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A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, meaning it helps keep your privacy while accessing the internet. With the increase in internet use, VPNs have increased in popularity. Most people use a VPN nowadays to ensure that their data is encrypted, their geographical location remains private, and that they are surfing the internet anonymously. There are several online attacks that you need to ensure that you are safe from them. Therefore a thunder VPN will allow you to create a secure connection while on the internet. Back in the days, a VPN was famous as a reliable way to connect to business networks on the internet. They were also used to enable one to access the network from any place even at home securely.

 HOW DOES A thunder vpn WORK?

You are wondering how a VPN works? It’s pretty simple when your phone, computer, or tablet connects to a VPN, it then connects your PC or phone to a server on the internet. This connection allows you to browse or do anything on the internet using that server’s internet connection. The server can be in any part of the world, and this virtual connection created ensures you can now anonymously use the internet.

When you access any website on the internet, that website has an IP address. An IP address is just like an online home address. An IP address consists of many numbers, and all devices have an IP address that you can use to identify them. So, when you use the internet to request any data from the server, all of your data travel through the internet to the server. The server then translates the information and sends back feedback. Since you are not securely connected to the internet when you send that data, you send your IP address and lots of data to the server too.

With this kind of information disposal on the server, hackers can easily intercept this kind of information. The VPN helps to add a server where the information goes before it heads over to the requested website. Also, it has some channels where your data passes through, and the data is encrypted. Encryption makes it a little harder for any person to intercept your information easily. This does not mean that it’s impossible; it just means that it’s much harder. Online privacy is a significant issue in our society today, and if we don’t keep our data safe, then it can be used against us, whether in a harmful way.



If you are not securely connected on the internet either on public Wi-Fi spots like restaurants or at home, even in offices, there is a possibility of a hacker intercepting your data. Some of these internet connections are not usually encrypted, which makes them vulnerable to malicious attacks. Hackers leverage on this kind of network and then launch attacks like personal bank details information or just personal data, which can be later used for blackmail. With a VPN, you can use it to at least securely encrypt your data and stop eavesdropping.


With the development of the internet, massive disruption of how we watch content shifted on to the internet. However, for some of these content providers, they need one to be located at some geographical place to watch. This can be a limit if you like the content and need to view it. With a VPN, you can easily be able to change your location and easily connect to the geographical place the content is available. The content provider will then receive a signal that you are I the right country, and you can now watch from there.


Some countries like China, North Korea, and even Syria have a policy that restricts its citizens from accessing social media sites. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are regarded as a threat in those countries. If in case you happen to visit those countries, you can use a VPN that will enable you to get to countries that don’t see social media sites as an issue.


With the government on our backs spying on us, it is crucial to ensure that we remain anonymous online. Anonymity has several advantages; it allows us to express our views and opinions without having to fear. Fear has made most people not freely to discuss some of the issues that are affecting them. You can use a VPN to anonymously speak how you feel without fearing people who know you to pass judgments.

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When deciding which VPN to use, you need to look at all the features that the VPN offers. Some of the features provided by Thunder VPN include;


By now, everyone should be able to assert that data is so crucial. Thunder VPN offers a no-log policy, meaning that it will not keep any element that you browse. Some VPNs often keep the browsing data, which sometime later can be easily used against you. You will need a VPN that will be genuine in stating that they have a feature of the no-log policy.


Ideally, you will need a VPN that has so many servers. This is good because that means that these servers will not overload easily. It also gives you a wide range of options to connect to any server in any country. Users will not be limited to just accessing a few numbers of servers only. The more the servers are available, the more you can easily access anything you need. This is an excellent feature of Thunder VPN.


Thunder VPN has this feature that a user doesn’t have to register to gain access to it. Thunder VPN is free; all you need to do is install it. After the install has been completed, it also does not require you to provide further app permissions.

 YOU CAN CHOOSE thunder vpn TO USE.

The other feature about Thunder VPN is that you can decide on which mobile app that you want to use with the VPN. If you, for example, only want to set it up with Facebook, you can do so while leaving out others. Or, you can also connect with all the apps on your mobile phone that you want to join a virtual network.


