What are moo business cards

moo business cards

What is the standard business card size?

The standard business card is a 3 by 2.5-inch creep, plus or minus one or two bristles. The idea is that it should coordinate the elements of the recharge card or driver’s license, and can choose to easily slide into a wallet or handbag.moo business cards.

Our key measurements moo business cards

This is our own overview of the size and estimation of MOO business cards. It can help you set the size correctly, in case you build the size yourself, or you have a good layout maker to make the size for you.

  • MOO business cards size.
  • The final cut size of a MOO business cards size is 84mm x 55mm. The maximum size is 3.30 inches x 2.16 inches.

With a comprehensive understanding, this is the scale and goals you need to achieve your best plan:

  • 1038 x 696 pixels (300ppi)
  • 88mm x 59mm (300ppi)
  • 3.46 inches x 2.32 inches (300ppi)

Square moo business cards

Our eye-catching square moo business cards are 65mm or 2.55 inches on each side, so your drainage plan should coordinate the enclosed estimates:

  • 813 x 813 pixels (300 ppi)
  • 69mm x 69mm (300ppi)
  • 2.71 inches x 2.71 inches (300 ppi)

Mini moo business cards

If you are searching for estimates of our famous MOO mini cards, they are 28mm x 70mm or 1.1″ x 2.75″ ultra-thin wires.

Go all out, your photos should be in a perfect world

  • 874 x 378 pixels (300dpi)
  • 74mm x 32mm (300dpi)
  • 2.81 inches x 1.26 inches (300dpi)

Balance your corner?

If you like the adjusted corner appearance and need to add some delicate edges to the business card, you may find that our ordinary business card has a corner range of 5mm. For MiniCards, this is a smooth 3mm span.

You can download the configuration format of the round and square corner interpretation of our card from the project layout page.

Plan selection

After you say goodbye to the individual you provide, the business card will continue to establish a connection. This is your identity and a symbol of your identity. Ideally, the driving force will refresh the relationship with the new plastic business relationship.

Therefore, when asking for another business card arrangement, you need to carefully consider each part of the style, shadow, text style, structure, and format, which is reasonable. Regarding estimates, shapes, and designs, here are some inquiries about yourself that should help determine simpler options.

Pictures or scenes?

Should your card grow on top or thin on the base? To a certain extent, it all depends on personal preference, but there is a relationship between on-site business cards and traditional organizations such as banks, law firms, or real estate agents.

The picture group has gradually become famous in various types of organizations, but it is often associated with organizations that connect brand personality with new, new and unmistakable, such as high-tech new businesses, structural companies, or other Innovation departments.

Model or whimsical?

There are many suggestions for cards that fit approximately 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches of exemplary elements. Although it may just be the default setting for some people, because it can be easily put in a wallet or shoulder bag near Visas, or because it has a non-partisan intimacy and will not be occupied by its substance, many smart businesses Every family chose it. card.

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Similarly, it can be conveniently placed in different moo business cards holders, so if someone collects business cards in system management occasions, there will not be much danger, and it will not be strangely assembled with other components.

Again, the correct shape cards-square and mini cards-can be separated from the group and arouse curiosity. For those who need to be unequivocal, supreme, and show off their inventions or unique features, a card that is separated and separated from each location is a feature decision.

Big or small?

In addition to its uniqueness, it is also unique in that a huge moo business cards can provide different points of interest. This may be helpful for people who need to process a large amount of data without being squeezed, for example, a company with a visionary business vision or a person who provides a lot of expert management. Artisans, photographers, and planners may choose a massive card because they need more space to show off their visual work to the ideal position.

Small cards are still our love, and MiniCard is still one of our most popular products. Small tickets are lighter and more versatile than large cards. If you are another company, buying the first card is often a smart financial method.

How to cancel the moo business cards order?

You can cancel the entire order from “Order History” within one hour after placing the order. *(Please note that some rules will not have this option). If you only want to cancel some items in your order, or if you don’t have this option in your account, please contact us, and we will do our best to help you.

Can Staples make business cards on the same day?

I need my card soon, where can I go for the same day service? you’re fortunate. With Staples, you can order business cards online and pick them up in the store four hours later. This option allows you to upload your business card design or choose from hundreds of existing templates.

Can I print business cards on the same day?

