Best Pioneer Avh-2300Nex Installation of 2020

pioneer avh-2300nex

Pioneer Avh-2300Nex

The Pioneer Avh-2300Nex is an Android and Apple Car Play digital display system. It is a smarter, safer, and more fun way to use your iPhone or Android in your car. Apple car play gives iPhone users an incredibly intuitive way of interacting with the system. Like making phone calls, using maps, listening to music, and giving instructions through speech or touching the display interface. It is a multimedia DVD receiver with a “7” WVGA display. Built-in Bluetooth Sirius-XM ready to connect with all mobile phones and syncs with them. Pairing with Bluetooth is easy, and it directly correlates with mobile devices.

It is compatible with the following systems:

  • Apple Car Play
  • Android Auto Play
  • App Radio mode

It also softly works with Pandora music streaming and Sirius-XM-Ready radio streaming. The car tuner can be connected to Sirius-XM radio streaming. Pioneer Avh-2300Nex is a networked entertainment line of experience with a powerful user interface. Today’s smartphone drivers’ lifestyle specially designs it.

You can do hands-free phoning just by turning on the Bluetooth mood on the device. Then you can use this function. When your phone is connected with the Pioneer AVH-2300NEX, and someone calls you on your phone. Then you can receive or cancel the call easily by just touching once on the phone. It eases your life when driving and gives an enhanced driving experience.

Precautions Before Installation

Following are the precautions that should be kept in mind when Pioneer Avh-2300Nex is installed in the vehicle:

  • It could cause injuries to the driver or a passenger if the car stops suddenly, such as in road accidents.
  • It can interfere with the driver’s operations of the car, and it may defocus the driver from the road.
  • To ensure proper installation, be sure to use supplied parts in the manner specified and prescribed on the manual.
  • Suppose any parts are not supplied with this product. Use compatible features in the manner specified after you have the part compatibility checked by your dealer.
  • Suppose parts other than supplied or compatible ones are used. Then they may damage internal components of this product, or they may work loose, and the product may detach.
  • Please do not install this product where it may obstruct the driver’s vision.
  • It may impair the performance of any of the car’s operating systems or safety. It can interfere with operations of airbags, hazard lamp buttons, or impair the driver’s ability to vehicle operations.
  • Never install this product in front or next to the place in the dashboard, door, or pillar. From which one of your vehicle’s airbags would deploy. Please refer to your car owner’s manual of the front airbags.

Before installation, you must follow these:

  • Consult with your nearest dealer if installations require drilling holes or other modifications of the car.
  • Before making the final installation connect the wiring to confirm that the connections are correct and it works properly.

Best pioneer AVH-2300NEX installation of 2020

The best process of Pioneer Avh-2300Nex installation starts when you take the unit out of the box. Then document everything that comes with the company. Then you know what the actual product is, and you have all the things enlisted with it. After that, you open the user manual and read it from front to back.

Then make sure that you know everything about the product. First, you hook the unit up to a speaker, put a CD in it, and check its working. This hooks it up to an iPod to check iPod compatibility and then look. See what other accessories that we could add to this unit, whether it be Bluetooth or HD radio. Then you measure the company and make sure that it fits your car or not.

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After measuring the width and height of your car, then measure the depth, including cables. So you know there is enough clearance in your dashboard for it to fit. Additionally, you will document it in your database wiring codes. For the head, the unit knows what color of wire it is. Whether it’s a speaker lead or a power lead, or ground lead ensure the following precautions and do not install this product at high temperature or humidity,

such as:

  • Places close to the heater, vent air conditioner.
  • This is exposed to direct sunlight, such as the top of the dashboard.
  • That may be exposed in the rain, close to the door on the vehicle’s floor.

Install this product horizontally on a surface within 0 to 30 degrees. Improper installation of the unit with the body tilted should be avoided. Installation more than tolerance increases the potential for errors in the display of the location of the vehicle; it might otherwise cause reduced display performance.

Installation Using the Screw Holes on the Side of Product

Make sure the Position of screw holes of yours Pioneer Avh-2300Nex is aligned with the screw holes of the bracket. Then tighten the screws at three locations on each side in the proper place.

It is located on the specified place on your dashboard of the car. Then use either the head screws (5mm x 9mm)or flush surface screws (5mm x 9mm). It will be according to the shape of the bracket’s screw holes in your dashboard.

For factory radio-mounting brackets, If it interferes with the installation, you may bend it down out of the way. For the dashboard or console truss head screw or flush surface, the screw is used.

Be sure to use the screw supplied with this product as it can damage the pins of screws.

Follow this process for aligning the screw holes of the Pioneer Avh-2300Nex with your car’s dashboard holes. This process gives you the proper way to fix your product in the appropriate place in your vehicle.  After this process, you must install the microphone on the dashboard of your car.

