Best Crazy Games 2019 and 2020

Crazy Games

This article is all about the best crazy games for crazy gamers. 2019 was the year of the game, and 2020 will surpass the title according to game industry leaders. There are tons of games available on the market, but choosing a great one is not easy. In 2019, there were a lot of games, from Death Stranding to Link’s Awakening.

Sony and Microsoft have given their eye to the next generation of the video crazy games. Google not behind them. Google experiments with cloud gaming with its Stadia platform. You are going to experience jaw-dropping remakes, long-awaited sequels that defy classifications. Crazy games mean what should craziness. As well as 2019, 2020 will be a massive market for game lovers.

Below we are going to know some of the best games of 2019 who lead the market. And we will know some who will rock in 2020.

Bullet Force: Crazy Games

Bullet force is a thrilling multiplayer FPS game. It has 3D graphics, create a room for you with a maximum number of players. You can purchase weapons and some dangerous machine extensions. Bullet force has impressive capabilities by what you can kill streaks. So, it is high time to go and show your skills and be a Bullet Force champion!

Blayze crazy games (Lucas Wilde) has developed this enjoyable multiplayer game.

With tons of new dynamic features, it now has unique weapons and interfaces for their players that you will surely love.

You can play it on any device. Bullet force is now available on the Crazy Games browser using WebGL. So, you can get it as an Android app as well as the iOS app.


  • Multiplayer function against other worldwide players.
  • Practice mode to play against bots.
  • Lots of weapons to choose from libraries, including M4A1, Compact .45, or M67 Frag.
  • Enjoy multiple game modes like Team Deathmatch, Free All, Gun Game.
  • Customizable the load-out with a various set of weapons.
  • You can add your credit systems to buy more weapons.
  • Fullscreen playing feature.
  • 3D Graphics.
  • Killstreaks special abilities.


  • WASD for Move.
  • Spacebar for the jump.
  • T for a chat.
  • Mouse for the shoot.
  • Shift for the run.
  • P for pause.
  • Enter for respawning.
  • G for throw a grenade.
  • E to pick up a gun.
  • F for use a knife.
  • R for reloading a weapon.
  • C for crouch.
  • 2 to change your weapon.
  • Arrow keys for killstreaks.
  • Tab key for the score.


Madalin Stunt Cars 2

Madalin Stunt Cars 2 is a crazy games built-in 3D car driving. It is a single and multiplayer mode game. There are 34 racing cars to choose from so that you can decide your favorite vehicle. You can choose from an impressive offering, such the Huracan, LaFerrari, Pagani, or Veneno.

You will be able to begin driving immediately at dazzling speeds and perform with breathtaking stunts. This is the game of full excitement. Madalin Stunt Cars 2 can make you addict to play it all the time.

The developer of this game is Madalin Stanciu from Romania.

How to play Madalin Stunt Cars 2?

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Select Madalin Stunt Cars 2.

Step 3. Select a car, a map, enable multiplayer mode, and then click start.

Step 4. Always use the arrow key to drive your car.

Step 5. Other keys that you can use: Shift for accelerate, Space for using the handbrake, T for showing the map, C for changing the camera view, and R for respawning.


  • The massive list of selections of racing cars to choose from the library.
  • Breathtaking speeds and jumps.
  • Realistic 3D driving physics.
  • Start your journey with the world of stunning opportunities.
  • Enable multiplayer mode to play with your friends or strangers.
  • Available Full-screen mode.
  • Use Arrow keys to drive the car.
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Cars List

  • Ford GT.
  • Pagani Zonda.
  • Lamborghini Veneno.
  • Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra GT.
  • Bugatti Veyron.

However, the fastest car in the car list is Bugatti Veyron. It has 250mph top speed.


Dragon Simulator 3D

You may consider Dragon Simulator 3D in one of the crazy games you ever have. It has a 3D animal simulator in the same series as Tiger Simulator and Racoon Simulator. Those played these games they know. Imagine you are controlling a massive dragon. By the way, you don’t have to imagine. You are going to have an experience in this game.

You can choose the color and element affinity of the dragon. Remember that your dragon may utilize the powers of either nature, fire, ice, and air. Each of the association provides excellent moves and capabilities.


Fulfill the tasks and build your strength:

The mechanism is easy to setup. After setting up, the game looks fresh and fantastic. You can talk to humans and other animals. You can be attacked back when you strike the humans. Humans will fight back with arrows. You can punch in PVP battles against other players because there is a dragon simulator multiplayer.

Do you have flying skills? If you have excellent flying skills, then you can outmaneuver then and lose them in war. Dragon Simulator 3D is a free online game.

CyberGoldfinch did an excellent job of developing this game.  It is a contest winner game. Dragon Simulator 3D had won CrazyGames 2019. They impressed judges with amazing graphics and details gameplay. Dragon Simulator 3D came to the market in November 2019. This game is available in two platforms, such as Web browser and Android.


