What is Cyber security and Why is Cyber security important?

Why is Cybersecurity important

Cybersecurity refers to information technology security, processes, and electronic information security. It is designed to protect computers, networks, mobile devices, data, servers, electronic systems as well as programs from damage, malicious attacks, and unauthorized access. Cybersecurity decreases the risk of seizures and protects the system against authorized access. There is a minor difference between Cybersecurity and Information security. Cybersecurity protects the structure, networks from damage, unauthorized access, and sometimes made them inaccessible while information security is a vast category. Information security protects all types of information assets in digital or hard copy form.

Nowadays, there is a significant increase in cybercrime. To avoid these crimes, all organizations should implement proper security measures to reduce the risk of damage and to protect data. Here’s where Cybersecurity comes in, an industry that’s been growing fast each year that even cybersecurity stocks are becoming prominent in the market. In this article, I’ll describe Why is Cybersecurity important?

Why is Cybersecurity essential and the Purpose of Cybersecurity:

Cybersecurity protects the personal data of small organizations as well as large organizations. It also provides services to a specific individual. One may protect one’s data by implementing the Cybersecurity. The small organization also needs Cybersecurity; they may be the target of pishing as well as various viruses. Cybersecurity effectively protects all types of organizations from all malware.

Principles of Cybersecurity:

There are mainly three principles of Cybersecurity that are confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

  1. Confidentiality:

It involves sensitive information. This information should be shared with limited people. For instance, if you accidentally share your credit card information with a hacker, he will destroy your reputation, and it will affect your credit rating badly.

  1. Integrity:

It avoids information alteration. When a virus or malware attacks the hospital data, it may manipulate the patient’s data, lab results, or drug information, but Cybersecurity helps to keep the data unchanged.

  1. Availability

It involves the access of your data to only authorized people and saves from unauthorized.

Elements of Cybersecurity:

If you want to avail of the effective services of Cybersecurity, you have to implement all the information systems of Cybersecurity in your organization. Elements of Cybersecurity are as follows:

  • Information security
  • Network security
  • Endpoint security
  • Application security
  • Data security
  • Mobile security
  • Cloud security
  • Database security
  • Infrastructure security
  • Password management

Details of some of the cybersecurity elements are given below:

Information security:

To avoid identity theft,  information security protects all types of information from illegal access. Information security also protects the privacy of an individual or an organization. The technique used in Cybersecurity to preserve information is authentication, identification of a user, and cryptography. Information security protects the information assets of the organization regardless of how data is transfer or formatted.

Network & security:

Network security involves activities to protect the reliability, safety, integrity, and usability of the network. This network security targets various threats or viruses and stops those viruses or threats from spreading on your network. Components of network security are firewalls, antivirus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention systems, virtual private networks. Firewall blocks illegal access to network and intrusion prevention system identifies zero-day,  zero-hour attacks as well as fast-spreading viruses or threats. Network security prevents threats, detects the viruses, and also responds to those viruses by using software tools, security policies, and Information technology services. Network security is achieved by the network penetration test that scans the network for security issues and vulnerabilities.

Application security:

Application security includes the measures that are taken to protect the application from all threats or damage that may come by faults in the development of the application, design of the application, upgrade as well as maintenance of the application. Basic techniques used in application security include user authentication, authorization of the user, session management, and logging. Application security reduces the risk of using criminal codes to manipulate applications to steal, modify, or delete the data of the application. It keeps the software as well as devices free from threats.

Password management:

Most people set their password as 12345 or qwert. These passwords can be hacked easily. So, you have to incorporate a password management policy in your network or organization that will provide complete guidance to create strong passwords and to keep the passwords secure.

Pillars of data security:

There are three pillars of data  security that are mentioned below:

  • People

Every employee of Cybersecurity needs to stay up to date and to be aware of all threats and their solutions. Staff must be mindful of their role to prevent any cybercrime.

  • Processes

Processes should be documented that will define the roles, procedures, and responsibilities of each individual. It needs to be updated because threats are evolving.

  • Technology

Technology should be used according to the threat of viruses.

Types of cybersecurity threats:

To avoid any threat, you should be aware of all risks. There are different types of cybersecurity threats. Essential types of cybersecurity threats are:

  1. Malware

Malware is a form of malicious software in which any program or file is used to damage computer users.

  1. Ransomeware

Ransomeware is a type of malware that encompasses an attacker that locks the files of the computer security system of the victim by encryption or by demanding any payment to decrypt or unlock them.

  1. Social engineering

It is an attack that depends on man’s interaction to break security processes. It is used to obtain sensitive information.

  1. Pishing:

Pishing is a type of fraud to steal the information of credit card and login information. In this fraud, fabricated emails are sent that matches emails from trustworthy sources.

Why are Cybersecurity essential and the reason?

Cybersecurity plays a vital role in protecting the data of an organization from digital attacks. These attacks may damage the organization. All organizations that include medical, finance, government, corporate keep personal information. Security incidents may lead to damage in terms of money, reputation, deletion of data, or manipulation of data or frauds.

