5 Best Gifts for Software Developers That They Will Love

Gifts for Software Developers

It is always a pleasure to feel love and care from your beloved ones. Software developers are not an exception. These pros might have enough money, but they often lack the time to go shopping. Even if they pretend that they do not need any presents, we recommend finding one for a special occasion. Do you have a software developer in your family? Perhaps, it’s your close friend or spouse. We have collected some of the best ideas for gifts for software developers and such professionals.

Eco-friendly Water Bottle

Have you heard of the so-called “8×8 rule?” The thing is healthcare experts recommend drinking something around eight 8-ounce glasses per day (approximately a couple of liters). Not all people realize the importance of this resource for our organism. If you really care about your friend or spouse who works as a software developer, you may want to prepare an exclusive water bottle as a gift.

If you’re on a tight budget, getting a completely insulated, eco-friendly water bottle from waterbottle.io might be a great solution. Most of these gifts are durable. You can count on the same-day shipping if you forgot about the birthday or you usually do everything at the last minute.

Software developers need to remember to drink enough water in order to obtain all the benefits of staying hydrated!  You may add some of these benefits to a greeting card to inform the receiver about the pros of your gift:

  •     An extra amount of oxygen
  •     Formation of mucus
  •     Lubrication of joints
  •     Healthy skin and prolonged beauty
  •     Assistance with brainwork and thinking processes
  •     Maintenance of blood pressure, etc.

You can pick a customized design of the bottle if you feel like the item looks a bit boring. The bottles are very light, so the receiver won’t feel like carrying weights around, every time they put a bottle in the bag.

a Workplace Standing Desk

Software developers might be highly demanded, well-paid professionals nowadays. According to the Forbes statistics, they earn something around $108,000-$114,000 per month. However, all people love presents, no matter how much they earn.

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On the Giftwits website, one can find plenty of excellent ideas, including a workplace standing desk. It serves as a savior for people who have to sit day long in the office or at home. It suits both freelance and in-house software developers.

Most office employees are too tired to visits the gym after a hard-working day. To maintain their healthy lifespan, such people should work for other ways out. For example, they might think about solutions that would work in the office.

Did you know that simply standing can improve the blood pressure and overall feeling after working for hours in front of the computer? It is possible to use the standing desk at any time all day long. In its studies, BBC News warns office workers about the adverse consequences of sitting in one place all day long.

Thanks to this fitness tool, your beloved ones will be able to stay healthy without wasting time on gyms. It is a perfect solution for lazy home-sitters as well.

Its ergonomic design allows switching the standing desk from one height to another, so it is a universal solution. This product costs more than the previous one, but it’s definitely worth its costs!

Different Types of Games

All software developers like playing games as they basically love everything related to IT. From outdated Nintendo and Sony games to apps for PlayStation 4, Xbox, and PC – the choice is broad.

 We would recommend purchasing an RPG, strategy, open-world, role-playing, etc. In other words, developers prefer games where you have to think instead of blindly jumping and killing everyone around, like in arcades or shooters.

The best idea is to specify the preferences before deciding on what to buy. Perhaps, you can afford to purchase a brand new gaming console for a close person. They will enjoy both solutions for sure! Software developers usually recommend:

  •   Minecraft
  •   Diablo
  •   Divinity
  •   Heroes
  •   GTA
  •   WarCraft
  •   Skyrim
  •   DragonAge
  •   Lara Croft and Temple of Osiris
  •   Borderlands: Handsome Edition
  •   Rayman Legends
  •   The Witcher
  •   Fifa 2015
  • Assassin’s Creed, etc.

The choice of games is almost unlimited, so you should be very careful to specify the gaming console and its version.

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an Online Course

While some developers aim high to learn another programming language, many of them have other interests. For example, many IT experts share that they would be happy to master another language or something related to SEO, marketing, product management, etc. Perhaps, your friend wishes to study a subject he or she did not take at school or college.

Numerous online academies offer to tutor, and it is the fastest way today to learn something new without distracting too much. Of course, you may purchase a course related to the current position of a software developer.

Anyway, as official statistics show, comprehensive training e-programs lead to a 218% higher revenue per employee. Who knows – maybe, you are the one to help your friend with their career growth and professional development.

Special B-Day Certificates

If you have absolutely no idea what your friend or beloved person may like, think about purchasing a gift certificate. Most of the software developers and other IT experts lack physical activity. Thus, giving away a gym or fitness certificate is one of the best possible ideas.

One can also buy a certificate to attend a massage salon. Thai massage is very popular now, and your friend will definitely enjoy it after a long working day or week.

Doing sports is about improving both health and lifestyle in general. That is why you may also come up with a certificate that allows visiting swimming pools, taking a bike ride, surfing, diving, skiing, and more. If a person does not know how to ride a bike or ski, it is a great chance to learn and find a new hobby.

Another great idea is to provide a certificate for body care, cosmetics, or clothing. Everyone likes clothing but has different tastes. It is difficult to guess what the specific person will enjoy, so leave this choice to them by gifting a certificate; in the long run, your buddy will appreciate your present.

Those are the most popular ideas for a perfect gifts for software developers . To help them get inspired, you may also think about something like a book, CD, or table game. There is always room for imagination!


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