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For people who are looking for the best voice changer discord options. So, this article will be the best solution for you. So, We will discuss all the best voice changer discord and answer all of your most frequently asked questions. After reading our article, you can decide which software works for you.

The voice change device refers to software that can change the user’s voice’s height or tone. It can record audio and exchange with other people via email or on social networking websites such as Discord, Skype, Steam, or game is trolling. So, These apps contain a simple interface with a wide range of effects that can be applied in real-time.

Below is a carefully selected list of the best free voice change apps with their popular features and websites’ links. So, The list has open sources of Voice Changer for Discord (free).

Changing voices in Discord

For me, voice changer discord is one of the unique software of its kind. At the time, you probably imagined it, but now it’s true. So, The way the voice changes looks beautiful. The software will significantly benefit the people who stay online for long hours. But, You can enjoy your voice and convert it into various forms and different sounds. Users will be surprised to see how you sound in both male and female voices. So, You can easily fool your friends and family members online. Already voice changer discord got massive success among social media users.

Some people use voice changer discord to make the conversation fun and enjoyable. The software will allow you to communicate in both text and voice form. Many famous gamers and streamers use the app more frequently. The internet users are happy about the new trend. It can be used as a tool to meet new friends and surprise your existing friends. It will help you to make your friendship stronger. If you talk with your old friends about changing your voice, they will surely enjoy the fact.

We will not keep you waiting. So, We have a list of the best voice changer discord to present to you. You can use the apps on various social media and online sites. However, different software has different outlook and features. But if you read our article till the end, you will have an idea which one to choose. What should you select?


The interface clownfish may look simple, but it has tons of features available on the software. It offers excellent customization as you want. It has an inbuilt sound player to check the sound.

An audio editing tool will help to edit or cute audios. So, You can mix audio with other music. All these features are available to make your recording more attractive. We added some of the pros and cons we have found during our review. Here’s some of the information given.


It’s free

Supports Windows 10/8/7 / XP

Installing parts is simple and faster for a person who is not versed in technology.


Some voices have accents.

The limited voice in the girls’ category


The software name MorphVOX is one of the top picked software among the users. So, It offers two versions; one is free, and the other one is paid. But, The user interface looks elegant and easy to use. However, You will get all the necessary features linked to the homepage.


Lower system requirements

Has lots of sound effects

You can create your shortcuts.


The paid version is a bit cool.

For some people, the interface may seem cluttered.

Installation can be a bit daunting.


If you want me to name a single software that works all of your voice changer discord, I will call it. So, It has plenty of cool features. But, You can run the software smoothly. So, All the work can be done within a few minutes. You will not have an obnoxious experience. If you want a quality voice changer discord, go for it without thinking a bit. Here some of the additional information.


Sounds good.

Easier to install

It’s easier to bypass functions.


A paid version where you’ll find most features

The paid version is hidden until you download it.

Voxal Voice Changer

The software called voxal voice changer looks okay to me. The software has a simple and easy user interface. People can operate the software even if you never used any similar software of its kind. You will see all the key features are highlighted. You will not get puzzled to choose in between. In the paid version, all the key features are written in bold sentences. You will get the difference when you install the application. But there are some drawbacks I found while testing. The software is paid and I have to pay a high amount to use it. If you don’t want to spend money then wait and read the reviews of our remaining software reviews.


Fewer CPU requirements

It’s easy to understand features.

Impeccable interface

It is regarding time, adding effects to voice.


Compatibility with Steam and no

Filled with ads if you stick to the free version

Similarities invoices

Changing voices in Discord.

Extraordinary compared to other simple to-utilize programs on this rundown. So, The interface is all around considered, with a direct impact that will make you resemble a program. But, All the fundamental highlights are recorded on the landing page.

You can utilize any of them immediately without squandering energy on his inquiry. The program doesn’t have a site. So you need to download it through an outsider site. There, discovering this program online will be additional testing since he doesn’t have an official site to help him.


Connecting is simple

Choosing votes here is quick and straightforward.

Low CPU load


It’s harder to install

Finding the ht version that suits you is hard.