So there is an answer to the question of why Cybersecurity is essential? Cybersecurity is critical to protect the data,  processes, computers as well as devices of different organizations like medical, government, finance, etc. organization also transfer this data from one source to another for other businesses, Cybersecurity provides the discipline as well as systems to protect this data from third-party by encryption and to store this data.

Cybersecurity is as essential for non-profit creation institutions or organizations as for profit-making organizations. Financial institutions and banks especially need Cybersecurity because they carry information about all customers, and the frauds or attackers know that.

There are some essential points to describe why Cybersecurity is essential for a bank?

  • Data hackers may destroy the reputation of a bank. all types of of Data hacking from a bank leads to losing the trust of customers as well as customer insecurity. Data hacking occurs due to poor Cybersecurity. The loss is really difficult to recover. To have effective Cybersecurity is vital for the bank to gain the trust of their customers.
  • Customers may lose money as well as time due to the hacking of data. Data rupture from any bank is very stressful and full of pressure for customers and for bank owners.
  • Customers have to cancel their cards and need to check statements. Cybersecurity is very important to avoid data breaches and to avoid loss of trust.

Why is Cybersecurity important for business?

Cybersecurity is very important to run your online business in a safe way.  Cybercrimes are also increasing with the advancement in technology. Many online companies lost their data as well as assets due to a lack of cybersecurity services.

Cybersecurity is important to

  • Protect the reputation of your company
  • Protect the data of your company
  • Increase cyber speed

How Cybersecurity protects the reputation of your company?

Most of the people in the world are learning computers to achieve what they want. They are mastering computers for this purpose. If you don’t have a proper cybersecurity process, you can lose your company reputation. Hackers know many methods to breach the data from the computers, if only a single customer of your company may become the victim of cybercrime he will ruin the reputation of your company.

Cybersecurity protects the data of your company:

Storing and protecting data is very important to run a successful business. Your customers trust you by sharing their personal information with you. You should have strong passwords to ensure the customers that their information will be protected. You have to guide your customers to set a very strong password that may not be easily accessible to hackers.

Cybersecurity protects your business data from viruses, phishing or social engineering. It recovers most of the data after hacking. It improves the confidence of an organization and also helps to build a good reputation.

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Increase the speed of your website: 

So, Cybersecurity increases the speed of your business website by removing viruses or malware that attack your system. Even If you implement effective Cybersecurity, these viruses will not steal your personal information from your system. So, in addition to stealing the data of your system. So, it also reduces the speed of your website. This may affect your business badly.  Some people are very time-sensitive. If they try to access your website, and they comprehend that your website is slow they will not come back again to your website.

So, there are many important functions of Cybersecurity. So one may think that it will be very costly. And small organizations can’t afford cybersecurity charges. It is not as much costly as one thinks about it. Spend some money on Cybersecurity is beneficial than losing the money and data. Many companies which became the victim of cybercrime couldn’t recover their complete data and they also lost a lot of money as well.

Why is Cybersecurity important for individuals? 

Cybersecurity is as important for individuals as for organizations or businesses. Cybersecurity affects everyone’s life. Even if hackers love to take your private information that is present in your cell phones, tablets or computers. They will hack your email address, contact names and birthdays. Suppose if the hacker just knows your name, he/she can send a phishing link or malware link to your contacts. Even if he may use your name to convince them to click that link. We can save ourselves from these hackers by cybersecurity services.

Precautionary measures to avoid cybercrime:

There are many precautionary measures to avoid cybercrimes. Some of them are discussed here:

  1. Even If you get an email from an unknown source, don’t open it. It may contain a virus that will affect your system.
  2. Also, Don’t provide your data to all sites except the trusted site. Even if How can you check whether the site is trusted or not? Also, You can check it by the URL of the website. Even If the URL contains “https://” it means its a trusted site. Also, Don’t provide any information to the sites that contain “http://” in their URL. Missing “s” means its not a secure site and you should not share your personal information such as social security number and credit card data.
  3. Even if Always try to keep your system updated, as updated software contain patches to fix issues related to security. Also, Hackers don’t have access to the latest security software. So, they usually attack outdated software
  4. Even if To prevent cybersecurity attacks, you should back up your files constantly. It will help you to save your data in a safe place.
  5. Also, You should be aware of emerging technologies and you should update your knowledge about Cybersecurity to protect you and your business from hackers.
  6. Even if Don’t open the emails of spam folders. Most of these types of emails contain viruses.
  7. So, Install an antivirus or anti-malware software in your system to avoid data hacking.


Before, Cybersecurity is important for organizations, businesses, and individuals. Implementation of effective cyber services may save you and your business from many hackers. So, It also helps you to save your data and to save your money. Also, By following precautionary measures to avoid cybercrimes, you can protect your data from viruses, malware, and phishing. Keep yourself updated about Cybersecurity. Even if Now you know well about Why is Cybersecurity important? If you have any ques. let me know via email or comment us on the blog.

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  1. Cybersecurity is not all about digital attacks or Internet security is not only about using tools or software that save you from different attacks. Security is all about implementing policies.

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