Turbo VPN Review & Test 2020

turbo vpn

Turbo VPN is an exclusively mobile system based in China. This VPN has a huge market with almost 51 million downloads globally. The majority of users are using the free version of a VPN. A few free VPNs perform well, but many of them failed. Lack of security, poor performance in our tests, and unauthorized user data selling to third parties was the primary concern for us when we tested free VPNs.

Today, we will test Turbo VPN with our rigorous testing system and share how it performed.

What are the benefits of a Turbo VPN?

First of all, they appear to pay attention to security more than most free VPNs, which regularly record to close to an intermediary administration. They additionally give a release free encounter, which means your private information will remain free from any danger in any event, when associated with open wi-fi.

High-end protocols and High encryption

The vast majority of the free VPNs will, in general, trade-off on safety efforts. Be that as it may, this isn’t an issue with Turbo VPN. For clients, it utilizes the best burrowing convention, OpenVPN. It is an open-source framework, so it is educated by a vast network that screens one another. Combined with OpenVPN, AES-256 encryption is an elevated level of security.

At the point when government bodies, for example, the FBI, CIA, and NSA, encode their information, they use AES-256. Present-day supercomputers have demonstrated that it is difficult to break. An invulnerable VPN burrow ensures the security of your data.

No Leak Ever Detected

Breaks can affect the best VPNs. It doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that they work splendidly with Netflix or on the off chance that they apply an exacting no-logging strategy. On the off chance that your passage is released, the VPN is pointless.

Holes come in two fundamental structures.

To begin with, there are DNS spills, in which your VPN burrow is skirted, uncovering your unique IP address to the ISP.

The other regular hole is a WebRTC spill. This time, the APIs related to the WebRTC venture meddle with a VPN burrow. WebRTC spills are the ideal case of a decent idea that turned out badly.

You can perceive how risky holes are for a sheltered perusing experience. This is the motivation behind why we have oppressed all VPNs. We look at a thorough testing procedure to guarantee that they shroud your IP well.

Turbo VPN has been exposed to three special tests, and I am glad to report that the entirety of the tests has been passed.

Works Fine With Netflix

Netflix shares the Chinese disdain of VPNs. The main contrast is that the Chinese government really permits specific VPNs to work. (More data later in the Cons segment.) Netflix is one of the fundamental explanations behind owning a VPN.

Netflix content is geotagged; that is, it relies upon your geographic area. In this manner, having the option to utilize a VPN to “convince” Netflix to imagine that you are getting to the Web from another nation is a perfect method to unblock everything.

Netflix rushed to get this, be that as it may. What’s more, today, they are conveying VPN location programming so advanced that not very many VPNs can sidestep it. At the point when you can discover a VPN that works with Netflix, use it.

Turbo VPN offers tremendous and awful news for Netflix fans. I will initially disclose to you the uplifting information. Turbo VPN works with Netflix on a couple of servers.

Presently the terrible news. None of the free servers work with Netflix. You should utilize one of the paid VIP servers. Turbo ventures to such an extreme as to show which servers are explicit “Netflix servers”.

No censorship on torrents

Torrenting associates you to different clients to download enormous records, piece by piece. It’s snappy and simple. Yet, it can likewise be unfathomably unsafe. By definition, you open your framework to different clients. They may not all have a similar well-meaning goal.

Cybercriminals have begun utilizing mainstream downpour locales to dispatch assaults. A VPN shields you from such assaults, concealing your data from prying eyes while ensuring you.

Turbo VPN does nothing to discourage you from torrenting when utilizing their administrations, and they don’t gag your transfer speed. Nonetheless, it ought to be noticed that most downpour clients utilize their work area or workstation phone, Turbo VPN is just accessible on cell phones.

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What are the disadvantages of a Turbo VPN?

Turbo VPN is not even close as terrible as a portion of the other free VPNs we’ve checked on. They are far and away superior to some paid VPNs. Be that as it may, they are likewise a long way from suppliers like ExpressVPN. Slow association speed and faulty logging rules make a huge number of issues.

