your tv, doing this you will get some benefits:

Any streaming media you can access using your phone you a watch on your tv too. For instance, you can watch shows from cable networks and broadcast if there no app installed in your fire device. However, you need a compatible device to browse their websites.

Furthermore, you can watch any non-streaming content from your phone on tv. Also, if you want to access your email on your tv screen or browse any content or website or scroll social handles or play some games, you can do with this feature.

Get information

The Firestick comes with Amazon voice-activated, Alexa, AI software. With aptoide tv, you can use this software very easily. Additionally, you can search for content by voice command on Firestick. Also, Alexa can give you news headlines, sports scores, weather reports, even it can answer a variety of questions. Note- different devices have different working abilities.

Watch and record live tv.

The services you can stream live tv from various networks, you can add those on firestick dashboard without paying any monthly subscription, even you can record the live shows from tv to watch and record.

Former models of the firestick models have been found very reliable and straightforward to use. However, the current Firestick is far better than its previous models. Due to some limitations, the past models didn’t receive good reviews, but Amazon conquers the barriers of first generations Firestick and fixes in the current generation. Now the upgraded Firestick supports many third-party apps like aptoide tv, which gives users a great convenience to watch their favorite content from the internet.

If you have never tried any streaming media player before, Amazon firestick is a great option and worth for its price. Additionally, the support of aptoide tv adds the cherry on top of the cake, giving the outstanding audio and visual experience.

Besides, setting the aptoide tv app on your Firestick, you need to get set up Amazon firestick first. Let’s check out the process for setting firestick tv.

  • The setting process of the firestick model is the same as any other streaming media player:
  • Connect the Firestick to your TV and plug it. Now switch the tv input to one your device plugged in HDMI ports.
  • connect the Firestick to the internet, it has a set-up wizard that drive you through steps to get connected
  • Now you can download and install the apps you want to use. Some apps like Amazon video and music services com pre-installed on the Firestick, including playlists and watchlists. After set- up, you can use your remote or Alexa to navigate the options
  • Other popular apps may also pre-install, but for any apps are not, you can get from the aptoide tv app or the on-screen interface and the Amazon website.
  • Now you have to register on content providers, depending on the streaming service you want. You may sign in using an aptoide tv account using the Firestick remote with the virtual keyboard on the screen.
  • For using the Alexa voice command service you to press the microphone button on remote until it makes a noise and keeps holding it while you say for your query

Congratulations, you are now ready to enjoy your Firestick!



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