5 Things You Should Know About Poppers!

Know About Poppers

There is a lot of confusion out there about what poppers are and what they are used for – especially since Sam smith recently admitted to using them. In reality, they are a room odouriser that anyone can use to cut through bad odours and freshen a space. Nevertheless, they have gotten a bad reputation over the years. As a result, lots of people have been taught not to trust them. We figure its high time people knew the real truth about popper. Since education is half the battle; here are five things you ought to know about poppers, before you judge them too harshly.

5 Things You Never Know About Poppers Room Aromas!

Let’s start with the basics and assume that nobody knows what they are…

1 – Why Are They Called Poppers?

Poppers originally came into being back in the 60s and 70s. When they first broke out onto the nightclub scene, they were used as a party drug and inhaled. They were sold in packets that looked like little pearls. You would bite into them to release the scent that you then inhaled. When you bit into the poppers pear it made a ‘pop’ sound… hence the name.

2 – How Can Poppers be Used Incorrectly?

Nowadays, we use them to take care of tough smells around the household – but there is still widespread misuse of the substance they are made from. Poppers are made from alkyl nitrites; a substance which gives a heady rush when sniffed. To misuse poppers, all you need to do is inhale them directly from the bottle. Any reputable seller will tell you not to do this. 

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In order to avoid any side affects you should make sure you use them in well ventilates spaces.

3 – Why Are Poppers So Popular?

They are exceedingly good at fighting the toughest of smells. If you are sick of tackling a stubborn stink in your home, poppers will do the job. As an added bonus they do leave the user feeling invigorated and refreshed. The nitrites are able to boost blood circulation, as well as having a few other empathetic effects on the body.

4 – What are the Side Effects?

There are side effects to poppers, and they get worse the longer you use them for. A general rule is to replace the cap if you get dizzy. If you are inhaling poppers (using them incorrectly) you are likely to suffer from:

  • Headaches or dizziness
  • Possible fainting or light-headedness
  • Eye problems through prolonged misuse
  • In the worst instance, methemoglobinemia

If you simply replace the cap if you start to feel dizzy, then you can avoid all of this. Poppers are not meant for users to sniff. Poppers are a room aroma. 

5 – Why are Poppers Banned in some Countries?

Poppers are banned in countries like Canada, but a government move to ban them in the UK in 2016 backfired. Some say the plans were aborted due to a technicality, while Tory MP Crispin Blunt admitted to using them in the past and attacked the potential ban. Under UK legislation, poppers are not considered officially psychoactive, allowing them to escape the far reaching legislation that now impacts on sales of ‘legal highs’ in the UK. Poppers UK sales, are more commonly made via online.

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The active ingredients in poppers are banned in France, and heavily regulated in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Throughout North America the active ingredient Butyl Nitrite was outlawed in 1988. Other types of poppers are still legal for commercial purposes. For a full and detailed list on the legality of poppers see Wikipedia.

Are Poppers Making a Come Back?- Know About Poppers

The truth of the matter is that poppers never really went away. For years they have been misused as a muscle relaxant, but if you plan on using them for a room odouriser then there really is no harm done. If you want to sniff poppers you need to be aware of the side effects. Otherwise – they can kill any known odour, dead!

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