How to download and play grand theft auto advance game

grand theft auto advance

Grand Theft Auto Advance is officially entitled as Grand Theft Auto. The game was initially released on October 26, 2004. It is a digital eclipse game developed by the 3D universe and GTA III. Firstly the game is only available for the game boy to advance handheld console. However, this is only a game that is not developed by Rockstar games studio. This game is played from a top-down perspective and GTA 1; also, it has some features introduced in GTA III, and even it has new weapons introduced in this game.

Moreover, the vehicle-based side mission’s head-up display and the number of exciting functions are incorporated in the game. When the game is released, it is available on the physical disks, nut now it is available on the digital platform.

In this article, we are gathered to discuss how to download grand theft auto advance from the internet; continue reading for full details.

Insights of the game:

Grand Theft Auto Advance is the impending portable version of the GTA Series. Once the game comes to existence, it has been officially confirmed by Rockstar Games. The game developers have been plugged to turn the pioneering series to Nintendos portable system. If it is not enough, this game is already concluding and hitting many online stores after it was released. Thus, they will get a chance to down and play the work-in-progress version of the game to see how the tidiness of the famous developers is going far.

The development rights to GTA Advance have been betrayed around several great developers. However, professionals at Digital Eclipse have gained a shot for understanding the game in combination with Rockstar games. It is specially done for Nintendo’s handheld system.

But before peeping into the technical benefits of gameplay, we will have to cover the entire storyline of the game.

The grand theft auto advance has a real and unique story set during the GTA III that is mainly focused around two characters, Mike and Vinnie. Of course, the development of this game seems to be a film where movie character is getting out of the mob, and uncertain death comes knocking. Yes! It is valid for the two lead characters. Unfortunately, this duo is wrapping up a few jobs. Its member wipes their hands clean of mob life where a character named Vinnie has ill-fatedly encountered a car bomb.

At last, only a single character left on the game, so you will have a persuasive reason to start exploring Liberty City. After the death of Vinnie, her partner Mike is framed, and now you have to play this character and find out who murdered Vinnie and who framed Mike. So here, your journey begins of the seamy underbelly of the dilemma town.

The graphics of GTA advance make the most top-down perspective. All the animations are smooth and flow well — however, it features some cartoony superfluities during the conflict. Even you can race around in cars works too, and it looks good. Furthermore, the car animations also show handling with embellished motions. In general, the graphics have a distinct appeal that balances game characters well with some unique technology. Besides, the game audio is remarkable; you will get a good variety of tunes in the game as well.

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How to download GTA advance?

The GTA advance always has been sold on a disk installer by Rockstar games. Recently, with some improvements, the game is also launched on digital media by the franchise of the game. If you have not a physical installer, you can download GTA from the internet as well. Since the file is rather big, this may take a while for downloading. However, the downloading and installation process is very straightforward. It is a top-rated third-person shooter game. In the world of GTA, you can do lots of activities and get unlimited possibilities for exploration. If you haven’t this game yet, you can download it on your PC. There are many ways to download and install GTA advance in. We look at each of them.

Getting the first GTA advance on the PC

  • Open your internet browser and search for the best old games.
  • Visit the first site and go the list of games and find GTA advance.
  • Once you get the game, scroll down, and you will see a download button.
  • Choose your configuration of the system and hit on the download button placed in the bottom right corner.
  • After downloading, open your PC storage and search the GTA.exe file or something similar to that.

Buying a GTA digital copy from the Xbox live marketplace

  • Please turn on your Xbox console, wait for booting until it gets display on the screen.
  • Now open the game section and choose the games using navigation keys on your PC; you can open any game by pressing the A button.
  • Search the GTA advance here, select the browse games option from the main menu and go under the action-adventure category
  • Once you find the game, start purchasing the game, press the A button, and open the complete overview of the game and select the file to move on further process.
  • Now select the payment options; you can buy the game using either credit card or Microsoft points.
  • Confirm the download process and press A to start again

Downloading the grand theft auto advance copy from the Playstation store

  • Turn on the Playstation console and wait until it gets boost up and display on the home screen.
  • Visit the store and scroll the right side of the screen using the navigational keys on controllers.
  • Go to the games; by pressing the X button on the controller, you can select the games.

