What is Fluxus IPTV? how to install Fluxus IPTV

fluxus iptv

The demand for IP TV has now been more common these decades. The standard set up box or cable connection requires a lot of cable arrangements in-home or offices. The significant limitation of satellite connection is that we can’t take it to any other work as it will require setting up of the total cable connection. But IP TV doesn’t require any satellite connection but runs basically with INTERNET PROTOCOLS. Fluxus IPTV can be the example of the popular IP TV provider that allows you to stream live TV channels on any of your devices even in windows and streaming devices.

What is Fluxus IPTV?

Fluxus is a top-rated IPTV providing service that offers you M3U links to enjoy Live Tv, movies, TV shows, and a lot more. You can even download them and play them later. The whole media, which you play live run via unique IP addresses and easily accessed from any part of the world. To enjoy the channels, you need to know about the M3U playlist or IP URL of the specific channel. Fluxus IPTV provides both free as well as paid streaming channel link. You can take a membership plan if you want access to the unlimited channel of your choice. You can also install Fluxus IPTV on your Kodi box with the help of the default downloader app and enjoy streaming channels from your home.

How to install Fluxus IPTV:-

Fluxus IP TV provides just a bunch of file links that you need to paste on the playlist link to start using. You can install these M3U links in two forms:-

  1. Pasting M3U link of Fluxus IPTV single channel to watch only one channel
  2. Pasting embedded M3U link that will contain the list of all the TV channels.

The playlist works on devices like Firestick, Android TV, computer, Xbox, etc. The users need to know the free link of Fluxus IPTV for playing the channels on these devices.

The list of most popular free links that are available for installing inside the above methods follows:-

  • Fluxus IPTV channels:– https://bit.ly/FluxusTV-IPTV
  • Faith channels:- https://bit.ly/FluxusTV-Faith
  • Fluxus CCTV:- https://bit.ly/FluxusTV-CCTV
  • Radio:- https://bit.ly/FluxusTV-Radio
  • Fluxus Cinema:- https://bit.ly/fcine-eng
  • adult:- https://bit.ly/30zU8C4

Each of the above Fluxus channels contains near about 5000 individual channel lists that you can enjoy on your IPTV player devices. It will include all the free and premium channel listing. You may find some channels don’t respond while playing it may be due to copyright issues or either you need to pay some membership to start using those channels. Note that the IP channel visit won’t work if your country had banned the IP address. As it streams to provide premium TV shows for free for this reason, you need to use supported VPN network in your state to access these channels.

  • Installation guide for Kodi Tv

Kodi TV allows you to play any of IPTV channels only you need to know the link of the original chain. Just follow the steps below to get full details:-

  • Open the Kodi TV home screen and search for Add on an option from the menu bar.
  • Clicks on add and then go to the PVR IPTV section present in the top right corner. By default, the choice of PVR IPTV was in disable mode, so click on the enables option to allow pasting links on the m3u URL box.
  • There you will find a Simple Client configuration which will ask you to paste the link of Fluxus IPTV.  There is no official website to find the link of the free channels as it is not legal to stream premium channels for free.
  • Try to find the relationship of the circuit in Google and manually enter the link on the M3U URL section. Note that your free URL will be something like a Pastebin with some unique alphanumeric code.
  • After entering the URL, click on the load button. It will take some processing time to check if your input URL is valid or not.
  • If it’s a properly working M3U link, then your channel will start playing in front of you on your Kodi TV.

  • When your channel starts playing just save the URL on the Home screen inside your Kodi group folder.
  • It will allow you not to type the URL again when you are willing to play the channel. If you have an embed multiple links, then it will easy your to get all the channels supported by Fluxus IPTV in one place.
  • I will recommend you to save only selected channel because most of the channels in Fluxus IPTV is premium, so you have to scroll a lot of options to get back to your favorite channel.
  • Installation guide of Fluxus IPTV in Playlist Loader:-

  • First, install the Playlist loader on your TV. You can install it if you have an Android TV.
  • Now navigate to the screen of Playlist Loader and do the same as you did on the above step.
  • You will get a box to paste your M3U link for processing the channel output.
  • Paste your URL on the table, and your Fluxus IPTV will get installed on your Loader. You only need to save it by making a folder.
  • If your input URL is not a correct one, then you will get a popup message showing that the wrong Fluxus up link try with another one
  • Installation guide of Fluxus IPTV in the TVmate app.

If you have an Android TV, then this will be the most effective step for you. Every Android TV has a downloader app by default used for downloading files directly on the TV. Follow the steps below:-

  • Install Tv mate on their TV before they begin to establish Fluxus IPTV channel links.
  • After installation, the procedure is the same as that of the above two methods.
  • Open the TV mate app on your Android TV and enter the installation link to set up your steps.

