The Best Windows’ Application You Need To Install

Ah, a new PC. There’s nothing like it, huh? Especially when you built it yourself. There’s something about building your own rig that makes it sweeter. If you bought it, that’s fine too. A new PC means lots of applications to install to make it more productive. Or make it more entertaining. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time in front of it. Here are the best windows applications you need to install on your new PC:

Internet Download Accelerator

Any veteran PC user will tell you that you’ll need an Internet download manager for your new PC. It doesn’t matter if you don’t download content daily off the Internet; having a separate download manager makes everything easier. And organized, at that. The best internet download manager, bar none, that you can download right now is Internet Download Accelerator.

IDA keeps your downloads organized, whether they’re from HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP servers. Download speeds are excellent, with twice to four times the speed of regular internet download managers. It can also schedule your downloads. 


The fastest, most reliable, and more universal of browsers, Google Chrome is the only internet browser you’ll need. Forget about Edge, or Opera, for that matter, no one can beat Chrome in terms of stability, ability to load difficult websites properly, and ease of use. Of course, you can download other internet browsers to test it yourself, but we’d bet on our lives that you’d still end up using Chrome in the end.

One of the greatest features of the browser is the sync system where you can instantly save up your browser settings, bookmarks, and opened tabs in the cloud. When you switch devices, you’d only need to login to your Google account and voila – it’s like you never went away from your computer. 

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Suffice it to say that if you have a Windows machine, you’d need to prepare for virus, trojan, and malware attacks. Getting an anti-malware is the trendier option nowadays since most of our operations are now Internet-based. Malwarebytes is an all-in-one application that not only protects from any sort of harmful software attacks; it also automatically identifies potential threats before they even begin to become problematic.

If your machine is in Windows 10 – which is the standard nowadays – it should come with the default Windows Defender. As an antivirus system, Windows Defender is fine, but getting an anti-malware on top of it will further the security of your device. Protecting your data and files, as well as your identity and privacy should be the first order of business after getting your new PC.


Arguably the most versatile of media players, VLC is a great addition to any new PC because it has a wide array of extensions that it can play. From the common .mp4 and .avi files to the more obscure .mkv files, never scramble to look for the perfect media player again. The app can also play most audio files so how about that, huh?

What’s great about this application is its community-developed, meaning it’s updated every now and then to keep up with the latest trends. VLC is also free, which is quite rare for a media player of its capability. Oh, and did we mention you can also stream media through the app? Yep, you read that right – VLC can read almost the majority of streaming protocols. Not bad for a free and open-source application, huh?


Unless you’re living under a rock and still haven’t gotten yourself a Spotify subscription, then you’re missing out on all the fun. Spotify is a music streaming service where you can stream at least 30 million songs with a paid subscription! There’s a free option as well, but you’d there will be ads in between songs.

Spotify for Windows is great because it automatically logs in to your account, keeps your downloaded playlists updated, and recommends you the best music depending on what you listen to. It’s fast, streamlined, and won’t hog up memory as the web app will. With Spotify for Windows, you can also easily blast music on your Bluetooth speakers anywhere in the house!


Turn your PC to a powerful machine through the applications listed above. Downloading new applications that are specific to your needs is the key to turning a new PC into something that’s customized for you. Be aware though of some downloads. Always err on the side of caution as some applications may expose your location and reveal your privacy.


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