Benefits That Hidden Behind an Essay Sample

an Essay Sample

Many students sometimes have difficulties with paper writing. In some cases, you can find a way to deal with your assignment, but what to do if you completely don’t know how to handle your task? There are two secrets that can help you with such a problem. First of all, you can order coursework, essay, research paper, etc. on the well-known service On that site, you can get help from a writer. You will have the opportunity to contact that writer during the writing process. This option is great if you don’t have enough time to handle your writing on your own an Essay Sample. In this blog, you will know Benefits That Hidden Behind an Essay Sample.

Some students believe that essay writing is too difficult, but with the right sample, it is possible. We can absolutely confirm it because it can serve as a template for your own writing. It can make a positive impact on the way you write papers. It will show how to structure your paper in a proper way. In the sample, you can find some valuable ideas if you need to write an essay on a similar topic. In any case, a sample will demonstrate how to deal with papers like a professional writer. The following example will make you understand what kind of writing is expected from you

What Was The Reformation? What Did It Accomplish?

Christianity has been the most widespread religion in Europe for centuries. By the 16th century, the pope had greater military and political influence than some royalty. The commoners followed the Christian church’s every command and were told that the pope, not the Bible, was an ultimate spiritual authority. Martin Luther, the German priest, began questioning the church in the early 16th century. Amongst all the disinformation it was spreading, the Christian church also started selling indulgences, which were supposed to reduce the sins of the person who purchased them. Believing that as in the Bible, one should be only forgiven for their sins through the redemption, Martin Luther pinned 95 theses on the door of the church. According to Luther, repentance was the only true way to heaven, so he started spreading his ideas throughout Europe, and in just a couple of years, he gained a considerable amount of followers. All the dispute and controversy between the two arguing parts led to a division between the Christian church, commonly known as a schism.

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This kind of separation meant that the stability and the monopoly of the catholic church were over. The invention of the printing press helped Luther to spread his ideas. He also wanted people to read the Bible to have their own ideas about Christianity and not only trust the so he translated and, by the help of the printing press, made available for the commoners to read the Bible. During the 16th century, many people started having their views about Christianity, movements were established, and the division of Christian church named the Reformation took place. As an American philosopher and a priest, Francis Schaeffer, said: “Reformation is a return to the sound doctrine of the Bible. Revival is the practice of that sound doctrine under the power of the Holy Spirit.”

In conclusion, what the Reformation accomplished Martin Luther’s incentive to overview the church’s teachings led not only to parting Christian church in two opposite parts but also made way for people to form their movements, according to their individual beliefs and views about Christianity.

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