  • You can find the installation guide easily on the help section available on the app. After completing the setup guide for TV mate. Go to the M3U URL box and enter the Channel links for Fluxus IPTV that you want to install.
  • After manually typing the channel link press the arrow mark to proceed. It will some processing time land your channel will start to get activated.
  • You will find a bunch of channel list having both premium and free channels.
  • You have to take membership from Fluxus IPTV to enjoy watching those channels that are displaying blank on the channel list.
  • How to install Fluxus IPTV on Roku:-

  • The method of installing Fluxus IPTV in Roku is a little different. Roku comes with its online Roku store, so you don’t need to download any app for running IPTV.
  • You can get an M3U playlist player on the Roku store. So just go and download the app from and install M3U player on your ROKU remote.
  • ROKU remote also allows you to control all the setting want to make with some touches.
  • You can now open the M3U player and add the URL for Fluxus IPTV and press OK.
  • It might take some processing time and get installed successfully.
  • If it says the installation is successful, then you will get an icon of Fluxus on ROKU’s home screen. Whenever you want to play any channel, just go to this icon and search for the channel you wish to watch and enjoy.
  • Roku box also allows you to record TB shows so you can record channel if you want to save them.
  • Installation guide of Fluxus IPTV on PC

There are most commonly two methods to access Fluxus IPTV on your PC:-

  1. VLC player

  • Yes, you heard it correct, you can stream the TV channels using VLC media player using your computer.
  • VLC player is a very advanced video playing software, and most people don’t know about its a lot more features.
  • For installing Fluxus IPTV on VLC player. First, go to the media option on the VLC player available on the top left corner of your computer screen while playing any video.
  • On clicking into the Media option, you will again find a choice of network address option click on the channel link that you want to play to start enjoying live streaming TV channels.
  • If you’re going to install a complete chain Fluxus IPTV playlist then first download the channel list of Fluxus TV from any of the third-party sources.
  • Now go the playlist option on the VLC player and drag and drop the downloaded file on the VLC player to update all the channels.
  • After dropping your Fluxus IPTV channel file, all your channels will get displayed like a list. Click on any one of the Live TV channels that you want to watch to enjoy free TV channels.
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2. Using IPTV player.

  • This player is particular for streaming Live TV channels and playing online videos.
  • For installing the playlist of m3u Fluxus IPTV channel. Download the IPTV player app on your PC.
  • As it is easy to use, it provides you with a direct option of adding a playlist to the player.
  • Just enter the Fluxus IPTV m3u channel link on its player box and hit enter.
  • It will take some time to process and update the list of all live TV channels on the playlist section.
  • You can now enjoy playing any of the channels with your choice for free.

Final words

Fluxus IP TV has made it easy for internet users to access live TV even on a laptop. Now people don’t need to search for TV channels separately for watching the news, sports, TV shows, etc. It is not even mandatory to stay at home to enjoy your favorite channel. If you will follow the above installation guide and set up IPTV on your device, then it will be easy to enjoy channels from anywhere in the world.


  • How do I use Fluxus IPTV?

Using it is very easy, You must have an IPTV player supported on your LCD for accessing the live channels via the internet. And note that your device must establish an internet connection. It runs fine on the computer and android TV. You have to install any IP player using your default downloader app and then upload all the m3u links to start browsing your channels for free. 

  • Is IPTV illegal to use?

In most of the country using Fluxus IPTV is not illegal as TV channels on the links that it provides. But in case any third party channel uses copyrighted content, then legal action might be taken against the content provider but not to the audience. But some countries ban the IP address of channels from maintaining their privacy.

  • How do I get an m3u URL for Fluxus IPTV?

There is no official website where Fluxus IPTV providers upload their updated links. Because it is illegal to upload channel links without taking copyright permission, so, they change their blogs every time for uploading the m3u URL. You can get all the free and paid streaming m3u links via Google searches and YouTube channels so, check them manually if it works for you or not. If most of the channels on your TV show blank, it means the URL is either blocked from the IP server of your country.

  • Does Fluxus IPTV provide the list of adult channels?

Yes, It also has an m3u channel list that you can enjoy with you are above 18 years of age. But it doesn’t have any strict rules to verify the ages. You need to add the m3u URL in the link box to get the list of all the adult channels in your Xbox or android TV. It also provides an option to hide channel you can set either PIN or hide channel if you want to enjoy the channel in private.

  • How to watch channels from Fluxus IPTV if it is ban in any country?

If any country bans the IP server of any channel, then you can enjoy watching all the channels with the help of VPN apps. VPN apps have both free and paid versions; you can manually select the country server from where you want to access the TV channels. So, try it with accessing from different countries to make it work for you.

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