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Redbox’s new releases, an American video rental company, has the best service in providing videos on demand to the users. The digital services it gives to users are much appreciated and used by people. It started its service by giving rental discs through online kiosks installed at various places.

They deal in all types of video formats, whether DVD, Blu-ray, or 4K UHD. 2020 a year is much awaited by the fans for the release of their favorite movies online.

It not only provides rental services, but it also offers full ownership of the discs at kiosks. Through the digital platform, users can either stream online or download the videos as they wish. Redbox released plenty of all-time favorite movies in 2020 and got positive reviews on these releases as well.

The online digital service has now got much recognition from the fans. This service starts from $6 per month to $9 per month. The higher plans have much more liberty of watching and streaming online. Every day, Redbox new releases are displayed on their website, mobile apps, and smart tv interfaces. Users can then select to watch from the list. We will discuss some of the hit movies that they have launched in the year 2020.

New Hit Movies Coming Out in The First Half of January Month:

The first movie that came out on 7 January 2020 was Joker, Oscar-winning performance by Joaquin Phoenix. He played the character of a failed comedian Arthur Fleck and won Oscar for such performance. It is now available on DVD and Blu-ray on Redbox. On the same day, Lighthouse has also released a horror movie about two light housekeepers. The story revolves around these keepers and the mysterious happenings they encounter while performing duty there.

Next comes Will Smith starring Gemini Man and released on 14 January 2020. This movie is a real thriller about the endangered life of Will Smith as an assassin.  On the same day, another hit game from the makers of Hangover, a  Lionsgate production named Jaci. This movie is about the AI service. It is a comedy movie in which phone addiction makes the life Adam Devine as Phil horrible.

Redbox new releases then present the most-awaited and most liked by the fans the movie Maleficent:

Mistress of Evil. It is the sequel to its first part and is released on 17 January 2020 in the Redbox new releases section. Starring Angelina Jolie as the Maleficent and the movie has grossed 491 million till now. The films that are displayed are the most liked and awaited movies of all time.

They have the best quality, and users can enjoy this service anywhere. From smart TVs to smartphones and tablets or Roku, anywhere it can be played, and movies can be streamed. Both digital and kiosk services are available to date.

New Hit Movies Released in the Second Half of January Month:

The most loved childhood cartoon of 90s kids, the Adams Family, released an animated movie. It will be released on 21 January 2020 on the Redbox new releases. Their scarier family relatives visit the Adams unique and enchanted family.

And in this movie, they are shown to prepare for that visit in a hilarious manner. It is a must-watch animated movie grossed over $200 million globally. The best animations quality made it the top-notch animated film. Another hit adventure comedy, Zombieland: Double Tap, is set to be released on 21 January 2020 on the Redbox new releases.

The movie is about survivors of a zombie attack, and these zombies are much advanced. They have developed immunity, and it is hard to get rid of them. With 98% popcorn time ratings, it is immensely loved by the fans. Another drama movie, Pain and Glory, is set to be released on 21 January 2020 on Redbox’s new releases.

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It is about the life of a director—his journey and where he at the end where he looks back at the choices he made. Three more Movies are also expected to be released on 21 January 2020. These movies are Countdown(horror),  Black and Blue(action, thriller), and Jay and Silent Bob Reboot(comedy). The most anticipated and awaited movie, Terminator: Dark Fate, is also set to release on 28 January 2020.

It is a sequel of the Terminator series and staring the most Muscular Arnold Schwarzenegger. That has grossed 261 million in total revenue. This is an action and sci-fi movie with the most amazing visual effects. On the same date, two more films are also released, which are Harriet (drama, history) and Motherless Brooklyn (crime).

New Hit Redbox Releases Impact in February 2020

Redbox new releases bring the most-awaited and most celebrated movies in the best quality DVD and Blu-ray formats. Each day a new most awaited movie comes to the display to be streamed by the subscribed users. The year 2020 has been the best year for online releases by the Redbox as some of the most memorable movies are seen released in January like Adams Family, Maleficent, and Terminator.

January became a hot month in big releases by the Redbox, and users loved all these films. February also started with the release of Doctor Sleep and five other movies on 4 February 2020. Doctor Sleep is a horror movie related to a person who protects a young child from a known thing.

The story builds up, and it has grossed $72 million in total. It is a real suspense horror movie and admired by fans. Also came in Redbox new releases on 4 February 2020, a rom-com genre movie Last Christmas. It is a romantic movie about the choices of a girl who is inclined towards bad decisions. And for once, she has the opportunity to make the right decision while working in the departmental store.

