Antena View APK Free Download for Android 2020

Antena View

Modification of online games is considered one of the toughest job and nowadays on the internet, lots of applications offer multiple services. But not all of them provide quality service which they promised. But we have found one of the amazing applications which are very popular and it used to hack famous game Garena Free Fire.

As you now that Garena Free Fire is one of the best Battle Royale Game and quite famous on all operating systems. If you are playing the game on Android Os then this article is made for you. Because here we are going to review an Android application named Antena View. The application is developed by developer Cyrust and the application is used to hack Garena Free Fire.

Antena View application is very small in size and possesses multiple kinds of features. The best features of the application are that you can navigate enemies in the game without hassle. On the large size map, you can easily view the enemies and kill them.

If you will connect the application with the game then it will generate antenna on all player’s hand and head depending on your choice. By following the antenna, you can easily get the exact location of enemies. The large antenna connects with all players including you and your teammates. But different color variations will assist you to understand how is your friend or who is your enemies.

Free Fire with Antena View App?

The first thing which you need is the APK file of the app. To download the official and original file use the recommended link. By following the link, you will get more info as well.

Free Download: Antena View APK

After downloading complete locate the APK file and install it on your phone.

Lunch the application and follow the Antena Hand and Head option.

When loading successfully, lunch the game by a tap on the below start button.

Now the game will start with all applied changes.

Enjoy the features and kill some enemies and extra freedom.

Best Features of the Antena View:

Antena View App contains lots of features. Some of the best features which insist you to utilize the application are enlisted below.

  • Freedom: The application will allow extra freedom to play Games on your own rules.
  • Antena Head: This feature will generate antenna on the player head.
  • Antena Hand: This feature will generate antenna on the player hand.
  • Anti-ban: Your gaming account is 100% protected from being banned.
  • Map purgatory [HD]: Play the game in ultra HD graphic.
  • Update: whenever Garena Free Fire new version releases developers update the app version at the same time.
  • Aim Lock: whenever you will try to shoot the enemy you aim automatically lock on the enemy body or head.
  • Long Antenna: a long stick will generate all from all players.
  • Colors: To identify friends or enemies you can use multiple colors of the antenna.
  • Support: The updated version of the application is compatible with all low ended smartphones and tablets.
  • Free: The application doesn’t contain any paid section. It is free to download and use in all regions.

No matter how big you are a fan of Garena Free Fire? If you want to enhance your gaming experience with the free tool then you must download the Antena View APK app for your Android mobile phone.

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