Google Voice for Business-A Complete Review

google voice for business


Google Voice for Business-If there are things most are hooked into, it’s freebies. Therefore we attempt to grab anything we will for free of charge, from “buy one get one free, “But subsequently turn an equivalent mindset onto business, and suddenly things get tons more complicated.

However, how does one know whether a free VoIP solution like Google Voice is basically “no strings attached”? Then do you have to put unconditional trust within the almighty Google brand? Why does Google Voice work for a few users but not others? When you’re battling those sorts of questions, it’s time for a fast catch-up.

Here are Google Voice pros and cons we’ll cover during this article-Basics and privacy, Business convenience, and Features for business development

You’ll also find out how MightyCall solutions effectively close the communication gaps left open by Google Voice. And allow you to specialize in cost-effective growth lastly.

Google Voice for Business: Basics and Privacy

Google acquired VoIP technology in 2009. Skype seemed the apogee virtual calling innovation, albeit one that also tied our computer. Therefore GVoice came along. People jumped at the thought of a free virtual telephone line that worked with their cellphone. The answer seemed so calm. And Google Voice turned heads even within the tiny world.

What can Google Voice do for business 2021?

Just like ten years ago, Google Voice recruits clients with the offer of a free virtual number that they will use for private or business purposes. But now I suggest it will redirect all incoming calls to the GVoice number to your mobile, almost like other VoIP solutions. Then You’ll also prefer to route this number to many different devices which can ring simultaneously.

Reliable caller ID

Look around, and you’ll see Google Voice has the caller ID feature. Now look closer, and you’ll see it has it. One of the foremost frequent problems Google Voice users report is trouble with their caller ID. For one, calls dialed from your mobile touchpad will use your ID. However, only calls from the Google Voice app will show up GVoice number. Besides, Google also shows trouble syncing contacts with other voice systems like Hangouts, suggesting incoming calls from your contacts may fail to seem intrinsical. Thus they can cause confusion between business and personal needs. Moreover, sending SMS from a GV number involves more caller ID trouble.

Google Voice is no exception other social apps:

Your communication call logs, information calls, messages, and voicemail stored on Google servers, side by side with the remainder of the data gathered about you by Google. Whether you would like to share the privacy of your conversations and messages with Google is for you to make a decision. Still, it seems your data isn’t strictly private when it involves any free welfare work like Google.

MightyCall solution

Unlike Google Voice – a VoIP solution that is a small part of Google’s mega-corporation simply. MightyCall focuses exclusively on Virtual Telephony for over 15 years. No wonder we’ve had tons of your time to believe small and mid-sized business needs.

Here are three essential things we’ve learned:

 First impressions are vital.

Firstly a toll-free or verify the number with a friendly call menu may be a massive leap from a manageable local number and standard voicemail system for a small business. Albeit you’re just starting as a part-time business, your customers will appreciate the professional approach.

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 Every SMB owner needs a work/life balance.

Only possible once you keep a business break away from your personal life. The mighty call never confuses calls or SMS dialed to your MightyCall business number with personal calls/messages directed to your regular mobile.

Choosing between cost-effectiveness and reliability isn’t an option.

It would help if you had both. While this doesn’t mean an excellent service is often free (because of all the diligence that goes into developing a product daily). It does mean it’s no hidden costs and provides what it says.

Google Voice for Business: business convenience

When you get something free of charge, it is sensible not to expect an excessive amount. But how does one reconcile a primary feature set with modern business demands? Retain customers. For instance, most free products drop their “no strings attached” policy and offer additional services for extra fees. But Google Voice is not an exception to the rule.

Here’s what you’ll get for free of charge truly, what you’ll get to buy, and also what you ought to be prepared to choose.

Local Area Codes

On the upside, Google Voice allows settling on verification with an area code free of charge, where the downside is that you’re sure a game of “musical chairs” where most of the great numbers are already taken. What if your business is in one among the nation’s populous cities? However, Good luck finding available area codes on Google voice pages.

Toll-free/verify numbers-thus Google Voice offers only a limited list of local numbers to settle on. Therefore toll-free or vanity numbers aren’t supported.

 Extensions/call flows:

Call flows and extensions super useful if your business involves quite two people. Also, it gives a knowledgeable image and therefore saves you time on providing info delegated to an automatic voice system. Because Google Voice isn’t a VoIP provider, fixing a structured call flow can’t possible finally.

HD audio quality:

As Google Voice does not support top-notch HD audio and relies heavily on Wi-fi, the connection may get sloppy, counting on your location. However, if you think that Google Voice is as infallible as Google Search, then take one to check out the Google Voice Help Forum. By the way, if you discover yourself within the same position as those users, that’s also the sole official resource you’ll have access to, apart from Google.

