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Enjoying games in PlayStation gives an excellent gaming experience. You can play more advanced games with high graphics on ps2. If you are a game addict, then you already know about the enjoyment. Playing a game in PS2 is a source of amusement for pro gamers. But, did you have thought of playing games like GTA, Resident Evil 4, and God of warlike games on Android? Yes, it is possible to play PlayStation games on Android with the help of ps2 emulator android. It is just an app that you have to install in your android phone to start streaming PlayStation games. It allows you to run the game file the same as that in ps2. But, as the sizes of the game take ample space so, you must have a good android processer for running such games on your phone.

Essential details for ps2 emulator android

Ps2 emulator is an app that can run PlayStation game files on Android. The app act as an emulator for running the BIOS file on your phone. The size of most of the emulator is less than 25 MB. PlayStation games are in BIOS format. If you want to play any of the ps2 games, then you have to download the BIOS file of the game on your Android. The emulator helps to run the ISO game files. The files open in the same way as that in ps2. The ps2 emulator android is available in the play store as well as on third party websites. The emulator is run well on your phone if you have more than 1GB ram free RAM space. But, for running high-quality games like God of war and Residental evil, you need to have a good processor instead of the available RAM space. 

How to install ps2 emulator android on your phone:-

The process of installing ps2 emulator android is the same as that of another app. Most of the emulators are available on Playstore. It is legal to use that app. You need to search for the best ps2 emulator for Android in Google to find some famous names. The most popular ps2 emulator android is DAMONPS2, KODE GAMES PS2, PPSSPP GOLD, etc.

Follow the below steps for installing ps2 emulator android:-

  • Open the play store and search for the desired emulator name with your choice and click on the install button to download the emulator to your phone.
  • If the app is not available in the play store, then go for searching all files on Google. You will find a bunch of websites streaming the .apk file of your emulator. Click on the download button to install the .apk file.
  • Note to allow new services before you install your ps2 emulator to your device.

How to set up your game file for playing in ps2 emulator android:-

The size of the game is larger the same as that of works in your PlayStation. Follow the below steps to complete the set up after downloading your game file.

  • All the game file that you download get stored in your device in the 7z.rar format.
  • You need a car extractor tool to bring out the downloaded iso game file.
  • Note that your game file won’t get detected if you don’t extract the file.
  • Open the 7z.rar folder using the help of any Rar extract if you don’t have this file extractor install on your phone search for it on play store and download it.
  • After opening the 7z.rar file, you will see some other files. But select the iso file or BIOS file and paste it inside the game folder inside the ps2 emulator folder.
  • Game emulator likes Play! Don’t have an auto-detect BIOS option. So it is necessary to paste the file inside the emulator folder to run the game.
  • But if you are using any other emulator like Damonps2, then it will detect the BIOS file automatically.
  • After pasting the ISO file inside the emulator folder, and open your android emulator app. You will find all your games inside the game’s option on your Android.
  • Tap on your game file to start playing the game.

First installation guide for ps2 emulator android

You need to do various types of setting for different games for enjoying ps2 games in your android emulator.

  • Allow permission:- The first setting you have to allow all the clearance asked by the ps2 emulator android. All the apps ask permission after their initial installation, but if it doesn’t ask, then go to your phone setting, allow the required license manually.
  • Download key file:- After the first installation, the app will download a key file from your phone. It is for knowing the identity of the phone for connecting to the server while playing the games.
  • BIOS file fetcher:- When the emulator will open, it will scan all the documents inside your phone to fetch the BIOS file of any game. It automatically detects the file and allows it to play the game directly from the app.

The requirement for fast gameplay experience:-

Many of the users face game lag problems while using ps2 emulator android. It is all because of the phone. If you have good RAM with a good processor, then you smoothly enjoy high-quality games even on your android phone.

Your phone should have the following feature for running ps2 games in the emulator:-

  • RAM:- You should have a free RAM space of more than 1 GB for playing regular ps2 games. Especially phones with RAM space of 4GB or above can be more useful.
  • Processor:- You must have a strong processor like Snapdragon 845 with 64-bit architecture to get an excellent experience even in your Android.

Configure PS2 emulator settings

The emulator has its setting by default. But you need to change the location depending upon your game. If you are playing high-quality graphics games, then you have to change some settings like Frames per second, Graphics, etc. to run the game very well on your phone. If you play it without doing any configuration change, then it may lag and slow down while playing. Sometimes you need to change the setting depending upon your internet speed for enjoying the ps2 emulator android games.

