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Do you have an Android Device? Then you can download and Install Fire Emblem Heroes APK right now. This game is widespread, and this game is a Nintendo’s hit strategy-RPG game series. Gamers are loving this series for more than 25 years across the globe. It is available for selected countries. I suppose you are not on the list. Fire Emblem Heroes APK is the second smartphone game by Nintendo.

After 2017, one of the most significant moves has taken by Nintendo. The game is free of cost, and the levels and battles are free too. By the way, you will have some optional in-app purchases. This game has achieved editor choice badge and it has half a million reviews and more than one million downloads.

Below we will explain details on how to download and install fire emblem heroes APK and the features and functions of this game. Keep continuing till the last.

Precaution and Installing Procedure of Fire Emblem Heroes APK

If you are not in the allowing list of this game, you may have to download this game from unknown sources. But it has to be a secure and reliable source. Because security analysts always give tips is not to install apps and programs from unknown sources. Allowing unknown sources may harm your devices, and you are potentially risking malware on your device. You should do well research about the cause before download and install.

Follow the step by step guides to install on android:

Step 1. Go to the settings option on your Android phone.

Step 2. Select the Security option, and some phones may have alternatives such as Privacy.

Step 3. Tap Unknown Sources.

Step 4. Now choose Allow for the installation of apps from unknown sources. Selecting this option will allow you to install apps from unknown sources.

Step 5. Download Fire Emblem Heroes APK from your phone.

Step 6. After successfully download, you go to the Downloads folder from your phone file manager and click on the Fire Emblem Heroes APK to install.


These are the acute step by step guide to download your favorite games from unknown sources. But you must clear one thing that you must download the app from secure and reliable sources.

The developer of this game is Nintendo Co. Ltd. The game version is 4.2.0, So, your android phone should support Android 4.2 or later. Thirdly, you will need 2 GB ram to run this game. The download size of this game is 61.9 MB. It uploaded on February 6 in 2020.

The gameplay of Fire Emblem Heroes APK

You are a medieval prince or princess in the game. And you will fight in the battleground in touch screens. You will gradually develop the skills of your heroes to take them to new heights. The gameplay of this game is comparatively simple and feels like automatic without any external requirements of input during fights.

This game is quite strategic such as turn-based battles that are streamlined for playing with maps that fit in any situation. You must think wisely about the weapon for each hero. You will have to take consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of weapons. The gameplay will lead your army with just drag and drop controls. And you will be able to attack by simply swiping an ally over an enemy.

If you know about playing chess, it will be helpful for you to maintain the position of every fighter. Like chess, you move your characters’ attitudes regarding their fighting capabilities. Move like boxes in to reach and attack your enemy.

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Let’s check Gameplay with some headings:

Battles: Make sure to take part in artistic turn-based battles to play on-the-go with provided maps that can fit in the flat on the hand. Your army will have the ability to attack by a simple swipe to an ally before an enemy.

Every hero has a specific color type. These colors identify the weapon that affects your attacking power. If you want to win the battle and want the result to go to your favor, make your team with those heroes who unbeatable over the enemy.

There are also some particular actions or moves. Choose these actions for a specific purpose. When a fierce enemy will attack you, use these moves.

Summon Heroes:

Utilize the Orbs methods to summon your heroes. That fighting heroes will fight for you. You will be able to generate five types of colored summoning stones, and these will allow summoning a Hero specified on their color type. You can gain the Orbs by clearing story maps or buying them through the shop.


There is functionality in that you can customize your partners and make a team that will be used in the battleground. From the menu, you will also be able to learn the newest skills, changing equipment, and grabbing the abilities to take your heroes to the new heights.

Use your skill points achieved by defeating the opponent and leveling to gain new skills. You can have three types of skills, such as Weapons, Assist, and Special. These are active skills. There are passive skills too.

Story Maps:

The story part enables together new Hero characters along with the familiar faces from the Fire Emblem series. Always lead your army from the front to win as well as save the Kingdom of Askr.

Arena: You have the opportunity to fight against the world’s top-rated rivals. When you score, and ranking is high, that determine your rewards. These scores and ranking can increase your Heroes’ abilities too.

The storyline of Fire Emblem Heroes APK

You are going to meet with dozens upon dozens of battle-tested heroes and new characters while playing this game. There are more than 800 story stages included. You will have to overcome these stages to earn Orbs. You can utilize the Orbs to summon your heroes. Gradually new stories will add.

You will face an instant battle in strategic turn-based battles. You must think strategically for each hero’s weapons. Illustrate the map on your eyesight. Try to use automation. The auto-battle enables your characters to fight on their own.

At one stage, you will need to strengthen your fighters. There are many ways to do it, such as leveling, skills, weapon, and equip able things. Gain power and make your character greater and more significant to win the battle.