Turbo VPN experiences being a versatile just application, as most current VPN clients need insurance while surfing the Internet with their PC or game reassure. An incredibly constrained server base and non-existent client care total this rundown.

Questionable journaling policy

Journaling is consistently an integral factor. This incorporates logging of every kind imaginable. Logging is a zone wherein many free VPN administrations fall flat. Furthermore, that bodes well when you consider it.

“At the point when the item is free, you are the item,” says the familiar saying. All organizations must gain cash. The servers are not modest. Many free VPNs, in this way, rake in some serious cash by offering your own data to promoters.

Each VPN swears that it doesn’t record any of your data. In any case, when you take a gander at their protection strategy, you perceive how wrong it is. Here is a portion from Turbo VPN’s security approach:

They guarantee that they gather at least close to home data, which is acceptable.

They intend to share your data on outsider administrations and other specialist co-ops. It isn’t acceptable in any way. While it isn’t the most exceedingly terrible approach we have seen, there is something to make me anxious.

Chinese jurisdiction

A Chinese locale puts them well outside the Alliance of the 14 Eyes. This understanding permits nations around the globe to keep an eye on their individual clients and afterward share the aftereffects of their exploration with practically 50% of the created nations.

In the event that they are in China and outside of this understanding, it’s incredible … right?

Well, yes and no. The facts confirm that they don’t need to stress over any of these nations. However, we should not overlook:

China isn’t known for its help for protection.

They are exacting on Internet control, in any event, venturing to such an extreme as to make what is known as the “Incomparable Firewall” to forestall access to certain remote sites. The Chinese government squares access to locales, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, and others.

Each VPN in their nation is controlled by the Chinese government. Any Chinese resident found utilizing a VPN not affirmed by the legislature can confront substantial claims, including a heavy fine.

So you would be on the right track to be suspicious. Odds are, their administration discovers significantly more about your VPN use than you might suspect.

Slow speeds

Turbo VPN rehashes over and again on its official site that the item interfaces you at the speed of a “bunny”. Truly … Check out this snappy rabbit:

It was simply in the wake of testing their administrations that we understood that they were alluding to the story of the bunny and the turtle. Each VPN will back you off a piece. This is a piece of the ramifications for a mysterious perusing experience.

In any case, the most elite will somewhat diminish your presentation level, to the point that you won’t see it. It was not the situation here.

We start with a benchmark download speed of 97 Mbps and a download speed of 53 Mbps for the entirety of our speed tests. At that point, we associate with various servers and test once more. That of the EU didn’t begin well:

It was simply in the wake of testing their administrations that we understood that they were alluding to the story of the bunny and the turtle. Each VPN will back you off a piece. This is a piece of the ramifications for an unknown perusing experience.

Our Test Result:

EU speed test:

Download: 6.31 Mbps (93% slower than the 97 Mbps benchmark)

Data transmission: 0.18 Mbps (99.6% slower than the benchmark at 53 Mbps)

Our American test has improved slightly, but not by much.

American speed test

Download: 11.7 Mbps (87.9% slower than the 97 Mbps benchmark)

Data transmission: 17.7 Mbps (66.6% slower than the benchmark at 53 Mbps)

Turbo VPN is clearly not a name you will see on our list of fastest VPNs.

Limited device support

Turbo VPN is available on mobile only. You cannot use it on your computer.

Yes, the use of mobile Internet is on the rise. But what about all the other devices in your home? A mobile-only VPN requires you to search for (and pay for) another VPN company to protect your computers, TVs, or game consoles. It makes more sense to just pay for a product that will protect all of these devices in one fell swoop.

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Small server park, no Kill Switch

Turbo VPN VIP members can access a fleet of 26 servers. Not bad, but not great either. A one-year commitment to Turbo VPN costs as much as a one-year subscription to NordVPN.