Mighty call solution:

The mighty call offers all of the above business features free of charge on all three plans that support every business out there.

In contrast to grab-a-number services, likewise – Google Voice, Mighty Call gives you a knowledgeable image with an area, vanity, or toll-free number of your choice. Hence you’ll keep using your current business number with our free number port.

As Mighty Call’s telephony system is incredibly reliable and is consistently updated by our team of developers, you’ll be confident of high-quality audio wherever you’re calling. And it would help if you ever had our advice or help. Our support team is usually just after a call, a chat, or a message away.

Finally, our plans design for any type/size of business and put you in charge. There’s no long-term contract, no hidden fees, and no mix-up about what you’re paying. Besides, you’ll see for yourself anytime with our free trial.

Google Voice for Business: Business development

Furthermore, growth is some things every business truly, regardless of how presently small, has on its radar. Again one of the only cost-effective ways to retain loyal customers and convey new ones is revolutionizing your communication system. Thus VoIP systems have come up with an entire array of impressive customer-centric features for clients to feel knowledgeable about everything they are doing.

Let’s check out some smart features provided and not Google Voice, SMS.

Google Voice usually uses Wi-fi. Therefore mobile data send texts and messages at no additional charge (for SMS sent to U.S. and Canadian numbers). However, that works fine for private use but not for business: replying to texts automatically forwarded to your mobile will betray your caller ID.

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When you don’t have any time to concentrate on multiple voicemails, scanning through their text is often tons easier. Likewise, VoIP providers Google Voice offers this feature to its users. However, make sure to concentrate on any critical messages –no voice-to-text system is strictly foolproof and should cause occasional confusion. Necessary conferencing with up to three additional people is supported within the google voice app.

Call menus:

You have a business well-managed call flow all difference and save an excellent deal of your time. Furthermore, an informative call menu includes custom voice greeting, prompts business information that’s continuously updated, and instant connection to the person clients got to reach. Though as a nonbusiness option, Google Voice has no structured call flow or call menus for your clients.

 Business contacts storage

While Google Voice features an essential Contacts section, it will save any business contacts you and your Google account. Thus your phone becomes a confusing jumble of personal and work references that will make sense. Moreover, with Google Voice, there are also no thanks to sync business contacts within teams, leading to the shortage of a shared client base.

Comprehensive dashboard

Again communication may be a service and hence wishes to be managed from one place. Moreover, it is often the place that will store call logs, missed calls, call recordings (if necessary), voice-to-text transcriptions, and call analytics which will offer you plenty of useful data. Thus, this data bit by bit via Gmail or Hangouts (as Google suggests) isn’t exactly an option within a busy workday.

Integrated web widgets

Any business features a webpage or social media presence. But unfortunately, Google Voice does nothing to use to your advantage. As a result, you’ll need to use additional services (with different costs and apps to check) to supply the handy chat and call-back options your clients expect to ascertain.

MightyCall solution

The great thing about a few professional VoIP solutions likewise, MightyCall expands business. You’ll never grow out of its features. Here are just a couple of challenges our VoIP system is prepared to unravel you.

Think about adding more staff?

We have unlimited extensions after-hour call routing, call screening, and custom voicemail for you and every new colleague free on all plans in the same way.

Are you running short on time?

Our auto-attendant and custom voice system will prevent tons. Then are you looking for simple, built-in CRM functionality? MightyCall’s innovative Contact Book PLUS is quite an area store business contacts. Thus a mini CRM built right into our VoIP system allows you to import business contacts and discuss interactions with clients right within the journal section shared with your team. Usually, it’s easy to personalize customer service. Thus help the entire team stay track of individual client inquiries. Better of all, the mini-CRM comes freed from extra charge on all MightyCall plans. Find it both within the user profile and, therefore, the MightyCall Mobile App for one-touch convenience on the go.

Need to improve customer retention?

Consequently, a MightyCall plan gives you powerful call analytics and features like call recording to research work with clients. In the same way, want to draw in different categories of customers? We cover communication for young and old, introvert and extrovert clients– from calls to chats and messaging to super useful online call-back widgets. Additionally o you want to require your business across the road, city, country, and galaxy? We’ve all of these communication challenges (except, well, the intergalactic one). Hence connect any number of devices to your business number, so you never miss a call wherever you’re and whichever office the decision is direct.

Then need single storage for all of your call data? Our comprehensive multi-activity dashboard is going to a favorite place for overlooking.


While it’s convenient “lite” VoIP software for private use, using Google Voice for business is like putting a foot into the incorrect shoe. You’ll pretend fit. But feel confident, managing a business saves time, ditch extra costs, avoid the ‘free stuff’ choose a transparent and cost-effective VoIP solution that supported your business size and wishes. Finally, you’ll be amazed at how this reliable approach transforms business for both you and your customers.


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