How To Take Screenshot In Windows

how to take screenshot in windows

The inception of how to take screenshot in windows

Generally speaking, a screenshot is an essential function in devices nowadays. In fact, the screenshot was a revolutionary function that was brought in the devices. So, It has changed the whole thing and, communication and problem-solving have become faster after this. Moreover, a means to capture an image of the screen. In this article, you will see how to take screenshot in windows and a few more tricks. 

First of all, we have to know about windows and screenshots to know how to take screenshot in windows to know this. Windows is a ubiquitous word for those who use a computer, PC, or laptop. So, Windows means a graphical operating system run or developed by Microsoft.

Microsoft Windows came into existence on November 10 of 1983, with a 1.0 version. Even though the windows, all the work is operating on a computer or laptop. Therefore, in a circle, you can say that it is the heart of the PC or laptop. 

If you face any problem or error in the device, you can take a screenshot and ask someone its solution after showing the screenshot. Message, text, images, or anything important, you can screenshot them for later. Therefore, knowing how to take screenshot in windows is more important than any other thing.


Uses and misuses of screenshots in windows

Screenshot means to capture an image of the screen that you can see on your screen at that particular time. So, people ask how to take a screenshot for Windows questions for a reason. In fact, We can say that screenshots also have two faces like a coin. Here you can learn about the uses and misuses of screenshots in windows.


Screenshots are mostly taken or captured for useful or learning purposes. In a fast phase video, you want to keep it in your device for watching later when there is interphase. The only option is to take a screenshot through which you can keep it on your device. Sometimes important money receipts, bills, information of any company, or catalog that you can’t download can easily screenshot them.


As with everything in this world, even a screenshot also has two faces. Through screenshots, one can easily capture personal messages or text from social media in some messaging media like Facebook, messenger, IMO, or Instagram. But, for this, some messaging option has created a notification option when anyone will take a screenshot,


Accessibility of screenshots in Windows

Many of us use Screenshots to capture the whole view of your screen display and save it in the clipboard. Then again, Screenshots have important receipts, doctor prescriptions, text messages, and many more things. Through the screenshot, you can share, know, or annotate something.

In Windows ten, you can take screenshots in several ways. Windows ten has a pair of built-in tools name Snip and Sketch and Snipping tool. A few years ago, Microsoft had developed the tool Snip and Sketch for taking a screenshot in windows ten. Moreover, you can also use some keyboard shortcuts to capture screenshots.

Snip and Sketch are the updated version of the Snipping tool, and it is easier to use. To access it, you have to type Windows key+Shift+S. By pressing the notification button, a tiny menu will come from the top left corner, and there you can choose which screenshot you want to take. But, there is another way you can capture screenshots by pressing PrtScn.

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Types of screenshots and their uses


The screenshot is of four kinds.

  • . Rectangular Snip
  • . Free-form Snip
  • . Window Snip
  • . Full-screen Snip


You can use these screenshots for different purposes, but your PC will save all of them in the clipboard. Their uses are:

Rectangular or Free-form Snip accessibility is the same. You can use both of them and drag the mouse through the capture area, and then you release the button. But, in free-from Snip, you can freely choose the area you want by holding the left click button. Therefore, you have to choose a rectangular area for taking a screenshot by holding the left click button in a rectangular snip.

Surely, Many use Window Snip to save the active windows only. So, how to take screenshot in windows is an open secret.

Full-screen Snip, through it, the whole desktop will be saved. If you see any additional file in the monitor of snip, your PC already saved it.


How to take a screenshot in Windows (ten, eight, and seven)

You can capture screenshots in more or less in every Windows. However, some give more facilities, and some give less. The how to take screenshot in Windows is very easy to solve. In all the Windows, you can capture screenshots by pressing the PrtScn button. It supports all the Windows and, you can save it will the Microsoft Paint or Gimp folder of Windows.


A Few years ago, Windows built a Snip and Sketch tool for taking, annotating and sharing screenshots. It was tough to take a screenshot in windows with that tool. You can easily find the Snip and Sketch tool by pressing Windows key+Shift+S. You can find it in the windows search bar. After using the keyboard shortcut, your screen will become dull and, a menu will come on top of your screen.


