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Gaming is part of our lives, and a big part of that has been contributed by the advancement of technology which has seen us connected.  Back in the day’s games were ways of bringing people together to celebrate one another, and this has not changed at all as people still get connected when it comes to games. For example, many people gather around when it comes to the Olympics or watching major FIFA leagues.

Fast forward when the internet came, many games have been made, and there are so many players, and if you want to prove your skills, you can now easily showcase them among other people. There are sites like Twitch which allow players to stream themselves when they are playing, and this will, in turn, attract fans that can watch you play. Also, these sites will enable you to log in and view other gamers do their thing, which is so awesome.

Twitch is mostly for high-end gamers or gamers using PCs or consoles.

However, Android gamers are also not left outside, as there are apps that allow them to broadcast themselves playing android games to their fans. Omlet Arcade is an Android app that is similar to Twitch which would enable the fans to set up a broadcasting account, and people around the world can watch.

Some so many people log in to these sites to view gamers of their favourite mobile games to learn skills or enjoy the journey of other players. Broadcasting games is one of the growing industries, and it’s attracting a lot of people whether you are a gaming enthusiast or not. Esports is growing rapidly because of the rise of the internet and also because the consoles are now affordable. The other thing that is making Esports big is the fact that parents are now encouraging their children to become professional gamers. In this article, we will look at Omlet Arcade, its feature, advantages and disadvantages.  


We have briefly talked about what Omlet Arcade is, and it’s an app that allows the gamers to broadcast themselves gaming. The platform mainly deals with Android games, and the gamer has to create an account for them to be able to broadcast to people all over the world. If you are a fan, you don’t have to sign in to watch gamers play, which is fantastic. Omlet Arcade revolutionizes how people can enjoy Android games as you don’t have to play a game to enjoy it. There is a large community that is in Omlet Arcade from the gamers and viewers, and you can choose any player you want to stream their game, and you will begin right away.


To stream on Omlet Arcade, you will first need to have the app on your phone. You can download the app from Google Play Store to your phone, which is pretty easy and fast to do. Once you download and install the application, you can then launch it and the bottom of the screen there is a plus sign that you will tap on. When you hit the plus sign, two options will pop up, and that is the Go live button and the post button.

If you want to stream your self playing you will need to tap on go live. 

At the live part, you will be presented with the option of either streaming on the Omlet Arcade site only or stream on other accounts like Facebook or Instagram. You can decide on which accounts you would like to stream and which not to. If you want to let’s say stream through Facebook, you will need to link your accounts and sign in, and your accounts will link. When you have linked all your accounts, you can then hit next and choose the game that you want to play.

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There is a comprehensive library of games available that you can choose from to play by searching them using the search engine. You can describe your stream at the place where it states describe your stream. There are other few things that you need to enable like the Buffs which allow you to earn tokens when you get a message.

These tokens are used for in-app activities, thus allowing you to purchase some features in the app. There are also overlays which will enable you to pick the kind of overlay that you want and then hit save. The Omlet Arcade also offers you the option to choose the kind of video quality that you want, and you should make yours at the highest. There is a push on notifications setting available, and this depends on what you prefer.

You can also save the stream to your device.

which you can use later by sampling the right shots. The other thing about Omlet Arcade that is very good is the stream delay feature available which you can choose the delay time. What the stream delay does is it ensures that the viewers will get a smooth viewing experience when they start watching you play, and there will be no buffers. A killcam feature allows you to take screenshots of any kills detected throughout the game and highlight them for you.

  The screenshots can be posted on your feed while you are living or they can be saved to your post after you stream and the viewer can be able to view them. Once you finish configuring all the settings, you can then hit done at the settings, and you will go to the next page. At the stream page, you will see at the bottom of the screen where it indicates start streaming, and if you tap on it, Omlet Arcade will start recording anything that is on your screen. You will then go to the game that you want to stream and hit the button to start streaming, and you will go live from there. Streaming Android games with Omlet Arcade is straightforward, and you are going to have a lot of fun with this app.