When installing the microphone in the dashboard, makes sure the microphone easily recognizes the driver’s voice. If it does not catch it quickly, then find the place where the microphone picks up the voice.

Where it is easy to pick the voice of the driver while driving the car, now I will tell you how to install a microphone in your car dashboard. This process gives you the best options to place the microphone on the dashboard of your car.

Installing the Microphone pioneer avh-2300nex

Install the microphone in a place where its distance and direction both are easy for the microphone to pick. Make sure to turn off the AC and the product before connecting the microphone depending on the vehicle model, if the length of the microphone cable is too short. In such a case, install the microphone on the steering column.

Fit the microphone lead into the groove. Attach the microphone clip to the sun visor. Use separately sold clamps to secure the lead where necessary inside the vehicle. First, you must attach the microphone lead with the groove.

After that, you place the microphone clip to the clamps. Then tape the microphone base and double-sided tape with the clamps. Install the microphone with the sun visor when it is the up Position.

It cannot recognize the driver’s voice if the sun visor is in the down Position.

Detach the microphone base from the microphone clip by sliding the microphone base while pressing the tab. Mount the microphone on the steering column. Use separately sold clamps to secure the lead where necessary inside the vehicle.

Could you keep it away from the steering wheel? In the end, you must adjust the angle of your microphone.  If your microphone angle is not in the right direction, then it’s tough for the microphone to access the voice of the driver while driving the car. This is the best way of installing Pioneer Avh-2300Nex in 2020.

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Apple Car-Play Compatibility pioneer avh-2300nex

The Pioneer Avh-2300Nex features Apple Car-play. Apple Car-play gives the iPhone users an incredibly intuitive way of the user interface. Users can use it to make calls, use maps, and listen to music and access messages.

Just say a word, or only one-touch controls your car display system and phone. It helps you with tunes and Siri suggestions and a calendar app that lets you view and manage your day, and maps. That will tell you that what’s been going around you, all these things are much more comfortable.

Car-Play features Siri voice control, and it is specially designed for driving scenarios.

Car-play also works with your car’s controls, knobs, button, touchpad or touch screen. And the apps themselves have been reimagined for the car, so you can use them while you are driving.

To activate Siri’s voice control, you just press and hold the voice control button on the steering wheel. If your Car-play-equipped vehicle has a touchscreen then you can use it to control clay mode. Car-Play also works with the knobs, dials, and buttons in the car. If it controls your screen it can manage all your things from the display.

Android Connectivity in Pioneer Avh-2300Nex

The Pioneer Avh-2300Nex also features android mobiles and smartphones. It extends the Android platform into the car. In this way, you can automatically bring useful information to be controlled by the Pioneer Avh-2300Nex display system. It organizes simple cards that appear just when they are needed.

It is designed to minimize distractions so you can stay focused on the road ahead. Android interface is compatible with Android Phones running Android 5.0(Lollipop)or later. Android Auto may not be available on all devices and it is not available in all countries or regions. Check your region and country before purchasing Pioneer Avh-2300Nex.

Androids system is also known as Android Auto. Android auto is a feature to give you a very comfortable platform to use your car independently. Just give the instructions to your car and your car moves as you want.

Android auto is used for auto driving. You just sit in your car and give directions to your car to play your music playlists radio. It’s easy interface controlling system is built to give extra comfort to the driver. If you want to play music in your car you just tell your phone to play music and music is played.

App-Radio Mode pioneer avh-2300nex

The connected car with the app radio mode of Pioneer Avh-2300Nex has taken the technology to the revolutionary game-changing system. App radio placed in the Pioneer Avh-2300Nex lets you enjoy radio tuning directly from the interface display. So you can experience control of compatible apps directly from the display of your car.

When connected to an iPhone 5 or newer iPhone, or compatible Android smartphone with the correct interface cable. Then load with pioneer’s App-Radio application, you can enjoy full on-contacts, calendar, maps, and many more things.

Pioneer has teamed up with app providers to offer compatibility with some of today’s most popular in-car apps. Also, developing an expanding catalog of compatible apps for future features and functions,

they can be easily and seamlessly added to your smartphones. Then you can also enjoy such features in your cars. For App radio Mode using an iPhone 5 or newer, compatibility requires the purchase of the CD-IU52 lightning to USB cable (sold separately).

It is also connected with radio live. The radio live simplifies your drive by combining the information you need during commute into a single interface. It makes it more comfortable and easy to use. It’s your digital lifestyle connected.

It offers quick access to personalized information in the car environment including maps, media, news, and calendar. App Radio imports content from many different sources and services which you already have. All you have to do is download the free app radio live app and sync your services.


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