4 Expert Tips and Strategies for Live Cricket Betting

Strategies for Live Cricket Betting

Online betting is already a multi-billion-dollar industry and is only moving northwards. If you are thinking of taking a plunge into it this cricket season, it’s good to know some live betting tips and strategies. Online betting allows millions of players to sweat virtually when the two teams they chose to bet on sweat on the ground. These online players work no less than the 22 players who fight on the ground, though the work-out mode is different.

Here are a few tips and strategies for live cricket betting that would help you bet better.

Don’t Trust the Betting Tips Surfacing Online

Several betting tips keep surfacing online. Don’t place your bet relying only on these tips or on hearsay without doing your research. Use the extensive database of information available online to understand the pitch and weather conditions for a particular game, the players’ strengths and weaknesses etc. Based on a thorough analysis of this data, you should come up with your betting pick and place a wager.

Keep an Analytical Mind

Online cricket betting is not just for nerds but for anyone who has an analytical inclination of mind. The rudimentary statistics are readily available on various sites. Use your analytical skills to come up with probable combinations having high winning potential. To win big, you need to toil hard and spend time analyzing the data from various angles. If you rely more on your research and come up with a good strategy, the winning chances are much better than just relying on luck.

Value Hunting

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Have multiple accounts online with different bookmakers as it helps in two ways. Firstly, it helps in odds value hunting as different bookmakers, being competitive on price, offer different odds. You can thus place your bet on the site, which offers the best odds at the best price. The second benefit of having multiple accounts is that it allows one to arbitrage, which is nothing but betting on different odds with different bookmakers in such a manner that your profit is guaranteed despite the outcome. 

Here the profit margin will not be huge, but it will be guaranteed. However, finding the right arbitrage opportunities requires you to do some calculations to figure out the right odds to work on or else if you choose the wrong series of bets, the loss will be guaranteed.

Select the Value Bet

There will be too many betting propositions going on, but you need to find the value bet to wager your money on it. To bet with a good success rate, your approach should be flexible and you should modify your plans in accordance with the situation. For example, if your plan is to place three bets for a certain sum of money on any particular day and you find only one value bet, place your money on one. The same holds true for reverse too.


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