Another movie that came on the same date Playing with Fire staring Jhon Cena, is also a hit. This comedy family movie is about the most challenging task of babysitting three kids. The firefighters rescued these kids, and they find themselves in compromising positions while doing so.

It has grossed $66 million globally since the release in theatres. One more crime thriller hit movie The Good Liar, was also released on the same date. Redbox new releases have presented multiple films on the same date 6 to be precise.


February Releases Are Overwhelming


The Good Liar, which we talked about, is about the chase of a con-man before a millionaire widow. It is a must-watch movie where the famous con man finds himself in a loop. It has grossed $33 million globally in revenue. Waves is another drama movie released, and it is available in DVD and Blur-ray versions as well.

The Animated movie Arctic Dogs is also released on the same date as other movies. It has some high-quality animations and visual effects. Grossed $9 million in revenue,  globally is a hit of times and loved by the children especially. Then on 11 February, the most hit sports drama movie also surfaced on the display of Redbox. Ford v Ferrari the most highly like movie which is about the making of Ford sports car to beat the Ferrari. It is stretched back to 1966, an apparent rivalry and corporate war can be witnessed in the movie released.

Each character has been made perfect, and that is why it grossed over $225 million in global revenue. It has won 92% Rotten Tomatoes ratings and 98% Popcorn Time ratings. Moving to 18 February 2020, 4 new movies were also released by the Redbox new releases.

Jojo Rabbit a war drama made on the second world war about a German boy. This movie runs in the background of WWII, where a boy is immersed in nationalism. He takes some bold steps to find a Jewish girl whom her mother hid in the attic. It grossed over $86 million in global revenue.

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 New February Releases


Midway another movie released by the Redbox new releases and has multiple genres like drama, action, war, and history. The story is about WWII after the attack on Pearl Harbour. It shows a clash between American and Japanese forces.

US ships are attacked in the Pacific on 4 June, 1942, by the Japanese ships. It is an intense war movie with drama and action makes it interestingly watchable. The film has grossed 125 million in revenue globally and is trending as a favorite on Redbox. Another movie set to be released on Redbox is A Beautiful Day in The Neighbourhood.

It is a biographic drama movie based on real events. This movie was welcomed by the people and grossed $66 million in revenue globally. 21 Bridges an action thriller movie is also released on the same date. This movie revolves around the cop killers in NYPD. A detective of NYPD to look out for the killers is given this task. And who in pursuit of the killers finds out about the reality of many other people.

It has grossed $49 million globally in revenue. Another hit movie coming out on 25 February, 2020, is Knives Out which has grossed $300 million globally. The story revolves around the investigation of the death of renowned crime novelists. Daniel Craig playing as Benoit Blanc is mysteriously given the task of the inquiry.

It is a right combination of comedy and mystery movies. It is both available in DVD and Blu-ray format in the Redbox. This movie is welcomed tremendously around the world.

The Most Awaited Movie of February 2020


Well, the most awaited movie of February on Redbox, if said, was Frozen 2, it would not be wrong. The fans waited for the second part to be uploaded anxiously and now the wait is over. Frozen 2 is set to be released on the Redbox new releases on 28 February 2020. The movie has till now grossed 1.45 billion globally in revenue and it is still counting.

In the second sequel, the story starts after 3 years when Elsa starts to hear callings from far off place. She is determined to set for a journey and during which she unleashes the reality of her powers. How she gets her powers is all answered in the second part of Frozen.

She is destined to save her Kingdom and with her sister Anna she wents on to those sounds and contemplates them. It is the best animation movie and the children and adults both loved it. The second part is as much amazing as the first part was. It is also available in both DVD and Blu-ray formats.

Redbox Future Prospects:

Redbox is always leading from the front in giving the best quality movies to the viewers. That’s why people love it too.

Such as Jumanji 2 is set to be released in March 2020 is one of the favorites. Star Wars is also set to be released by March 2020. IP Man: Finale is going to be released in April 2020 which will be truly a movie to watch. Bombshell and Little Joe are also considered as one of the highly grossing movies which are expected in March. Redbox always satisfies the viewers with the best of the best movies.

They have the most entertaining libraries for new movies. In a monthly subscription fee, a huge library of the latest releases is available. So the viewers can either watch it online or watch it later after downloading.

It is an animated action movie with a glimpse of comedy and technology. That has grossed $169 million globally. It is also expected to come out in March. These were some of the Redbox new releases and the future releases we have written about.


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