The developer no longer supports the product.

Super voice change

Extraordinary compared to other simple to-utilize programs on this rundown. But, The interface is all around considered, with a direct impact that will make you resemble a program. So, All the fundamental highlights are recorded on the landing page.

You can utilize any of them immediately without squandering energy on his inquiry. The program doesn’t have a site. So you need to download it through an outsider site. There, discovering this program online will be additional testing since he doesn’t have an official site to help him.


So, The ability to customize is always a good sign.

Save your settings for your next project.

CPU power shines


It’s harder to install

AV Voice Changer Diamond

AV Voice Changer is one of the highly recommended voice changing discord in our list. However, you have to spend money on it. But, It offers many important features that you might need in your life. With these essential features, you can do a lot in your daily life. So, You can achieve the top-notch result.


Someone can easily cut, share, or even edit the audio files you will produce. These features will help you greatly to improve voice quality.

It works with many popular apps such as Skype and another streaming service.


The software price is really high $99

Audio for entertainment

If you are looking for plenty of cool features in one software. Audio for entertainment will be the perfect choice for you. You will get a really attractive user interface. The software works with Skype app. You can also use the app for general use. If you are looking for the best application for Skype, I will recommend the software without a thought. The software has two different versions. The first one is free to use and for the other one you have to pay. If you want to have fun in the long run, you can think of buying the paid version. In case, if you don’t have a budget, you can choose the free version.


Extended toolkit

Free and paid trials

Individual option for better software processing.


Not the best voice changer for Discord, but Skype.

The paid version is expensive.

Discord users won’t get as many benefits from this app as Skype users.

Many users will find it challenging to understand the software.

Voice changer

This app is excellent compared to other simple methods to change your voice on the Internet. This application makes it exceptional compared to other voice changes devices for the discord. So, if you use the site to create the source for the discord structure, it will help. What a mess. But you did it. This program may work on an off-chance that you have an active discount.


The voices here are funny.

Many dissenting users prefer this app to everything else.


will have to link it to Discord manually

Wooden accents that make it silently understandable.

RoboVox Voice Changer

Roblax Voice Changer is a standout jump among other voice change devices, so you can record your voice live and change your voice continuously. Like other applications in Rutown, you will find a similar lye and optional. However, you should choose the best one.

The most notable feature of this application is the download cycle; However, here, numerous fraudulent destinations provide a free form. So, many downloads will crash your PC or run malware within your structure. So if you want to go with it, be a little more careful.


There is a parrot function that will do what you think. It’ll repeat the sentence.

You can save and share your voice recording at the touch of a button.

This app has 32 different voice variants.


Outdated interface

The paid version is a little more expensive because it only gives you the free features’ best performance.

Free service is minimal. They make you buy a paid version.

Voice changer with effects

You can get more from this voice change tool. However, one of the fundamental problems with this application is that it is effective with the discord. Here you have to physically cut the word. So, the application is made for cell phones. On a PC, it does not give you a specific view that you depend on. However, the application is complex and is an additional burden with the affected redundancies highlights. However, the cell phone application is quite easy to use.


Packages in many voices

You can save a lot of notes.

It’s easier to understand and bypass the software.


Delay in changing voice from one to the other

Permission to access your external storage

It’s hard to link to Discord.

Frequently asked questions

How do I change my voice in Discord?

There are many apps available that will make you quickly change the voice. But, You have to open the discord. Switch on the app and customize options from the settings. You have to set different settings for each audio and video option. After changing the opportunity, you’re good to go. Now you can easily be the voice changer.

Is Voicemod for Discord safe?

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The voice changer discord is safe and legal to use. You can download it and use it. But remember, it will be considered illegal. So, You can use it with many famous apps. Even you can use it in your streaming services. It would be really fun.

Train your friends and protect them with voice change apps

Voice-change apps are fun. I’ve rarely been online to the discs, but someone may have fun with these voice-change apps for the go-to discount and are great for streamers who would like to have fun in the live streaming.

So, Check these applications and write to the section in the comments below to inform us which one you like the most.



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