Five Modern Ways To Improve a Call Center

Improve a Call Center

Even though they often go unacknowledged, call centers present a foundation for building a trusting relationship between a customer and a company. Unfortunately, as businesses grow, so does the need for customer support. Many owners avoid hiring additional agents to avoid bigger expenses, which ultimately leads to overwhelmed and unsatisfied workers. The following five tips  to improve a call center present an alternative, modern ways to deal with this problem and achieve the best possible outcome. In this blog, you will know Five Modern Ways To Improve a Call Center.

  1. Improving Efficiency with Audio Conversion- Improve a Call Center

While it’s good to have a backup of all processed calls, let’s face it – a large percentage of them never gets analyzed or given a second overview. This is because re-listening to thousands of hours worth of audio would require a proportionate amount of workers, which isn’t achievable. However, converting all that audio to text would make this process not only possible, but also fairly quick to do. By equally dividing all of that work, your employees will be able to resolve more customer complaints each day, while also building their own experience. Furthermore, due to the lightweight nature of text files which take up a mere couple of kilobytes, your hardware related expenses are going to be significantly reduced.

However, in order for the transcriptions to be analyzed, they have to be acquired first. As it turns out, there’s a tool just for that purpose.

  1. Using Audext to Uncover Mistakes

When you have a written representation of calls for each individual worker, you can measure their performance and give them some guidelines on how to improve. Audext makes all of this possible through its fully automated, AI transcription process which is able to convert an hour of audio in just seven minutes. Since the result comes with pre-included speaker labels, you’ll be able to easily filter out only the things which your employee said. Using the find & replace feature of Audext’s built-in editor, you can precisely mark the sections which you want to be more thoroughly analyzed.

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If that’s not good enough, you can use a slider to modify the audio’s playback speed and find possible mistakes manually. This app opens the doors to a lot of new possibilities, such as the integration of software regarding speech analytics as well as call duration and response times. In addition, you can send the corresponding transcriptions of good workers to those less efficient in order to motivate them to improve, since the textual copies of completed calls are now easily shareable.

  1. Collect & Organize Statistics

Recognizing common problems is a vital step in improving the overall efficiency of your customer support. This is quite hard to achieve through audio files, since it’s impossible to simultaneously listen to more than one recording. On the other hand, one person can go through multiple text files, write down in short notes the problems that are occurring and deduct the common theme out of all of them. Since Audext offers the option of exporting to .DOC files, these reports can be made quite formal. Afterwards, everyone can compare their findings through a business meeting and establish both strong and weak links.

For even better results, you can use corresponding graphing software for a visual representation of all the data. Form the so-called guiding processes for all of the uncovered common problems and put them to use as soon as possible.

  1. Analyze & Optimize

Changing up the way the whole system works can be quite a scary move, and it might not even show its results immediately. You’ll have to be persistent and dedicated, which implies tutoring your employees on all of the newly implemented methods. The first week is the most important, as everyone will try to grow accustomed to the working regime. Regularly organize conferences, analyze the progress of each individual and optimize the system accordingly. Be flexible and open to changes instead of strictly sticking to a premade plan. Once you’ve reached a smooth workflow, you can expect your call center’s efficiency to grow exponentially.

  1. Give Agents Freedom
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While it’s good to have some rules set in place, an overwhelming amount can negatively impact your employees’ happiness and in turn, productivity. The aforementioned guiding processes are a good starting point and provide quite a bit of organization, but anything more than that can make the agents’ job repetitive and tedious. Let your workers think for themselves – not only will this improve their efficiency, but also their work skills and problem-solving capabilities. Even if they do something that you don’t think they should, it’s easy to warn them.

By implementing a combination of these five tips to Improve a Call Center, improvement is guaranteed along with some possible money savings.

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