Explore GogoPDF: Your Online PDF Merger Tool to Combine Your PDF Files

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PDF is a universal file format that most people use for their electronic files tool. It’s portable. That’s why you can easily view PDFs on your laptop or smartphone. You can even easily share PDF files to your friends and colleagues’ devices, and uploading them online, whenever necessary, will never be a problem. 

However, if you have tons of PDF files that you use every day for whatever reason, it might require much of your time to organize them in your file storage properly. That’s why you’ll need a system to help your job done most efficiently. The best platform you can find online is GogoPDF. It’s a website that has a PDF merger tool you can use for free. 

The tool will allow you to combine multiple PDFs into one single PDF file. Here are the essential details of the easiest way of merging your PDF files using the file merger of GogoPDF 100% safe and free. 

Merge PDFs Quickly

People with a hectic schedule always find time so valuable. That’s why they always opt for using an online tool that can process their requests as quickly as possible. If you’re also a busy person, it’s a perfect idea to use the online merger tool of GogoPDF to combine PDF documents in a single file. 

The process is fast and straightforward. You simply upload the PDF files you want to combine on the online merger tool of GogoPDF. The system will then initiate the merging process that will usually take a few minutes, but sometimes it’ll take longer depending on how many files you’re merging. The more files you combine, the more time you’ll need. 

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Whenever ready, you can save the merged files in your computer file storage or smartphone. That’s the easiest way of combining your files using the PDF merger tool of GogoPDF. 

User-Friendly Merger Tool

You can find the PDF merger tool of GogoPDF on its official website. It’s convenient to use because the site has a simple web interface with different buttons and a few links easy to understand. It doesn’t require you to be a tech-savvy person. Even if it’s your first time using the tool and visiting the website, you’ll never encounter any navigation issues. Just follow the simple steps in merging your PDF files by clicking a few buttons, and it gets done. 

Merger Tool Compatibility Features

Besides being a user-friendly tool to use, the PDF merger of GogoPDF is compatible with many devices. You can upload your PDFs on the merger tool online using a desktop or laptop computer, and even a tablet or smartphone you’re using every day. GogoPDF also accepts uploads from Linux, Mac, and Windows. 

Moreover, since the merger tool of GogoPDF is on its official website, you need to access a safe web browser. You can use Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and many others. That’s why many long-time PDF users keep using the GogoPDF platform because of the convenience it gives from its compatibility features. 

Safe Merger Tool

As a PDF user, it’s one of your responsibilities to keep your files safe all the time. The developers of GogoPDF fully understand your concern. That’s why they created the GogoPDF platform, making all your files safe as its top priority. After you download the merged files to your computer or smartphone, the system will then delete the files you uploaded online.

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GogoPDF will remove your PDF files entirely and permanently from its server or online file storage. That will surely make you confident that all of your PDF files are safe in GogoPDF. 


It’s not easy to organize tons of PDF files on your computer or smartphone. However, with the help of the PDF merger tool of GogoPDF online, your job becomes easy. Hence, if you need a merger tool next time for your PDF files, don’t forget to check GogoPDF


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