Top Tips For Making Money From Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Making Money From Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is one of the most played and hotly contested Esports titles in the world, and arguably the most lucrative game to pursue as a career prospect and earn money from cs go. With the pro scene in the game reaching more and more areas of the world, and platforms such as’s UMode offering some of the most innovative player vs. house skill gaming wagering features found anywhere online, there’s never been a better time to dive in and start earning from your skills in the server. 

Here are some top tips for getting ahead of the competition and start making money from cs go (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive).

Keep Calm

CS:GO is a game renowned for its ability to trigger its players and bring out the toxicity in all of its players from time to time. When playing games with real money from cs go on the line, being in control of your emotions is an absolutely non-negotiable trait to possess. Being triggered and flipping out at a game has proven to take away from your performance in the server, causing distractions and often leading to players making mistakes by going out of their way to hunt down kills in a game like CS:GO.

Sadly being triggered and getting frustrated is an occupational hazard in the world of gaming, and the high pressure environment of having money riding on your performance only raises the stakes and makes losing your focus all the more hazardous. 

Never underestimate the power of stepping back after a frustrating round and taking a deep breath. If there’s something you need to reassess about your performance in the round, it’s always good to do so, but otherwise keeping your eyes metaphorically narrowed on what’s ahead of you is always the better strategy. 

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Hone Your Map Pool

Every player who has ever touched the game of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a good couple of maps they love and a plethora of maps that they absolutely cannot stand. And just like the orgs and players playing at the absolute top table of the game, it is so much easier to ensure you’re winning most of the games you play when you’re able to pick into the maps you have spent plenty of time honing. 

If you don’t like a map or don’t feel comfortable playing on it, don’t waste your time practicing for it. It’s one of the key differences between casual players playing the game for some variety, and those who seriously want to make money playing games. You’re not there to necessarily enjoy all the game has to offer, you’re there to ensure you’re able to beat out your competition and prove your worth.

Pick one or two maps in the game to focus on, invest all of your time on those maps until you know them inside and out. In a game like CS:GO, you have to know all the callouts, rotations, each of the utility and all of their placements and which weapons are best suited to the map. So not only hone your map selection, but hone your skills to certain parts of the map too.  

Do A Lot Of Deathmatch

It’s up to personal preference ultimately how players like to practice the game, however Esports experts such as have routinely stressed just how invaluable the time spent doing deathmatches can be for a player. The format allows players to either swap between various weapons to recreate the feeling of upgrading and saving during an official matchmaking game, or stick on one weapon throughout and become a pro with it without having to worry about their finances stretching too thin. 

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There are always an abundance of players to play with, with a skill level similar to yours when you match into them, and they have that perfect blend of human volatility and skill that an AI opponent simply can’t conjure up. 

Thinking on your feet and adapting to unforeseen positions and plays from your opponents is something else that deathmatch can boast about possessing that other forms of practice don’t as well, and help out take out the threat of having some impossible-to-predict moments getting in the way of you and winning big. 

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