  • W, A, S, D, or arrows for moving.
  • Q for taking off and landing.
  • Space bar for jumping/fly up.
  • C for flying down.
  • Left mouse button for making a ranged attack.
  • Right mouse button for making a melee attack.
  • H for hiding interface.
  • The shift for speeding up.
  • L for lock and unlock the cursor.

Soccer Masters: Euro 2020

I have a crazy game for soccer game lovers. The name is Soccer Masters Euro 2020. You know UEFA Euro 2020 is coming. This is the season of game and sports. You can choose your favorite team and chance to compete against strong opposition. You may play solo or together with your friends. Try to show your best kicking movement. Soccer Masters gameplay is most straightforward but exciting. The graphics and sound will make amaze and give you a great experience.

You can choose your favorites country, including Spain, England, Germany, and France. Like real games, each team has its unique styles and particular moves. For example, England players always have super shot capability, and they teleport too! You are going to see this type of tactic for each country.

Soccer Masters Game Modes

There are various types of games modes, including these three:

With these above variations, you can choose either a single-player or multi-player. If you want to judge your soccer skills with your friends, dual control action allows you.

If you are a pro soccer gamer, you may select a hard difficulty mode. It is the feature of the Euro 2020 tournament. Hard difficulty is not for everyone. It needs excellent online soccer skills.

Madpuffers team developed this game and released in December 2019. It is also known for Football Masters: Euro 2020. It is a browser-based platform game. You can play it on desktop and mobile both.

Controlling Single Player

  • Left and Right arrow for moving.
  • Up arrow for jumping.
  • Down arrow for sliding.
  • X or L for shooting.
  • Z or K for a super shot.

Controlling Double Players

  • Player 1 uses A and player 2 to use the left and right arrow for moving.
  • One no player uses W and Player 2 to use up arrow for jumping.
  •  1 uses S and player 2 to use down arrow for sliding.
  • The gamer 1 uses B, and player 2 uses L for the shot.
  • This Player 1 uses V, and player 2 uses K for a super shot.
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Odama (Game Cube)

The developer of Odama game is Yoot Saito. He was also the inventor of Dreamcast oddity Seaman. This is the app you talked to a fish. The gameplay is fascinating as it blends tactical wargaming with pinball. The primary character of this game is a young general, and his name is Yamanouchi Kagetora. He wants to take revenge for his father’s death by the most ingenious weapon ever. The gun can hit the medieval battlefield.

This game also has features like talking into a microphone. You can guide a series of troops across the dozen war fields. You will try to crush your opponent with a giant ball but be aware of avoiding squashing your soldiers.

The goal of this game is to shatter the enemy gates with Odama. You can direct a crew of men carrying a giant bell to pass. Odama has included Nintendo GameCube Microphone. You, as a player, can address your attackers via Microphone. There are 11 commands, and they are ranging from generic to specific and unique moves. Vivarium Inc was the who developed the game and Yoot Saito designed it. Odama is the popular choice from its first release.

Upcoming PC Games in 2020

You are going to face some incredible Crazy Games in 2020. Whatever is the gaming mission, you will feel excited about the next triple-A games or highly enthusiastic gems. You may be a user of Steam, Epic, Uplay or Origin but your playlist will be lone one.

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal lover’s waiting is ending soon. The sequel of this game is coming this year in March. The teaser has already published, and it will make me feel glad. Publisher Bethesda set the release date on 20 March 2020. Those who do not know the type of this game Horror FPS. You may call it is a crazy game.

DOOM Slayer features put you in the fighting boots. You are going to see insanely powerful weapons and brilliantly gory animations again. You will play as a single player, but you will taste the multiplayer mode.

The game has massive improvement compared to the last game. You will experience the adventure that never before seen. By the way, you should make sure the game is appropriately polished before launch as it will be published in March.

Those Who Remain

The game is about a psychological horror story. You will find yourself in a dormant. It is a typical American town that’s strangely turned into a ghost town. There are mysterious creatures, and they are roaming around the city streets and danger lurking around every corner. The only way to survive from this gosht is you need to stay in the light.

Publisher Camel 101 has a fixed date on 15 May 2020 for releasing the game. The type of game is a psychological horror. The publisher has shown the game at PAX East 2020.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Those who animal lover and love animal crossing games. The publisher of this game is Nintendo. They are the crazy game makers in the game industry. They will release the game on March 20 in 2020.

Some say it is of the most wanted game in 2020. Nintendo’s director Doug Bowser expected that the game would release in 2019, but they change the date gradually. They are some exciting matter including the fact that character customization options.

This will be the first one of the Animal Crossing title to be released for the Switch, and their fans are excited to have it. You can get a discount on the release day at Walmart. There is some weirdness too and it is going on regarding the game’s save recovery limit. You can use Switch as its platform—the genre of this game simulation.


Final Words

We play games for entertainment purposes. Playing games is a hobby for some people. By the way, every thigs has its advantages and disadvantages too. As the benefits of playing a game are training and improvement of physical and mental abilities. And the downside is they can create addiction. Some crazy games may make their user crazy in real life too as it may increase the aggressiveness.

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