  • Find the GTA advance there and look for the games listed in the gallery.
  • Now press the X button again to open the complete overview of the screen.
  • Purchase the game and hit on the add to cart option placed in the left side of the screen. Proceed to checkout once you add the game on the cart
  • Now press the download button using the controller X button, the download progress will appear showing the status of the download.

Downloading a GTA Digital Copy on Your PC from Amazon

  • Open a browser in your PC and visit the Amazon official site.
  • If you had already account proceeds by logging in or sign in for a new account
  • Once set account, you will be redirected on the Amazon home screen.
  • On the top menu find the electronics and computers section and click on shop by the department at the top left corner and choose the electronics and computers option
  • Go to the video games category and go to the digital games section under the quick link option placed on the left menu panel. Here you will get all the games which are digitally launched
  • Now find the GTA series and choose the version you want and the titles to open the item overview

  • You have to purchase this game, so click on the buy and download button located at the upper right corner of the page
  • You can find the game on your account, to do this click on your account button at the upper right corner and got to your games and library section. Here you will get all the digital copies of games and software you have purchased
  • To download the grand theft auto advance select the copy of the digital game and hit on the download button, once you have set you can play this game in your PC
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So these are some ways by which you can download grand auto theft advance game.


Still, many people think that GTA advance is just an upgraded version of the original grand theft auto. But this is not true actually this is a different game from the GTA series and its unique content besides GTA original. Using the original GTA formula and modernizing the developers takes to the next level.

The story of GTA advance is not as strong as the 3D games.

Your game character is Mike an upcoming street tough. However, it is not easy to get into the world of GTA. The complete story is taking revenge, which is kind of cool and if you can read all the text so you will get to more know about the gameplay.

The GTA advance game is best rather than emulate III game. It is a more convenient game instead of its two previous versions in the series. This allows you can play the game from an overhead point of view that is great for gameplay. Mostly, it is a 2D game, but it has some 3D models that kind of stick out that adds excellent visuals to the game. Lastly, the visuals look good as previous GTA 2, but it is perfect for the game boy advance.

The previous GTA games have some awkward controls that are quite difficult for some players.

For moving you need to hold the button. But this problem revived in the grand auto theft advance, so you can use the d-pad to walk. As a result, it makes navigation more comfortable in the whole city. Moreover, changing the walking controls gives greater control to do a lot of work even for handling vehicles, and this is an excellent feature in this game. Also, you have a handbrake so you can just fly around the corners and it is very satisfying to do.

Surely you will get outstanding gaming experience with the game content.

If you want to play with the game storyline, follow the story of the game, or you can play the game as per your choice. Fame has much more to offer. In the hospital, you can play the role of the paramedic, where you drive the people to the hospital. Also, you can be a vigilante so that you can kill crooks and drug dealers. Of course, you can do many missions for random peoples. There is always something to do with this game.

Many players abandon, GTA advance, however, it is a solid entry-level game in the GTA series. This game looks obsolete compared to the other GTA series games that appeared on the PSP. However, it is a robust and powerful game from the GTA series. The changes have made by the developers to the controls alone make this the best of the GTA series games. The GTA advance has a tone for you to do, and you didn’t go to be bored with exciting missions.

Pros of the game:

  • Variety of missions to do
  • Better playability than previous games of GTA series
  • Driving vehicle is a lot of fun
  • Random tasks are even more fun the game storyline
  • Not just a port of the first game

Final words

Now you can download and play the grand theft auto-advance. Thanks to the digital platform, so you don’t need any physical installer to get this exciting game. While playing the game, you can explore the first adventures of GTA, find odd jobs for the mob to survive in the game. Thanks to the weapons so you can fight with your enemies in the streets. Download this game today and get massive!

Enjoy the grand theft auto advance; it is one of the GTA games we have selected for you.

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