How well do you know Blackjack?

do you know Blackjack

Is Blackjack your favorite game and, if so, do you enjoy playing it? Do you think you know everything about the game? What if you were asked to judge some statements to be right or wrong? Are you confident that you would get more than 90% of them correct? Here is your chance to know the truth. How well do you know Blackjack?

Score yourself for the statements that you guessed right for Blackjack in the online casinos.

1. Blackjack is the best casino game.

True! There are tons of Blackjack players all over the world, and some of them play the game professionally. 

2. Whenever the dealer’s upcard is 10, it is advisable always to hit a hard 16.

False! Your 16 could probably include three or more cards, and hence it is advisable to standoff.

3. Blackjack side-bets are an excellent option because they have high payoff odds.

False! Most of the Blackjack side bets have high house edges, which make them more risky to play. Hence, the given statement is incorrect.

4. The house edge has a chance of decreasing slightly when a Continuously Shuffle Machine or CSM is used.

True! With a CSM, the unplayed cards have a high probability of being randomly shuffled. As your chance of getting aces and tens increases, the house edge decreases. 

5. A single deck game is the worst Blackjack game.

True! In a single-deck game, the house edge increases by about 1.4% instantly.

6. It is advisable to always stand by the soft 18.

False! It is a myth that 18 is a good enough card to make a player win the game. Sometimes, the lucky ones win with 18, but overall, an 18 means the dealer has a higher chance of winning. 

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7. The dealer busts 2 out of 7 cards on an average.

True! The dealer will probably bust about 28% of the time.

8. Bringing a strategy card is permitted in Blackjack.

True! It is permitted to bring a strategy card while playing Blackjack. But, you will need to put it on the table while playing.

9. The player who puts strategy is expected to bust about 12% of the time.

False! A player with a basic strategy is expected to bust about 16% of the time on average.

10. Progressive systems do not work in betting.

True! Progressive betting systems will not adhere to your long term expectations with the game. Though, it might prove to be successful in the short run.

11. You will have to deal with a Blackjack hand in every 30 hands.

False! The number that should be used here is 21. A Blackjack card is to be dealt in every 21 hands, not 30.

12. You cannot count cards in Blackjack.

False! Counting cards is using your brain strategically, and hence it is allowed.

13. You should split the pair of 8s.

True! Splitting the pairs of 8s is always better than hitting a 16.

14. A player entering in the middle of a game will change the chances of winning.

False! A player entering in between merely changes any chance of winning as it only changes the order of the cards and nothing else.

15. Clueless players on your table can make you lose.

False! Your fellow player’s strategy never affects your gameplay, and hence does not change the chances of your game.

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16. The main objective in Blackjack is to make your hand total as close to 21 as possible.

False! There are two ways to beat the dealer’s hand. Either make your hand total higher than that of the dealer or keep your total less than 21 when the dealer busts.

17. In Blackjack, the casino always remains at the edge. The reason being players would act on their hand, and they would automatically lose when they bust.

True! Sadly, the rule of “double bust” creates an inherent edge to the casino in the game.

18. You will get to win 50% of the hands in the Blackjack game.

False! The rate turns out to 43% wins, 48% losses, and 9% ties. On discounting ties, ratio turns to 47% wins, and 53% suffers.

19. Dealer’s upward is the most crucial card in Blackjack.

True! Dealer’s upward along with cards in your hand determines the basic gameplay strategy.

20. Mathematically optimal playing strategy exists for the Blackjack game.

True! It is known as the basic playing strategy. It helps to determine the best way to play with the dealt cards.

Did you score a minimum of 13 points? Are you shocked about your performance? Do you suddenly think there is yet a lot to discover about Blackjack? Let us know your thoughts on this or share your inputs on some other myths that you feel need to be busted!

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