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Geometry dash Apk mod

As the name of the game Geometry dash, apk suggests the game has a lot to with the geometry. This interesting and wonderful game is a sort of platform arcade game. The first version of this interesting game was released in 2013 for the first time. The name of the developers of this unique and interesting platform arcade game is Robert Topala which is one of the top-ranked developers in the world of games and has gained a lot of fame in the recent time.

An interesting fact about the developers of the game is that this very developer has also developed RobTop Games. Gaming is a great source of enjoyment and gaming has become very popular in the recent past and people belonging to every age group love to play games. Everyone has his own taste of interest and he plays games according to that so if you are a platform arcade game lover then this game is the best choice for you.

This game Geometry dash apk is a game that depends on its rhythm and has 20 different levels. A unique thing about the game is that for each different level of the game there is different background music so you are going to enjoy 20 different types of interesting and thrilling back ground music that will increase the thrill and charm of the game. I assure you that you will keep on playing this game for hours and you will not even realize for how long have you been playing, and the best part about it is that you will not regret about all that long hours of thrilling gaming. Also, check out the Complete geometry dash tutorial.

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You do not have to win each level to reach next level but an interesting thing about the game is that the difficulty level is increased for every single level. The game is a one touch play game that involves rhythm based action. You should keep playing this game again and again so that you increase your skill level to jump, fly and flip that are integral parts of the game. Geometry dash game is all about different shapes as we come across in geometry so this game is very good game for learning about the geometry specially for the kids.

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You touch the screen and the shape of the character changes and you keep it changing until you grt your required shape. Main thing that a player has to do is that it should use the abilities of the cube to make the ends and proceed in the game. If a cube crashes in to another cube then level starts over again from the beginning point. There are different difficulty levels of the game namely auto, easy, normal, hard, harder, insane and demon.

Geometry dash game

Geometry dash Android

An interesting thing to look here is that the demon difficulty level is further divided into many more levels and this feature is very interesting as this feature distinguishes it from the all other games of the particular genre. The demon difficulty level is further divided into easy demon, medium demon, hard demon, harder demon, insane demon and extreme demon. It is not very common to find this big variety of difficulty levels in a game. As the difficulty level increases you are given more stars to complete that level. This feature always keeps you moving in the hunger of more and more stars.

Not only the shapes of the characters are of importance, the colors of the characters are also very important and by touching the screen you can change the color according to your requirement. All these features make this game worth playing and enjoyable and that is the basic reason behind the success of Geometry Dash mod apk game among the game lovers of all age groups. Diamonds and stars are the currency of the game and you can earn them by playing the game in a well manner. You are given the choice to choose from primary colors and the secondary colors.

A good thing about the Geometry Dash android is that you can also customize the colors as well. If the player crashes into any obstacle the game stares all over again. The diamonds cannot be spent on anything but if you earn 500 diamonds then you will be able to open the secret store. The graphics of the game are very impressive as the graphics are very important thing about the ga,e. the visuals of the game are so interesting that this very feature of Geometry dash is being praised by the critics and this is the reason why the game has gained so much of fame in the world of gaming in the recent times.

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Geometry dash apk full version game can be played on your PC as well as on android smartphones. So you just have to put your hand in your pocket and take the cell phone out and start playing this incredible game after downloading it. The controls of the game are very easy so anyone can play and enjoy the game.

Geometry dash


Features of Geometry Dash apk

  • Rhythm based action platform
  • 21 different levels are there
  • Many difficulty levels are available
  • Unlock new icons
  • Practice mode
  • Different background music for each level
  • Controls are very easy
  • Graphics of the game are very impressive
  • Visuals are also very great
  • Can play on PC
  • You can play the game on android smartphone
  • Theme of the game is very unique

Mod info

  • Unlimited stars
  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Bugfixes ad tweaks
  • New icons and effects

Geometry dash apk full version

Geometry Dash in a nutshell

The game is very unique and different from many games in many different ways. The game has very good graphics making the game a top game and the visuals are also very impressive. 21 levels with each level having a different soundtrack make the game one of the best games of its own kind. So I will suggest you to play this game and I assure you that you will not regret it.

Download Geometry dash game

If you are interested in Arcade games, then the Geometry dash Apk is the best game for you. So, do not waste your time and Geometry dash apk download from our website. If you want to download the mod version of this game, then there is nothing to worry about. You can download mod version of Geometry dash mod apk from our website.

Download Geometry dash Apk

Download Geometry dash mod apk


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