Now compare these 26 servers to the NordVPN network, which has more than 4,700 servers distributed in all the major cities of the world.

There is really no comparison.

The Turbo VPN client also does not provide a Kill Switch to provide users with an additional layer of protection. A Kill Switch is the last line of defense against leaks. If a leak should occur, the Kill Switch would quickly stop the session before any information is revealed. It’s a great tool that Turbo VPN users miss.

No customer support

It would appear that they would prefer not to get notification from you by any means. There is no help segment on their site. Indeed, their site is simply a page containing amazingly ambiguous item data.

So I chose to attempt to contact online networking to discover progressively about the item’s highlights. I went to their Facebook page and communicated something specific.

This first reaction was a mechanized message that showed up in a flash after my first solicitation. The following morning, my message was seen and immediately disregarded. It has now been more than 24 hours, and I have gotten no reaction.

Ad-filled and slow practice test

I attempted the Turbo VPN application on my iPad. Initially, I discovered it in the iOS App Store.

After a brief download, I began.

I gave Turbo VPN all the important authorizations (there were many) and checked with my unique mark.

As should be obvious, it associated in a second. Extremely great from the outset! Then again, actually, I was unable to pick my server. Rather, it attempted to consequently associate me to the quickest server, in some cases passing arbitrarily.

It isn’t the most exceedingly terrible, be that as it may. I marked the Chrome application and attempted a speed test. He constantly enrolled in my IP at home. We realize the hole tests were spotless.


At that point, I understood that to be secured, you needed to utilize Turbo’s inside program. This became hazardous on the grounds that the way Turbo brought in its cash became clear rapidly.

Advertisements. Declarations, declarations, and considerably more declarations. In the wake of all that you do, a promotion shows up. It was insane. At long last, in light of a legitimate concern for the test, I pursued the VIP  preliminary.

The promotions have vanished, yet I immediately comprehended that when I don’t naturally associate with the quickest server, it is practically unusable. I have attempted to associate with their US Netflix server a few times. However, the time has terminated.

Generally speaking, it was a disappointing encounter and a total exercise in futility.

What are the prices for Turbo VPN subscriptions?

Turbo VPN more than once highly esteems being free assistance; however, to get to the entirety of its administrations and not be quickly overpowered by promotions, you need to pay for their VIP administration.

Furthermore, it’s… strangely costly.

You find a workable pace association, full access to their 26 servers, and quicker association—likewise, no publicizing, which is a gigantic reward.

In any case, this cost…

That is $ 11.99 every month on a month to month premise. It is extravagant. Obviously, in the event that you pursue a year, it will just cost you $ 2.99 every month. Be that as it may, at a similar cost, you can get a decent VPN to ensure each gadget you claim to get to a huge number of servers and incredibly quick server speeds.

Turbo VPN offers a seven-day free preliminary, which implies you can recover your cash, however you need to make sure to drop it, or they’ll charge you consequently toward the end. What’s more, since you need to purchase through the iOS App Store or GooglePlay, you can just utilize your charge or Visa. No other installment strategies, like cryptographic forms of money or PayPal.

Do I recommend Turbo VPN?

Yes and No.

In any case, don’t misunderstand me, with regards to free VPNs, this is truly outstanding. It doesn’t state a lot, be that as it may.

You can’t pick your own servers. The exhibition was unbelievably moderate. They record your movement, sell advertisements with your perusing information, and are just accessible on cell phones.

Their paid membership offers some extra advantages. Nonetheless, these are funny contrasted with the unnecessarily significant expense. Nothing can legitimize such a cost. Particularly when we have a rundown of the best VPNs, the majority of which have tantamount expenses.

In case you’re wanting to go through cash or accomplish an option that is other than simply perusing the Web, there are greatly improved choices. I suggest that you look at these.

On the off chance that you are now utilizing Turbo VPN, you can impart your experience to us in the remarks area beneath.


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