Omlet Arcade has incredible features that gamers can take advantage of and increase their streaming experience to viewers. When a player is playing a game and viewers join his stream, the viewers can donate to him tokens. When a viewer donates you a token, it’s just a form of appreciation or a way of showing love to the gamer. The gamers can get a lot of which can come if he/she has a considerable number of fans showing love. These tokens can be used by the players to purchase in-app purchases. There are some features in Omlet Arcade which you can unlock by using these tokens.


The other feature in Omlet Arcade, which makes it so remarkable is the squad collaboration streaming. Let’s say you are playing a multiplayer game you can choose your unbeatable squad and this squad can compete to win the game prize. When you compile the team, you can then start live streaming in Omlet Arcade with all the other squad members. You must inform people on different platforms to watch you live stream as that will attract you more tokens and more streams to your account.


When playing a game, you know how hard it’s to type or communicate with players through text, and it’s almost impossible. Omlet Arcade offers the players the ability to communicate using a voice chat feature which is fantastic. If you happen to have a squad playing a similar game, then there is a high chance that you will need to communicate to coordinate attacks or something. Therefore, this feature allows the players to talk to other players quickly and even read comments of the viewers and reply immediately.


The other thing that makes Omlet Arcade stand out is the ability to create a group or a kind of clan thing. These groups are essential as they allow the players to join a specific community of players; they share the same interest. There are so many genres of games available, and finding people whom you share common interests is impressive. The groups allow the players to post videos, games, anime, drawing and many other things that are of their interest which is incredible.

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Omlet Arcade also offers players the ability to upgrade to a premium membership by paying a fee of $7.99. The fee can be billed annually or monthly, and it does renew itself automatically, but you can turn it off if you don’t want.

There are several features that you will get from upgrading to a premium feature. Firstly, you will have high-resolution mobile streaming on Twitch, YouTube and even Facebook. Also, you will be able to get special animated profile frames to your account. You will also get a personal RTMP link that you will use if you want to change a platform you want to game on. You will also be able to get exclusive HUDs that are sop awesome. There are many more features that you get when you upgrade to a premium membership.


 The other feature of Omlet Arcade is the eSport community that is available for you to take advantage of. This community has all the pro gamers who usually organize matches, and the pro players compete there. If you do believe you are an excellent player you can try your luck here and see if you can win a match. The community has several videos you can watch to improve your skills before jumping and competing.



One advantage of Omlet Arcade is that it’s free, that means the players can set up their accounts at no cost and start streaming. The viewers also are not required to pay any cent to be able to watch the viewers playing the games. This is an advantage because Omlet Arcade still gives the players the advantage of better features that they can take to their advantage. Some sites require an initial fee, and they work similarly to this app.


The other advantage of Omlet Arcade is how easy it’s to set up your account and start streaming. If you are a player who wants to stream your mobile games, you can do so without wasting any time as the process of setting up this account is very simple. You can spend a minimum of three minutes to perfectly setup your account, and you will be ready to start streaming your games to fans. The viewers do not require to create an account for them to start watching the players streams.


Omlet Arcade offers the players with the ability to select a stream delay before they start streaming. This is an excellent feature of the app because the viewers will not be experiencing any lags or buffers that often result from streaming. When there is a stream delay, the viewers tend to have a smooth gaming experience which is so awesome.


Omlet Arcade is changing the streaming industry that‘s how the gamers broadcast their streams and how viewers stream the content. Nobody once thought that there would be a time where regular Android players will be broadcasting their exceptional skills to a mass of people and gain fans by doing that. Today that is possible, and you can easily earn a massive following by bringing your fans to a journey of you playing and sharing your impressive skills.


What is Omlet Arcade?

Omlet Arcade refers to an application that players can use to broadcast themselves playing. Android games and viewers can watch them.  The app allows streaming of games on various platforms which is fantastic and shares your skills.

How do you stream on Facebook using Omlet Arcade?

You can stream on the Facebook platform using the app by turning on the sites you want on the setting. You can link your Facebook and Omlet Arcade account and start streaming.

Does Omlet Arcade have overlays?

Yes. Omlet Arcade offers the players with different kind of overlays they can customize their account.


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