Yes, Your Businesses Really Does Need to Update its Website

Update its Website

A decade ago, businesses were being warned of the dire consequences of not having a web presence. Now that just about every business is online, those same web developers are warning them that simply having an attractive website is not enough, it needs to be regularly updated. Clever marketing to ensure continued demand? Not really. The truth is Update its Website up to date can bring a return on investment that makes it more than worthwhile.

Attracting the right traffic- Update its Website

It’s easy to get caught up in the SEO hype of seeking to boost traffic at all costs. But traffic at a website is like browsers in a shop. Nice to have, but they don’t help the bottom line unless they buy something. What really matters is leads, and to get those, quality of traffic is more important than quantity. In other words, you need to be targeting the right audience. For example, this Austin web design company describes how rebranding one of its clients’ websites led to a 118 percent increase in leads.

Mobile responsiveness

If your website was built 5-10 years ago, some thought was probably given to mobile friendliness. That, however, is just not good enough in 2021, when well over half, and perhaps as much as two thirds of web traffic comes from mobile devices. What was considered mobile friendly a few years ago could fall well below what is expected today. For example, ccs code ensures your page renders quickly and looks its best regardless of the size or type of device being used.

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Speeding up loading time

Speaking of pages coming up quickly, Pingdom ran some research on how loading time correlates with bounce rate and it makes for some sobering reading. A page that takes two seconds to load has an average bounce rate of nine percent. If the loading time increases to three seconds, the bounce rate soars to 38 percent. When you think about the number of sales leads that could be heading for a competitor’s website due to that one extra second, it’s enough to send even the most level headed business owner into a cold sweat.

Now, more than ever, your business needs a solid web presence in order to thrive. Keeping your website regularly updated can spell the difference between success and disaster in these challenging times.

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