Slot Cheats Of The Past

Slot Cheats Of The Past

One of the defining factors in why so many gamblers just love to try their luck on the reels is aside from the slots offers, the potential prize to be won is often astronomically large. You can also try your luck on Online Cricket Betting ID. In fact, we are not all that sure that so many people would be playing on the slots if there was no monetary imperative. Yeah they are fun and all, but we all know the main reason we play is in order to get a fat wedge of cash. So, with that in mind it also shouldn’t be too surprising to know that there have been countless methods that people have used over the years to cheat the machines and win the cash illegitimately. Can you really blame them? It is a tantalizing amount of money, and if you lose a lot of your own money in the pursuit of this prize it can be even more tempting to try and cheat. What are some of the slot cheats of the past though? Let’s have a look at this blog. 

The Coin On A String- Slot Cheats Of Past

This method is probably the most rudimentary cheating scheme that has been used, and it is also one that unfortunately can no longer be implemented on the vast majority of slots. Back in the 60s and 70s a lot of criminal gamblers would drill a hole through a coin and thread a thin piece of string through it. They were then able to pull the coin out of the machine each time it registered it again, therefore essentially having an infinite flow of credit. 

It is a method that worked wonders for a while, until casinos started to clock on to it and slot machines were altered to render the technique useless. 

The Electromagnetic Spectacular 

Another old-school play that criminals used to employ in order to beat the slots was one that involved using some pretty powerful electromagnets. Players would spin the reels completely legitimately, but as the reels began to slow down they would take out powerful magnets in order to stop them on the right combination. 

Again, this is a method that wouldn’t work now due to the fact that most slots work using an RNG. But even still, it did not take casinos long to thicken the exterior of their slot machines so that magnets would not longer have an affect on the reels. 

The Man On The Inside 

Cheating at the slots has definitely got a whole load harder, with many old techniques now being rendered obsolete. But this trick is one that will go down in history as timeless, all you need is a bit of luck to meet the right person.

With someone you know well working at a casino it gets a lot easier to cheat because they can give an essential helping hand. Many gangsters will employ someone who works at a casino to help them siphon off cash, with a handsome monetary reward being the incentive. 

The Machine Invasion 

It’s crazy we know, but people have been known to climb inside particularly large and flashy slot machines in order to try to get to the cash inside. We’re not sure they had much luck though…

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