A couple of years back, when there were only windows seven and seven XP, the only app was there to take screenshot was snipping tool. Microsoft demolished it from the windows, but it is still easy to find, searching in the search bar. In the snipping tool, there is four option to take a screenshot and to annotate it.

Free-form Snip, Rectangular Snip, Window Snip, Full-screen Snip. Through these four options, you can take, share, and annotate screenshots. 


Tools used for taking screenshots in Windows

In this decade of digitalization, people are moving towards computers and other e-devices for their office and regular works. To take the screenshot, you indeed need some tools. Microsoft has brought some tools for that, which are Snipping Tool, Snip, and Sketch.

Snipping Tool was the first tool that helps PCs share and store Screenshots. It was from Windows Vista or from the first windows. 


By searching, the tool in the windows search bar, you can get the tool. After getting into the tool, you have to click the New button. You can choose the Snip and take the screenshot. But, in this tool, the screenshot doesn’t save automatically; You have to save it manually.


Another tool is Snip and Sketch, which is much easier and comfortable than the Snipping Tool. In the Snip and Sketch tool, you can easily take and automatically save the screenshot. To bring the tool, you have to type Windows key+Shift+S, and then your screen will become fade and, a tiny menu will come from the top of the screen. Then you have to select the Snip for the type of screenshot you want, and therefore, the screenshot will be there on your PC.


How to take screenshot in windows with app

Windows have some tools for itself to take a screenshot and some keyboard shortcuts too. But, there are some apps or utilities for taking screenshots in Windows. Among them, the best is Greenshot, which is the most popular screenshot utility. In the Greenshot app, after selecting the system tray icon, the screenshot can be easily taken. It can easily take screenshots of your whole desktop, active windows, and even in many folders too. Moreover, your PC will copy the screenshots automatically in the clipboard.

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After Greenshot, there is another more advanced app for taking screenshots, and it is PicPic. In this app, you can take several screenshots by using its function. PicPic can easily show you all the screenshots you have taken in several tabs and even edit them before sharing or annotating them. Besides that, you can directly share or upload the screenshots on social media.



How do you take screenshots in Windows ten?

In Windows ten, you can take a screenshot in many ways. Windows ten is the latest version of Microsoft company. It has the most facility until now; you can take screenshots in Windows ten by using the Snipping Tool and Snip and Sketch Tool. There are some keyboard shortcuts, too, through which you can take screenshots. Additionally, you can compare screenshots with many apps and utilities like Greenshot, PicPic, ShareX, etc.

What is the shortcut key to take a screenshot in windows? 

Screenshots can be taken in many ways, but the most important fact is how easily and faster you can capture them. The fastest way to capture a screenshot is by clicking the PrtScn button, and the screenshot will be created on the whole screen. Sometimes it doesn’t work properly; then, you have to press the Ctrl+PrtScn buttons. In the end, you will find the image in your clipboard.


Where do screenshots go on PC?

To take screenshots, just click, PrtScn, and Ctrl+PrtScn buttons quickly by laptop or PC without using any tools or apps. They will get saved automatically in the clipboard. Then you can see the screenshot by pasting it into an editing program.


How to take screenshot in Windows seven and save them automatically?

Screenshots can be taken in Windows seven by using some tools, and they are Snipping tool and Snip and Sketch. In these application tools, you can take four types of snips. Rectangular Snip

. Free-form Snip

. Window Snip

. Full-screen Snip 

After editing your screenshot in an editing program like Paint and then click the save button to save the screenshot to your PC or laptop as a folder.


Is it legal to use screenshots?

For using screenshots, there are no laws or bindings. But if you capture an interphase that is the product or created by others, then you will be copyrighted if you use it without taking the owner’s permission of others. Besides, if you source the image or give credit to the owner, then it will be under fair use.



Suppose you read the above article, then you don’t have to search for “How to take screenshot in windows.” Screenshots are the best option for capturing an image in a fast video, to save an image of the money receipts, hospital bills or an important message, text or a beautiful catalog of jewelry, furniture, dress, and many more things.


In this time of digitalization, people are nowadays using a huge amount of internet and, even for knowing the weather forecast they also depend on the internet. Moreover, in this pandemic situation, people can’t go outside for lockdown. For that, they are using social media and the internet more than earlier. So screenshots are more important nowadays for the peoples around the world. 


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