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Final Fantasy is one of the best game series that you can find the ffxiv companion app, and this video game has some of the best gems ever. The game first came out around 1987, but there have been so many developments and spin-offs to it, which make it enjoyable. Plots and themes seem to be evolving, but there is one plot, which is the centerpiece for all of them.

The main plot of Final Fantasy is about a group of characters that are battling evil forces. Therefore, the heroes are often destined in a way to defeat evil forces, and this is the centerpiece of most plots of Final Fantasy. There are many antagonists introduced at the beginning of the game, but those are not the real enemies; therefore, characters must continue fighting until the final battle.

Several characters are appearing in the game while some keep recurring.

The gameplay of Final Fantasy is so exciting, and you will have one of the best moments playing it. The other thing that I love about this is game is it has a companion app, which lets you do a lot of things. We will look at FFXIV companion app in-depth in this article to see what you can be able to do with it.



Before we dive into full depth about the app, we first need to answer the question of what is FFXIV companion app. This is an application that helps you be able to keep in touch with your friends. To keep it short, this application links to your account, and that means there are so many things that you can be able to do so much.

The app lets you be able to prepare for adventures from anywhere and at any time.

Which is pretty impressive. The game has this great gameplay, which can be interesting if you have the FFXIV companion app and be able to plan for some of the adventures beforehand. The is also a friends list which you can be able to easily access and even be able to chat with fellow friends on things concerning the game or anything else.

This FFXIV companion app can give you an insight into a lot of stuff, which is pretty brilliant. The ability to plan events is also one other thing that I love about the app as it provides an event list that can be so exciting to use. We will look at some of the features of the FFXIV companion app so that we can understand how it works adequately, and you can be able to take advantage of it. It’s an exciting app to have, so let’s find out some more juice about it.



One feature that I love about the FFXIV companion app is the chat feature, which is so amazing. The chat feature is one of the things that allows you to do a lot than when you are playing the video game series. With this feature, you can chat with friends, family, and many more who are using the app.

For example, if you have your friends list one thing.

What I love about this app is the fact that you can easily be able to talk to them about anything. There is no restriction on what you can chat either about planning for the game or even casual talks. You can do that. You can also chat with other players, and that can means asking for tips on how to play or even talk about how to handle some levels.

This is one feature that I love in the app, and it can do a lot in helping you sharpen your in-game skills if you use it well. You can also be able to create a lot of friends using this chat feature, which is pretty exciting and even end up becoming friends in real life. It’s all about taking advantage of the FFXIV companion app chat feature and get to learn a lot from a friend and even top players in the game. Therefore, this chat feature is one feature of the companion app that you will love.


The other exciting feature that I love about the FFXIV companion app is the market board feature. This is one of the best features that you will be able to get, and it offers you lots of exceptional gems that you can take advantage of. Market board, as the name suggests, is an area with which you will be able to purchase some of the items that you will be using for the game.

It’s an area that can be of great interest, and you should always take advantage of this market. There are in-app currencies which can be excellent if used well ion this area as you can purchase some unique items and use them to your advantage. At the market board, you can even list items that you want to sell, but they should be related to the game. If someone is interested in the topic, he/she will be able to purchase them and vice versa. There are different kinds of in-app currencies that you can use, like the Kupo Nuts or the Mog coins.

There are different ways of obtaining these coins;

for example, you can get Kupo Nuts as login bonuses and also Mog coins as in-app purchases. Having more currencies means you will be able to purchase some of the best items that can be of great advantage to you, which is pretty amazing. When you buy an article, a hardworking Moogle will fly to and from the market with goods to deliver instructions to your retainers. That’s how simple it is to use the market board.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is you won’t be able to access the market via the FFXIV companion app while logged with an associated service account. This is a great feature to have as it will allow you to get more items that can be of value to you and also sell some.


Item management or inventory is one great feature of the FFXIV companion app, which you can take excellent advantage o0f. This inventory is excellent as it helps you in managing some of the items that are on your list. For example, item management allows you to sort, move, sell or even discard some items which just a button. At this list, you can check out or see all the items that you have in your list and see which you need and don’t need. The interface is much cleaner and smooth to use, which is one great advantage of using the inventory feature.

At the game series, you are not able to comprehend all the items that you have, which is pretty tough to do so. What you need to do is get the companion app which will, in turn, help you analyze all the items that you have for your game. This is interesting as it will give you less headache, which will ensure that you can sell some of the items that you have accumulated along the way.

This inventory is excellent as you don’t have to spend so much time there as you can access it on the move.

which is pretty impressive. Discarding items can be pretty fast, and it makes also doing other things pretty much easier and efficient. This is another FFXIV companion app feature that you will love to use, and it can help you be able to comprehend a lot of things without trouble.



The one advantage of getting the FFXIV companion app is the simple user interface that the app offers the user. Users will not be able to have any problem using this application which is one of the best things I love about the app. The features that it entails are pretty straight forward to use and accessing them is no issue at all.

The interface is clean, and even first-time users will not go through a big problem, trying to figure what element plays where. I love this application, and using it is one of the most frictionless things that I love about it, which makes it one of the best apps to get for final Fantasy. It helps bring out the companions alive, which generally plays out pretty well.


One other advantage of the FFXIV companion app is the wide range of features that it entails. An app must entail some features to it, which can make it become so useful and even be able to work properly. Several features are in this companion app which you will like and can work perfectly to your aide.

For example, there is the chat feature that we highlighted above which allows you to chat with friends.

This is a great feature to have as you can end up making friends on this app which can be pretty awesome. There is the market board feature too, which is pretty awesome too, as this is where you can be able to buy and also sell items. This mis one area which is great for acquiring new items and this interface too is excellent when working from here.

The inventory feature is one brilliant feature which lets you manage some of the items that you have on your list. This is one great feature to have as it can help you determine the items you need and others you don’t need so that you can sell them. These are some of the great features I love about this app which make it great and using it a breeze.


One thing I also love about the FFXIV companion app is the ability to manage your Final Fantasy game easier. There are a lot of things about the game that you can easily do from the app, which is so brilliant. For example, you can prepare for adventure from anywhere, which is brilliant and easy to do.

You only need to have logged into your account which you can easily do, and within no time, you can easily set up your game and prepare for adventures. This ability makes it very easy to run your game even during lunch breaks or within any minimal time, which is brilliant. There is a lot that you can do as long as you are logged in to your account and if it happens to expire, you will be logged out automatically. If you want to know how to manage your game easily, then you need to try this app.



One drawback of this application is it requires you to have an active subscription for it to work perfectly fine. If your subscription is expired, it means you will not be able to keep in touch with your account. Therefore, this means there is no much difference than login to your account and even chatting with your friends from there as this proves difficult. I would wish this app will not require you to have an active subscription to FC to be able to access it.


The other thing that you will note is that the app has one of the worst synchronizations. When you first download the app and sync it to your account, you will not things are synced up correctly. But if you happen to play the game for a few hours or days and then you refresh it, you will note things start getting messed up.


We have looked at some of the excellent features of FFXIV companion app which you can use to your advantage. We have also highlighted some advantages and also disadvantages of this app and all these will show you whether the app is the best choice or no.


What does FFXIV companion app do?

This is an app that lets you be able to keep in touch with friend and also manage some things on the app.

What are Kupo Nuts in the companion app?

This is some of the dedicated currencies that are used for in-app purchases.

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