Do you know artists behind all the heroic characters? They are Yusuke Kazaki, Shigeki Maeshima, and Yoshiku. There are numerous characters from the Fire Emblem series and brand-new characters. While playing the game, you will have to confront some of the heroes as a fierce enemy.

Something more about Fire Emblem Heroes:

According to various rating platforms, Fire Emblem Heroes has to get 4.6 stars rating out 5. Nintendo has other games like Fire Emblem Heroes such as FarmVille, SimCity Buildlt, and Dragon City.

Terms and Condition: Fire Emblem Heroes APK

  • You will have to be at least 13+ to have an account on Nintendo.
  • Internet connection is required.
  • Data Charges may apply.
  • Nintendo has permitted to third-party partners to collect data for analytical and marketing purposes.
  • Advertising may include.


Some Alternatives of Fire Emblem Heroes APK:

Here are the few lists of games that you want to play too. I will give you a short review of them. Feel free to read, and you will like them.

RWBY: Amity Arena

There are many reasons to play RWBY. RWBY is always unique with the original voice actors, seeing fantastic RWBY illustrations, running around a platform like your favorite character with other fans.

Amity Arena automatically transforms your mobile into a scroll, and it connected to the cross-continental transmit system. These features will allow you to play RWBY: Amity Arena game with your international friends.

You can pick any Huntsmen or Huntress from Vale, Mistral, Atlas, or Vacuo! Each of these has dust-infused abilities, semblances, and weapons. Always try to pick your teams against your fellow Academy in a friendly way.

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Fight against other academic members and decks to grow to the level. You can collect dozens of cards from the RWBY universe.


The story of this game begins with death. The original character prepares for the final fight of the gods. The name of the unique aspect is Battlemaiden Lenneth. The lord of the gods is Odin chooses the souls of heroes to be Einherjar. In the time of the tragedy of men and gods, Valkyrie grows evermore and fond of mortals.

There are three things about VALKYRIE ANATOMIA – The Origin.

  1. Make yourself immerse in the world of Norse-mythology. Be excited about being creative and original performance.
  2. Win big critical touch in using a unique combo style!
  3. One of the best BGM in the industry has to offer to breathe life into the game.


Brave Frontier

You may hear about Dual Brave Burs! They have released a new feature. The first nine pairs of Dual Brave Burst have been exposed.

In this game, you are going to have hundreds of Heroes, Millions of Players. You will be able to summon above 400 legendary heroes. This game is now full of various features. Just gather and extent your units and divine your emperors to inferno gods. Lead your unit’s elemental strength and leadership skills.

You need to form a strategic squad for the various game modes and opponents.

You also need to craft powerful items to boost your unit’s strength. Always try to meet and appoint fan-favorite characters from other famous game titles.

Brave Frontier has modern free-to-play gameplay. It is strategy-oriented and a turn-based system with an automatic battle option. Some pixel-crafted characters usually inspired by Japanese manga art. Fill up the skill gauge to launch their unique offensive or brave defensive bursts.

You must know that the game is competitive and rewarding new challenges. And that’s why, keep your skills to upgraded and face-off Epic bosses at PVE trials. Compete in the PVP Arena and Colosseum. Try to maintain the leaderboard rankings.


This is the game of monsters. You are going to dive into a breathtaking fantasy world filled with strange and mysterious monsters to battle. Train yourself with an engaging single-player to building your team. Test your skills against international players in online.

This game is one of the relevant alternatives to Fire Emblem Heroes APK. Capture the monsters and explore. There are more than 180 monsters and heroes in the game, and that is a thrilling storytelling driven adventure. You will get lots of legendary weapons, accessories, and boost your fighters and achieve the upper hand on your opposition.

There is a feature of battle and connect. You need to create a strategy from thousands of unique combinations to oppress your opponents in 4v4 combat battles. Then experience the history of the world of Erden. Erden is plagued by an ancient curse, the Pandemonium, this evil that descends once every 100 years. You can join two young heroes and the allies. They are friends along the way as you embark on a serious question. It will expose the secret to ending this ancient curse and save them and their homeland again and for all.

MHST The Adventure Begins

This game is absolutely no in-app purchases. You can always import your data into Monster Hunter Stories, and this is a paid version.

In this game, you are going to meet with massive monsters’ hunters. There is a world of gigantic monsters and they roam around; people hunt for their living. You will find another village and follow their customs.

Do you want to know the game features?

You can recruit countless monsters. You will form a relation between beasts and bonds. They are the backbone of your entire adventure.

You will have to fight with your monsters in-network based battles. Take your monsters and hero both that you raised into clashes with other fighters. And there is a new feature for smartphone users. You will get fantastic high-resolution graphics, user interface and automatic saving features.


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