Thunder VPN also has a feature that it states that it can work with all mobile data carriers. You don’t have just to be connected to Wi-Fi for it to work. This is an advantage compared to other VPNs that only create secure connections only when on a Wi-Fi connection.

 TOP 5 REVIEWS OF thunder vpn.

Thunder VPN emerged into the VPN market as a free VPN. It claimed to offer several features, and it was competing with big VPN companies like Express VPN. Several reviewers got their hand, and these are the top honest reviews about Thunder VPN.


 A good VPN should always be creating secure connections when accessing the internet. If a link isn’t safe, that means your data will be easily obtainable by malicious people who can pose attacks on you. Thunder VPN reviews seemed to be a problem since, first, the company appears to contradict itself, claiming that it offers a no-log policy when you register. This is funny because the company firstly doesn’t have any registration going on for its users. At the website of Thunder VPN that doesn’t seem to offer enough information about the VPN, they claim to collect some data.

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That data includes IP address, OS version, how much data is used daily, and other types of data. This kind of no-log policy seems to contradict someone, and you won’t be sure how the data collected can be used. The other thing about the security of a VPN is if the VPN offers leak protection. Leak protection is a crucial thing for a VPN, in which Thunder VPN does not offer a kill switch. Some reviews say it at times passes the leak test. However, the company should state that it does provide a kill switch since this is an integral part of a VPN.

  • THE PERFORMANCE of thunder vpn REVIEW.

 The other thing that you need to check on with any VPN is its performance. Thunder VPN doesn’t have an epic performance compared to VPNs like Express VPN. The speed of the VPN was so slow, and this can be a challenge if you are probably downloading data or even watching online content in a higher definition. A good VPN should have a better upload and download speed and not, in a way, slow you down.

Also, the other issue about Thunder VPN is the fact that if you want to connect to some servers, it proves difficult. At times the Thunder VPN will connect to a server then there will be no internet connection. You will not be able to do anything once it’s connected to that server. This kind of instability can prove to be a significant drawback on the user.


 On the websites of Thunder VPN, it claims to have lots of servers and countries that you can quickly choose and connect. However, this wasn’t the case because compared to other VPNs in the market that boast a large number of countries and locations. Thunder VPN provides fewer places, and they are even less than 10. Having a less amount of areas and servers can be a challenge. A user will not be able to have the freedom to freely decide the server or country he/she wants to be in and connect. This will limit one’s operations, and that should not be the case with a VPN.


Having a customer support team responding to you every time you have a query is very important. The customer support team helps in ensuring that your customers are always happy. Support should still be there to answer questions that customers seem to experience a challenge. Thunder VPN did not have this feature, which is a drawback on this kind of VPN. Thunder VPN application offers some frequently asked questions which provide less information. There is no email, forum, or even a chat box that has been provided to contact anyone.


VPNs are mostly used for online streaming content and torrenting. Thunder VPN seemed to have a problem when connecting to these streaming sites like Netflix. The site even quickly identifies the blocked and tells you to turn off the proxy. When torrenting, you need a VPN that provides secure encryption. Also, if you need to download a torrented material, this can be an issue because it is slow. This makes Thunder VPN a no in streaming and torrenting online.


 The good thing about Thunder VPN is the ease of navigating through the app. Thunder VPN is only available for Android mobile downloads. You can easily download and install the app on your mobile, and right away, start using it. However, once you have installed the app, you keep getting several third party adverts, which at times can be so annoying.

CONCLUSION of thunder vpn.

In conclusion, a VPN should always be able to provide you with a secure connection. Issues like performance should not be an issue with the VPN provider. Having the right VPN can be of great advantage. Issues like maintaining safe online anonymity should not be hindered. If it is for a company, there can be increased productivity within a company since you can now access it remotely with the help of a VPN.

The right speed and reliable connections are all that you should aim for in any VPN. Therefore it’s very clear from the reviews above that Thunder VPN isn’t close in offering any of these better services. The fewer number of servers and lack of some integral features make the VPN an unsecured medium of connection. The only edge it got is the fact that it’s free and an easy app to navigate through on a mobile app.

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