Why IT Support is Essential for Law Firms

IT Support is Essential

If you run a busy law firm, like most businesses, you rely heavily on your IT equipment and the services it provides. Every business must have an operational website and this comes under the umbrella of managed IT services, while online security is another must-have, especially during these troubled times. Every time that you connect to the Internet, your confidential data is at risk of being hacked and for a law firm, a data breach would be disastrous.

Local Area Network (LAN)

Most law firms run a LAN and this needs to be administered, which is something that needs tp be carried out by a managed IT service provider that specialises in law firm IT support. There are many things that can go wrong with a secure network, which is why you need 24/7 support to resolve any issues that might occur.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

If you are not already making good use of VoIP communication, this is something to remedy as soon as possible. Real-time video is a game changer for any business, especially a law firm, when your clients can consult you via a Zoom call and you know the network is secure. It might surprise you to learn that VoIP business communication is a lot cheaper than the traditional telephone, plus you are guaranteed crystal-clear reception when you have your own private network.

Hardware Support

Every busy law office relies heavily on computers, printers and photocopiers and if they break down for any reason, this can cause serious delays. When you forge an alliance with a local IT support company, they have your back in more ways than one; hardware support, networking issues, cyber-security and VoIP support. How much time have you lost because of IT hardware? Letting a client down due to equipment failure is simply not an option and with the help of an IT expert, you no longer have to worry about IT hardware malfunction. If you are in the process of a business transition, click here.

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While every business is at risk of cyber-theft, a law firm has a confidential agreement with their clients and that means you need to hook up with a managed IT service provider to ensure that all your critical data is safe from the hackers. When you join forces with a managed IT service provider, they regularly carry out penetrative testing, looking to see if your network is secure against all hacking attempts. Ethical hackers use their skills to test client networks and if they can’t get in, no one can! The US government takes cyber-crime very seriously and should you ever become a victim of cyber-criminals, you will wish you had taken measures to better protect your critical data. 

Web Support

Your website needs to be administrated, with new content uploaded on a regular basis and when you have full IT support, you will never experience any website downtime. This leaves you free to focus on running your business, knowing that you have essential IT support from a provider who has experience in the field of law.

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