Online Rummy: Rules, Tricks and Strategies

Online Rummy-rules

Rummy is one of the most popular card games even to this day and a hot favorite table game at casinos. With the classic Rummy and many of its variants have reached the online casinos, Rummy enthusiasts have found a more convenient way to play their favorite game from the comforts of their homes right on their mobile devices. If you are just starting to play online Rummy in India, the below-discussed rules, tricks, and strategies can help you master the game. 

The Objective of Rummy

While playing Rummy, the main objective is to arrange the 13 cards that are dealt to you invalid sequences and sets. You have to make minimum of two sequences to win the game out of which one has to be a pure sequence and the others can be any valid sets or sequences. If you don’t have a pure sequence, you cannot declare the game. This is the most important rule of the game. 

Rules for Forming Sequences and Sets

A sequence refers to a group of 3 or more successive cards belonging to the same suit. You can form two kinds of sequences: 

Pure Sequence: In this sequence, you need to form a group of 3 or more cards belonging to the same suit positioned in successive order. You would require at least one pure sequence in addition to other sets and sequences to win the game. You cannot use a wild card or Joker for forming a pure sequence. Examples: 2 3 4 ; 5 6 7 8

Impure Sequence: In this sequence, you can meld a group of 3 or more cards belonging to the same suit with a wild card or Joker. Examples: 3 4 K 6 (Here K is used as a wild card replacing 5 to form an impure sequence); 

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A set refers to a group of 3 or more cards with the same face value but belonging to different suits. You can use Jokers and wild cards while forming sets. Examples: K K K ; 7 7 7 Joker

How to Play Rummy?

Rummy is a game that can be played by 2-6 players with two card decks. Here’s how it is played:

Every player is dealt with thirteen cards. A random card is chosen as wild card of the game.  

The player has to draw cards and discard them to form valid sequences and sets using the thirteen cards in hand. 

The player who melds the cards in hand invalid sequences and sets, including one pure sequence and more groups of sets or sequences can make a declaration and win Rummy. 

Rummy Strategies and Tricks

Just the way it is important to understand the rules of the game, it’s essential to play carefully with appropriate strategies. Here are a few tricks and strategies to win the game. 

Try your best to form a pure sequence right at the start of the game. 

When it’s your turn to discard cards, keep discarding the ones with high points like Jack, Queen, King and Ace. Replace these with low-value cards or wild cards or Joker to reduce the point load even if you lose the game. 

Try to avoid picking cards from the discard pile so that the other players cannot guess the sequence or set you are trying to form. 

Recheck your cards before pressing the button to make a declaration. An invalid declaration can change things to a complete loss for you. 

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With the above guide, you can get started with playing Rummy online right away for unlimited excitement. It’s hard to find any other game that comes close to the excitement that this 13-card Rummy game offers.  

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