Here’s How You Can Improve Your Gameplay Experience Using Mods for Android games

Your Gameplay Experience

Mods for Android games are hacked or bypassed applications or games which are generally available for download in the alternate game and application sites, and not on the official Google Play Store. RedMoonPie is one of the most popular sites which upload mods for android games and other popular applications for your Your Gameplay Experience .

According to a survey conducted in March this year, among all the operating systems currently running on mobile devices across the world, Android powers more than 70 percent of all smartphones and other smart devices. This is why there are millions of developers working today on Android development, making new apps and games every day and updating pre-released apps on the Play Store. But official Android apps and games on the Google Play Store sometimes become a tad too tedious – some useful apps are sometimes not available officially, or some games may become too hard as the levels increase. This is where modded APKs come into play to improve your gameplay experience.

What are Modded Applications for your Gameplay Experience ?

The word ‘Mod’ means ‘modified’ which refers to the way programmers have changed the Android Application Packages or APKs. Primarily, mods for android games and apps are busted, or jailbroken applications, whose digital signatures from the original applications have been removed manually and some other malicious signage has been introduced into the code. This malicious signage does not harm the devices running these apps and games; they tweak certain features of the applications that let users run these without restrictions such as a limited number of attempts at a particular game level or streaming pirated content from the web.

Two of the most popular modded APKs are Mini Militia Mod APK and Showbox app. Both of these apps are not available officially on the Play Store. Yet, if a user downloads the Mini Militia Mod APK, he or she has access to quite many features that are not available on the official app such as unlimited lives and inexhaustible nitro and gas which makes the entire gameplay easier. Coming to Showbox, it is well-known that it’s one of the top apps which allows you to stream pirated TV shows and movies online, on the web. Showbox is similar to using Torrent sites for downloading content, except it enables you to stream directly from the Internet and does not require offline download.

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Features of Mods for Android games

Mods for Android games are basically the same as discussed in the previous section, except in official Android games, there are in-app purchases of game currency and other sections which are only accessible if you pay. But in modded versions of the game, most of these features are free and do not require the user to spend any real money. Also, the user can get access to some unique features like one-shot kill and limitless lives, which can help you to defeat players playing the original version of the game quickly.

The craze for modded Android Games

Those days are well past when children and teenagers went out to have their afternoon fun with football or cricket. The world has turned into a digital peace haven for a few years now, and children and teenagers now like to spend more of their leisure time playing online games on mobiles and tablets.

The trend for online games is at an unprecedented high right now, with some of the popular FPS games like PUBG or Free Fire or racing games like Asphalt topping the download charts on Play Store for weeks and months together. From exhilarating sound effects to insanely realistic graphics, these games are nothing short of brilliance. But, the games get tougher with each passing update, and the developers look to increase the challenge in the new iterations. This is the reason why mods for Android gameshave become one of the most popular searches on the Internet.

How safe are the mods for Android games?

With every new update for apps and games, the thing which users most worry about is security. As much as developers spend time on making the games less prone to hacking, brilliant coders pose as hackers and try to break these applications, and till now, they have been quite successful in doing so.

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We have already discussed the advantages that players get when they download mods for Android games. But there are a few things to remember while downloading these. The modded APKs sometimes come with hidden malware, which can hack and send all the personal details of the device and the user to the hacker. So, users must always be cautious while downloading modded apps and should do it from trusted sources like RedMoonPie. It hosts an abundant number of games and apps which have been busted by ethical hackers and hence, no chance of malware being injected into your device.

Other than that, modded applications do not receive official support for future updates. Once you download a modded app, you will notice that the original app signatures have been removed. Some games even ban players for their whole life if developers notice that a hacked app is being used to play the game. So make sure you are using an ethical version of a modded app.


Mods for Android games and apps have their fair share of advantages. On the one hand, you get so many unique features, which are sometimes very luring when you are stuck at some challenging game level. You can also stream pirated content directly from the web without spending any penny. On the other hand, security is one issue that a user should always keep in mind while downloading them and should always choose trusted websites like RedMoonPie to download such apps. RedMoonPie works with some of the best coders to make the modded apps and is one of the safest sites to download apps from. And in the end, it is all up to the user’s discretion which way he or she wants to go.


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