Fruit themed slot games to check out

Fruit themed slot games

One of the best things about online slots as oppose to their mechanical predecessors is the fact that developers can try out a host of themes with relative ease, something that has led to a huge number of specialised slot games for gamblers to enjoy and Fruit themed slot games. Honestly, the breadth of choice nowadays is simply stupendous, with slot themes from the classic “lucky Irish”, to horseracing, Mexican food, to play Wild Hunter and beyond! 

One of the most popular themes around, however, has simply got to be the classic fruit machine kind of aesthetic, where a variety of different juicy fruits are used as symbols and in the background itself. It can be hard to find all of the best ones of these, however, due to the sheer number of them, so we have compiled a list of the best fruit themed slot games to check out. Want to see? 

Fruit Factory 

Fruit Factory is a new slot by the burgeoning developers Realistic Games, a fairly new company, but one that certainly doesn’t skimp out on the quality of its online slots. Fruit Factory is a vivid and colourful almost 8-bit style game that uses a wide range of fruit symbols, from pineapples and watermelons to strawberries and plums. The RTP here is a fairly generous 95.46%, but if you get lucky on the various bonuses it can really start to feel like a lot more than that. Indeed, the bonuses during Fruit Factory are pretty crazy, the main reason why we featured the slot in this article. 

Reel Rush 

If you know anything about the exciting world of online slots you will know that NetEnt are one of the most important developers to keep an eye on, as they are constantly bringing out incredible online slots with a range of themes. Reel Rush is a fruit inspired slot from the company that employs a fusion of vividly HD graphics with traditional cartoon-like stylings. It really does work, making this 5 reel video slot an absolute dream to play on. And just you wait until you start winning too, it won’t take long, and once you are up to speed the potential pay-outs can be absolutely top-notch.  

Strolling Staxx Cubic Fruit 

Another cracking fruit themed slot from the Scandinavian developers NetEnt, Scrolling Staxx Cubic Fruit turned a lot of heads on its release due to its incredible 3D graphics that were, at the time, nothing like anyone had ever seen before in the online slot industry. And to this day it continues to look awe-inspiring, with the 5 reels and 30 pay line setup ensuring the gambler has as smooth a play as possible. The “Strolling” part of the name will become clear when you start encountering some of the many bonuses on offer during Strolling Staxx Cubic Fruit, with the Walking Wild feature being the pick of the bunch for us. In it the wild symbol skips across each reel during a free spin round, potentially making some big old winning combinations.

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