If you order before 2 pm, you can use the same day pickup. The matte or glossy effect is impressive. The business card is 3 1/2″ x 2″ and is printed on premium card paper. Upload your text, pictures, and company logo to customize your card the way you want.

Why is Vistaprint so bad?

High Flow. Lack of quality control is usually an inevitable result of a high production scale. When a manufacturing company handles high-volume demands, quality control is likely to be slightly ignored. From the appearance, Vistaprint suffers from the same symptoms.

Why is Vistaprint so cheap?

Why is printing with Vistaprint so affordable? A: Vistaprint can use pre-designed templates. …Because many customers need 500 business cards, it is difficult to print out such a small quantity. Therefore, Vistaprint has thousands of templates and runs the models through shell printing.

Can Office Depot make business cards on the same day?

Business cards. Make an excellent first impression and attract your business through Office Depot business cards. No matter what you need, from the business card of the day to the super thick business card. We will help you quickly get a beautiful and unique business card so that you can stand out and get attention.

What is the proper thickness of the business card?

It may not affect your structural choice like size, but you may realize that our business cards will also have different thicknesses depending on the paper material you choose.

Is the thickest in each case the best? Not really. Many people believe that the thicker the business card, the better the look and feel of the business card. We focus on quality, which is why our product line starts with the outstanding 350 GSM. Even so, there are different considerations, similar to how many cards you can put in your business expenditure plan, or you can discount the number of wallets for system management.

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This is the thickness that MOO business cards can use.

The shortest in the bundle is Luxe, which is an excellent matte paper surface with a shadow focus crease in between. At 32pt, 600 GSM, it is a real card.

By that time, there was Cotton, which was refined from the texture of reusable shirts and had a fresh, delicate finish. The thickness is 18pt, 298 GSM.

Our Super is undoubtedly sturdy, robust, sturdy and dazzling, and can be wrapped and used by Soft Touch or High Gloss. The thickness is 19pt, and the weight is 400 GSM.

To sum up, the original MOO paper inventory is better than a similar product 350GSM with 16pt thickness. We are setting another standard for “standard” business cards!

Interestingly, no matter which thickness you choose, your card is durable enough for long-lasting use and looks excellent regularly no matter what. Also, based on our selection of the best paper, no matter which MOO card you choose, you can ensure your safety.

Should I say something about other MOO projects?

You will find the total minimum pitch and the recommended size, pixels means that all business cards, stickers, postcards, leaflets and writing materials in our manual will use your structure.

You may also need to check our structural layouts, which can be accessed as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop InDesign, and JPEG locations. They combine the size of the drain, the cutting size, and the sheltered area to outline your plan, so there will be no visible debris falling during the cutting process.

Ready to arrange your new business card? From gold foil to spot UV and letterpress printing, printed business cards with other eye-catching papers, pop-up shading printing, and formats are very flexible.

Can Staples print business cards?

Staples provide a variety of custom business card printing options to meet the specific needs of each company. The standard card design has single-sided or double-sided printing, with a matte or glossy effect, while letterpress printing and executive selection provide other finishing options.

Is Moo better than Vistaprint?

Moo provides a variety of templates for business cards. Although its library is not as extensive as Vistaprint, it usually has a more modern design and a higher-end feel. Moo also includes design tools that are easy to use, even without knowledge of graphic design.

Is Vistaprint genuine?

The quality is good, and the price is reasonable. Their design process is also perfect. When I make business cards, they are not what I expected. I called Vistaprint, and they were thrilled to help me without having to spend extra money to create one.

What color is best for business cards?

Color is essential to your design, especially considering that people keep colored business cards ten times longer than standard black and white business cards. The best color for business cards is a black background or red because they stand out the most.

Is it cheap to make your business card?

The cheapest business card you can get online is less expensive than printing your business card. They can also save you a lot of energy, which is worth it. However, by writing yourself, you may get more consistent results, especially if you have a decent printer and use photo-quality inks.

How does the business card look?

Keep things simple. Don’t fill in too much information on the card. Be sure to provide primary information-your name, job title, company name, address, telephone and fax numbers, and email and website addresses. Make sure the font is easy to read.

How much is printed per page?

The cost of each print varies depending on the printer’s make and model. In general, the average cost per page of an inkjet printer is higher. This with 20 cents for color printing and 7.5 cents for black and white printing.

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