You have to configure the following types of setting before you play your game:-

Settings for Graphics:-

  • Rendering resolution:- By default the rendering is set to 2 × PS2. This setting is best for those who have the snapdragon 680 or above. If your processor is below this, then go for changing it to 1 × PS2 for getting an average playing experience—most of the people blame the app without changing their configuration concerning the phone.
  • Aspect ratio:- Normally, two types of aspect ratio settings are present in the ps2 emulator android. The first one is the PS2 Native ratio and stretched to screen. The native ratio setting is for those models compatible to play ps2 use. But, different phones have different screen configurations so it may not run well for your device. Therefore, Change it to stretched screen for using your whole screen while playing games inside ps2 emulator android.
  • Fix duplicate ghosting:- Turn on duplicate fix ghosting if you are going to play high graphic games like God of war. This feature is mainly for playing games like GTA and resident evils. If you are enjoying some other game, then you can turn it off to save the data.
  • GLES 3.1:– It is the setting for loading the Graphics on your phone and taking some space on your android folder. You have to disable it to boost your speed while playing the game in ps2 emulator android.

Setting for audio:-

Inside the audio setting of ps2 emulator android, you can options for mute, Disable reverb effects, and Synchronizing mode. 

  • Mute setting:- This option depends on your choice if you want to listen to the audio while playing or not. But, if you turn it off, the speed of the emulator becomes faster.
  • Reverb effects:- Turn on the reverb effects to get clear sound and removing noise while playing the games.
  • Synchronizing setting:- It is the setting for graphic sounds. Set it to NONE. It will allow you to listen to the audio at the same time while running the graphics running while playing the game. If you don’t set it to any, you will receive the sound a few seconds after displaying the pictures on your screen.

Setting for Controls:-

  • On-screen touch control:- You can change your screen touch control as per your choice. If you want to fix some keys on any side of the screen, you can do it if this option is on. If you turned it off, you have to play with the same default key setting for playing the game on ps2 emulator android.
  • Vibration:- It is also dependent on the will of the gamer. If you love to feel a vibration while pressing the control keys, then you can turn it on or keep it off.

System settings:- 

  • Skip BIOS:- Enable this option to skip your BIOS file loading time. If you turn it on then, it will load all your BIOS games file in the background and won’t let you wait for loading time. You can play your game just with one click on the BIOS file. 
  • Speed Tweaks:- This setting is for the compatibility of playing the game. The response rate on clicks and giving commands depend upon the speed tweak of ps2 games. By default, it is Fast, But change it to super-fast to get a good game playing experience. You need a valid processor phone to run games. So, changing it to a Very Fast mode will make your responding time to normal while playing games in ps2 emulator android.



  • What is the role of ps2 emulator android?


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PS2 emulator helps you to play the game of play station two on Android phones. The only difference is that in Pc the game files run with the help of a .exe file, but in Android, it will run by the use of a .apk file. But the CPU of PC are more advanced in running PlayStation games. So, your competition may lag while playing games on Android because they need a heavy processing unit that is not available on an Android phone.


  • What configuration setting should I need to do in an emulator?


If you want to play games on an emulator without lag, then change the graphics setting, aspect ratio, system, and audio setting. This setting will make your emulator get rid of doing extra functions, and your game will play without getting lag. Don’t run other apps in the background at the time of playing the game in ps2 emulator android. It will slow down your game running speed.


  • Why am I not able to play games after installing a ps2 emulator in Android?


The game will run best if your phone has 64-bit processing units and above the Snapdragon 665 processor. And also make sure to have a free ram space above one GB. If you have low RAM space, then there is a maximum chance of game lagging. If still, your phone is getting lag after using this device then do the above setting on your android emulator for the smooth running of your game.


  • Which type of games can I play on ps2 emulator android?


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You can play all varieties of the game available for PS2. The game file for Android and PC are the same, and the only difference is the emulator and processing units. In PC it runs far better. Some popular same you can play is God of war, Resident Evil, GTA vice city, etc.


  • Do I have to purchase a ps2 emulator for playing games?


PS2 emulator for Android comes in both free as well as paid versions. It depends upon your choice for purchasing. The available version of the emulator has some limited features and may show some problems while playing games. But, the paid one is the best for giving you a good playing experience. The free version of PS2 Emulator may show ads but in the paid one are free from ads. So, you will not get disturbed while playing games in the premium version.


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